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Trying to corner a lunatic was a bad idea, really it was.

Then again the salamanders were beasts and not experienced with with someone like Zpan. She had seen their attempt from the corner of her eye and spun low as the first salamander lunged in, claws and fangs bared. The bladed end of the halberd flashed in the lava-cave's light as it slammed into and then sliced through the attacker's leathery but far more vulnerable underbelly.

It screamed as spouts of flame from the other two hit it's back. Its hide, toughened enough to withstand lava merely had the fire roll off it. Using the screaming, dying salamander as a living shield - the halberd slicing through its entrails and insides to hit the armored spine – Zpan charged forward. Powerful thigh muscles bunched and strained beneath her leather pants, her feet digging into the hard-packed rock and soil of the cavern floor.

Sweat was rolling down between her shoulder-blades and plastered her hair to her neck and face as she shoved her living shield into the closer of the two other salamanders. Even as she wrenched the halberd out of the dying salamander, she was moving low, in an almost feral four-legged lope to come up in striking distance of the closer of the two surviving beasts.

Her short sword flashed as it was pulled free from its makeshift sheath and driven into the creature's jugular, slicing through it's windpipe. Yanking the weapon free, she rolled to avoid another spout of flame from the last of the trio; the ends of her hair ignited and was extinguished in the roll, leaving behind a stench she barely took notice of.

Baring her unnaturally sharp teeth in a feral smile, she lunged for the final salamander. The blade of the halberd embedded through the creature's eye-socket. In screamed in pain, flinging it's head back and sending her flying; midair she spun, the blade of her short sword flashing even as she landed on its back, sending the sword's blade between the salamander’s shoulder-blades and right into it's heart.

It collapsed, thrashing and shuddering in it's death-throws as she pulled her weapons free. Even as it was, she was glancing around, taking inventory of the others and their situations. Sheathing the short-sword, she noted the ghouls could only be destroyed with magic.

Not her targets then.

The slimes...were heading for the dead and dying salamanders, slinking over to the mage Aevus, or towards the runeforge's cavern.

Another target she couldn't tackle.

Well, that left her with the remaining the one heading to sneaky-pants, the Worgen...what was his name again?


Rolling her shoulders, she headed back into the the fray with her hyena-like laughter.
Aellarian had no idea that he could react so fast to save another's life. Normally, he would not have cared, but something clicked in his mind when he saw Alvira moving towards the trap. His body just moved on it's own, grabbing her, tossing her to the ground and shielding her from the danger around them.When all had passed, he glanced down to her, green eyes inspecting her cautiously to make sure no wounds were present on her.

Do you mind..letting me up?

He blinked, finally registering what had just happened. He looked down at Alvira and his lips curled into a smile. Here she was, completely at his mercy. Or not..The sound of footsteps around brought him back to the reality of the situation, that they weren't alone at all in this cavern. "Of course, Miss Silverhawk. You should definitely be more careful, I'd like for you to be in one piece when we go back home."

He rose up, taking his time as he separated himself from her. Just when he was about to offer her a hand up, she seemed to look past him, eyes widening as if in surprise at something. He followed her gaze as she blasted at some sort of creatures coming towards them on the roof of the cavern.

They were still a bit off, he would not risk losing his dagger by throwing it. Instead, he did the only thing he could do, set to dismantle the trap. The Bood Elf moved quickly, keeping himself low to the ground, eyes searching the floor for any trip wires or pressure points that might cause the thing to trigger.

Several moments later, he was able to slip the tip of the dagger beneath the pressure plate, easing it up so that he could see beneath it. He studied the mechanisms of the trap for a moment before glancing about. He needed something to wedge on the underside of the plate to keep it from meeting the contact point. His scan yielded nothing useful. He swore and decided to just dismantle it the hard way, working his dagger into the gears and carefully removed the contact plate. With it removed, even with pressure, the trap would not go off.

While he would rather get one of the others to test it, Alvira's life was at risk, so he stepped on it. Nothing.."Alvira, it's done, love." Wait..what?! He shook his head slowly and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. He moved up now that it was safe to cross over the trap. He found a hididen door, pushing at it. It didn't budge. Aellarian sighed, breaking out his dagger again, working to pry it open.

When it finally opened, he peered inside, taking note of the items that were locked away inside. "Ah, finally.." He dragged out a leather chest piece, inspecting it before pulling it over his head. "There's some stuff in here, Alvira. Might want to check it out."

Aevus was dismayed to see his magic so ineffective against the slime. Weakened though he may still be from the dampening field, he thought he’d be able to do more damage. A few yards behind that particular slime, two more slimes approached, likely to reach him in a minute or less. More importantly, however, were three ghouls that made their way towards him much faster than the slimes. His mana was beginning to run low, but he had no alternative against the ghosts and slimes. He fired three frostbolts at the ghosts, killing one and slowing the other two. He repeated the action, his breaths turning to pants and sweat beading on his brow. Soon all of the ghouls had dissipated.

