Wrathguard disarms himself

Bug Report
I use Glyph of the Felguard

When I give my Wrathguard two polearms two Halberd of Desolation, when I use axe toss, he loses a weapon.

I reported this bug a lot during beta, but this is the first time I use the glyph of my wrathguard since.
It seems to be unrelated to Axe Toss - quite often my Wrathguard is summoned with only a single weapon. Occasionally he will summon with two, then one will subsequently disappear. It seems to be related to the slot in your backpack in which the weapons are located - using the final two spots (bottom row, the two on the right) doesn't show the issue as often, if at all.

He still performs normal damage, which means its only a visual error. And in the heat of battle it's hard to notice. But I agree that it's rather odd.

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