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We’ve been receiving a few inquiries over Twitter and through email regarding Farmer Nishi, so we thought we’d share our thoughts on Pet Battle experience gains with you.

We will soon be applying a hotfix that causes level-25 pets to no longer “steal” experience from your lower-level pets. Previously, if you had a level-3 and level-25 pet grouped together for a battle, the XP earned would be shared between the two at the end. This resulted in some players doing what they could to kill off their level-25 pet so the level-3 pet would get all of the experience. You no longer need to worry about this as the level-3 pet will now receive 100% of the XP that’s earned, so long as it has participated in at least one round of combat.

With max-level master trainer dailies available for Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandaria, and the new line of Spirit Trainers, you have quite a few endgame battles in Pandaria which you can use to level up new pets. Be sure to wear your Safari Hat to get the most out of your battles! The over-arching goal is to provide a variety of content with which you can level up your pets each day.
Thank you for the info, Crithto! <3 If you're still around, is there a more definite ETA on that hotfix?
Crithto, the perky pug was named Frank (MIB), that's going to have to change <3.

He is a rare one indeed.
Cool. Good change, along with many other great changes lately in the pet battle system. It is in a really good spot right now, and thank you for the hard work.
Yeeeees @_@
awww i shouldnt' have done my dailies today
Thank you for sharing the word. Rare hunters love the color blue.
I'm so glad Bliz saw it this way.

I was worried that someone would say "Let's make players level every pet in the slowest manner possible!" whuich would inevitably turn a lot of players off to pet battles.

With over 400 pets out there, even leveling 1-2 to 25 every day through dailies alone will still take ages so there'd be no reason for holding back on the exp gain.

Thanks so much for this change, Bliz!
12/14/2012 11:13 AMPosted by Tangla
awww i shouldnt' have done my dailies today

"soon" is not necessarily "today" ^_^. But imagine the exp that is available now, and the convenience :o. Me Gusta.
Thanks for the info.

Who's a good puppy?! Yes you are!
killing crithto in stormwind should yield a crithto pup drop. :)
12/14/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Omegal
killing crithto in stormwind should yield a crithto pup drop. :)

How about not killing a puppy should yield a puppy.
Sounds good, but here is a question for you. Do all pets that fight get 100% XP or is it that only pets below max level split it?

If you have a team of a lvl25 and 2 lvl24's, all fight, all survive. Do the 24's both get 100% or will the split it 50/50, only excluding the max level pet?
Is this thread intented to be always updated with new info? Not all of us have twitter and prefer reading the forums for game updates.

Thank you.
Thank sweet ingame jebus D:
Hurray the best change I've read in an extremely long time. When will the hot fix be active exactly?
This is awesome! I haven't really had a chance to level my other pets to 25 besides my main ones due to focusing on catching.

Thank you, Blizzard!

Thank you so very much. This will make leveling all my little pals so much quicker and easier.

Ya'll rock.

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