Aevus took deep breaths, suddenly thirsty from the large use of magic. Luckily, he still had some conjured water from earlier. He grabbed it out of his pack and took a few gulps, feeling his mana stores sluggishly replenishing as he did so. His short break was interrupted by a clang of steel to his left. Derek was being held down by a salamander who was attempting to sink its teeth into the rogue’s throat, viciously snapping its maw.

Grabbing the dagger, Aevus yelled, “Derek! Catch!” Derek looked up to see Aevus throw the dagger to him. He kicked the salamander’s torso and stretched out his right arm, grabbing the thrown weapon. With a snarl he stabbed it into the beast’s chest several times until it stopped moving.

Derek looked to where Aevus stood and pointed behind the mage. “Look out!” He cried.

Aevus turned to see a volley of slime coming towards his face, and lunged to the left just before it could hit him. The rock hit by the volley sizzled, making Aevus glad he’d been able to move in time. The mage scrambled to his feet and frantically launched blasts of arcane magic at the slimes, targeting each one several times until he fell to his knees in exhaustion. Aevus struggled to remain conscious, but his vision grew blurred. He felt himself being dragged away from whatever remained of the slimes and then his head fell back, his eyes closing.


Derek watched Aevus’ attack fail, personally worrying that the slimes may be invulnerable. No, no he’d seen others defeat them in these caves, hadn’t he? Besides, nothing was invincible, there was always a loophole. An enraged hiss alerted him to a nearby threat, and suddenly he was engulfed in flame. He cried out in pain, parts of his fur catching fire. After hitting the affected areas until the flames were mostly out, Derek turned to see a salamander rushing towards him.

Letting out a snarl of challenge, Derek sliced at the beast with both daggers, but it simply dodged and went for his throat, sending him onto his back. The rogue’s head hit the floor hard, and he was rendered dazed long enough for the salamander to spread out its stance, making it nigh impossible to roll. The beast attempted to clamp down on Derek’s throat, but he thrust an arm in its path and it bit that instead, shredding leather and flesh.

Derek bit back a howl of agony and went to stab the creature, but found his daggers out of reach. “Derek! Catch!” Aevus cried from a few yards away, and Derek looked up to see the mage throwing his dagger towards him. He bunched his legs and delivered a hard kick to the salamander’s midriff, giving himself enough time to catch the dagger. Derek snarled and stabbed the beast’s chest several times, letting his feral side take over until his arm grew tired and the salamander stopped moving.

His ears picked up the sound of liquid being launched, and he looked behind Aevus to see a volley of slime headed toward the mage. “Look out!” He warned, and Aevus dodged.

Derek considered; should he go try to assist the mage? Aevus has already helped him several times, and it could be argued that he’d saved Derek’s life at least once. And he hated owing others, so this would be a way of getting even. The rogue growled. ’Very well, I’ll help him.’ He relented, and shoved the salamander corpse off him, getting up and looking over to Aevus. The mage had fallen over in exhaustion, so Derek ran to him and dragged him away from the piles of slime he’d been fighting, in case they were still alive.

Looking around, Derek watched the other combatants idly, wondering how this would affect their little group, now that everyone had a chance to prove their worth. At least this would alleviate the mage’s distrust of him, whether they were justified or not. Derek smirked; it was probably in Aevus’ best interest to be wary of him, due to the fact that the rogue would sacrifice him in a second if it was necessary. What was one meager mage compared to his own life? Derek frowned. His thoughts had turned darker as of late, especially in these caves. Was the Baron somehow controlling him? Impossible, Derek was no fool; only fools could be mind-controlled.

Varen walked out into the middle of the chaos, an insane hunter going berserk in a rather familiar manner, the worgen rogue and mage in their own private sphere of combat, and the two elves were... Miles sighed in exasperation.

"Really, you two. Now is not the time! There'll be plenty of time to canoodle after we have defeated the unfathomable evil that has made this labyrinthine inferno its domicile and escaped from the vasty deeps in which we currently languish." The battlemage strode out into the center of the combat, bringing his heavy gauntlet down on a salamander's skull, crushing bone and brain in. A brief flash of fire sufficed to clean the gore, leaving the plate armor gleaming and pristine. Seeing a spirit float towards him, Miles brought up a hand that crackled with red electricity and gripped the spectre by the throat. Crimson lightning streaked intermittently up and down the ghost's translucent body as it futilely struggled against the battlemage, and Miles drew it in close and stared at its face.

"So that's the sort of enemy we fight." he whispered to himself after looking long and hard at the vainly writhing spirit. "I daresay that it is past time you were dealt with, Baron." His gauntlet tightened around the spectre's neck, and a burst of blood-red light flashed into the cavern. A shriek lingered in the air as Miles turned around and walked to Aevus and Derek.

"It's long past time we were gone, wouldn't you agree?" he grinned behind his visor at the worgen rogue. The battlemage leaned down, gripped Aevus, and threw him over his shoulders. Varen straightened out and looked back across the cavern at the silken cord dropped by Yentylla. Miles raised his free hand and leveled it at the cord, chanting in a low, urgent voice as lightning built up around his gauntlet. With a harshly spoken word, a stream of magic fueled and sustained by all the heavily enchanted items Miles had accrued was unleashed on the cavern. Fireballs shrieked into the cavern, exploding against the undead and utterly erasing them from existence, leaving behind only a pile of ash or an unearthly wail. Frostbolts hissed out, slamming into the ghouls with such force that they tore limbs off or impacting against salamanders in hissing clouds of steam. And throughout it all, crimson lightning forked through the destruction. The devastating storm lasted only a few seconds, but at the end of it, a smoking, burnt-black path of destruction had been carved to the rope.

Miles reached into one of his pockets and withdrew a precious mana potion. With barely trembling fingers, he uncapped it and drank it in one gulp. Somewhat steadied, he then started running through the briefly cleared path, still carrying Aevus. It didn't take took long to reach the rope, and the battlemage tied it around the mage's torso.

"One injured mage for your tender mercies, spider!" he called up. Miles drew his longsword and gladius and turned around with a deliberate aura of menace, facing the other monsters attacking the group. "To me!" came the shouted command. "Quit whatever you are doing and get over here! Time is of the essence, and we have none of it to waste!"
Erani fidgeted impatiently for Maj and Ascul to heal her burned shoulder while the ghouls, slims, and salamanders began closing in. The moment Erani felt the pain would not interfere with her swordsmanship she said, “Okay! Good enough!” and shoved Ascul’s arm away. She snatched up her sword, and hastily tossed on her shirt.

“Erani! I am not finished healing jou!”

“It is fine!”

“It is NOT fine! Jou vill only make it vorse!” He tried to stop her but she had already hopped to her hooves and sprinted into the fray with a wild battle cry as she rammed her shield into the two nearest ghouls knocking them off their feet. Ascul cursed, then put a protective holy shield around Maj. “Stay behind me!” He commanded to the young priestess. Summoning his Holy smite, he began to fight off the beasts that surrounded them. That was when Kayvaan reached into his pouch and tossed a vile of some sort of black liquid towards the approaching ghouls.

"Some One Light that Liquid!" he shouted.

“On it!” said Erani as she reached into her tunic and pulled out some matches. Striking it off she tossed the lit match into the volatile liquid which exploded into flame just as Erani jumped back. The eerie screams of burning ghouls made Erani smile wickedly. “Cool,” she muttered to herself.

"To me!" came the shouted command. "Quit whatever you are doing and get over here! Time is of the essence, and we have none of it to waste!" Erani heard Varen and she began to make her way towards the rope. While Ascul scooped Maj up and followed his sister.
Lineron raised his eye brow towards the battle mage. "Did he just say canoodle?" Lineron looked at Carinoth who just shrugged being just as dumbfounded as he was. "No matter, very well then you noble brat. I was simply waiting for everyone else to get there fair shot in." Lineron smiled insanely, showing off his sharpened teeth. "The dead in this cesspool are mine to control! If they will not submit, then they shall be obliterated!" Lineron charged into the fray and smashed the head of a salamander with his mace. "YUMMY!" A ghost started floating towards him, Lineron smiled then filled his hand with unholy energy and punched the wretch square in the face causing it to dissipate. "OH THIS IS FUN, YEAH?!" Lineron pointed at the spirit summoning all of the ghosts. "Come, mighty spirit! Come and face what it truly means to feel suffering!" Lineron cackled insanely then went on to continue smashing salamanders heads in and obliterating ghosts with his unholy magic.

Carinoth rolled his eyes at his uncle. "Idiot, I wonder what mother would think of him now? Probably join in with him and burn them to a crisp. Oh well" Carinoth cracked his neck and knuckles then pointed his staff at a incoming spirit. "Pain" He spoke in a dark voice. The spirit immediately fell to the floor and started screaming in pain. "Weak and pathetic. Each and everyone of these spirits." Carinoth formed shadow energy in his hand then projected a beam of it at as many of the spirits as possible. "Uncle, I wonder what mother would think of your rash actions!" Lineron turned to Carinoth and smiled at him.

"From what you told me of her she would be laughing as she burned them all!" A salamander snuck up on Lineron and bit his leg. "AH! BAD LIZARD! YOU GET NONE OF MY FLESH! I GET YOURS!" Lineron cackled insanely then pried open the salamanders mouth and tore its lower jaw right off. Lineron looked at the corpse with a cheerful glee in his eye. "EVERYONE DUCK AND COVER!" Lineron sent a bolt of unholy energy into the salamander corpse then ran out of its path. The flesh of the corpse started to expand and ripple until it finally exploded in a display of blood, bone, and bile. Some of the living salamanders were impaled with flying bits of bone or were starting to become puss filled near-dead corpses coughing up blood and puss because of the fast acting plagues from the corpse exploding. "I LOVE MY JOB!" Carinoth smacked him in the back of the head with his staff.
"I will explain why I hit you later. The ghosts are still trying to kill us." Lineron smiled at his nephew then pulled out his mace and went back into the fray. "How am I related to him?" He muttered in Thalassian then continued zapping at spirits with shadow energy.

“It's long past time we were gone, wouldn't you agree?” Alder asked Derek as he approached Aevus’ unconscious form and picked him up. Derek nodded absently, taking deep breaths to slow his heart-rate, in spite of the adrenaline coursing through his veins.

’So then everyone is just a pawn to me? Just a thing to sacrifice for my own ends?’ He wondered. ’Well… yes, I suppose. I was raised that way, it should hardly come as a surprise. Honestly, when have I given a care for others? Bah, I’ll get nowhere if I sink myself in this useless babble of self-doubt. I need to get out of this place, what does it matter if one life is lost in the process? None could blame me.’

It was odd, considering that to be anything but normal; such were the ways of politics. Perhaps Aevus’ un-asked-for help was inhibiting Derek's ability to sacrifice those around him for his own good. After all, the mage would be stupid if he thought his actions would win Derek’s favor; Aevus had already shown his hand by threatening him. What other explanation was there for the mage’s behaviour other than moral goodness?

But it was all irrelevant; Derek’s next move was to follow the group up the rope and to their uncertain fate. And while he was on the subject… “We’re supposed to rely on some unknown creature to pull us to safety?” He muttered to himself, skeptically examining the rope that dangled from the ceiling. Aevus had already been pulled up, he noticed. Maybe he’d already been eaten, and the creature was eager for its next meal.

Derek put an end to his personal musings and warily approached the rope, tying it around his waist as Alder had done with Aevus. He gave it a tentative tug and felt himself being brought up immediately. He was surprised how steadily he ascended- there was no uncomfortable feeling of rapid acceleration, just a steady rise as the cavern floor grew ever more distant. With his left hand on the rope and his right on a dagger, Derek awaited what sight would meet him above.
When Erani left before being healed fully, the Novice made a soft sound of distress as her brother shouted after her. She watched in horror as the still injured Draenei charged into the ghouls shield-first with a battlecry. Even as he cursed, Ascul was summoning a holy shield, the familiar golden shell of Light surrounding her. The small monkey clinging to her shoulder made a sound of surprise at the shield's appearance, eyeing it warily. Absently she ran a reassuring hand over his soft fur to calm the simian.

“Stay behind me!” Ascul commanded her, casting his smite at the approaching ghouls.

She stepped behind the reassuringly towering form of the elder Priest and watched even as they were beginning to be surrounded. Licking her dry lips, she pulled at her mana, bolstered both by the staff and robe she wore, casting her own smite at ghouls that tried to slip in from behind them.

Faintly she could hear shouting from the others mingling with her sister's hyena-cackle but ignored it, focusing on the approaching ghouls and casting her smite with as much precision as she could. In her focus, she almost dropped her staff when Ascul suddenly turned, scooping her up; the movement jostled the monkey and he clutched the fine silk of her robe to keep from falling. As such, she did drop her packs while clutching staff and primate to her. Wait, where were they going?! What about the door that just opened?!

Watching over his shoulder with wide eyes, the young teen saw her sister heading back where they had been, retrieving the packs and vanishing into the opened doorway with them.

Inside the hidden room, Zpan glanced at the rooms contents and then at Aellarian and Alviira. “We don't have much time – grab anything that might be useful, if you can shove it in the bags then do it and lets go.”

Kneeling down, she opened her pack and Maj's for the other to to have access to. Turning away she spotted...mail. Her teeth gleamed as she smiled ferally, inspecting what turned out to be a chest piece. Without even taking off the leather vest and pants she wore, she began to pull on the set – it was probably designed for a dwarf but with her short, muscular body that worked out perfectly.

Even as she did, she was still looking around, picking up a nice looking sturdy metal shield for Erani. Glancing at the pair of Sin'dorei, she reached for the packs. “Done?”
As the adventurers were grabbing onto the rope. Yentylla pulled them up easily. On the rocky outcropping where she nested the floor was lined in flattened webbing, cushioning the rocks like fine silk carpet. The spider matron cast a flood of healing on each one and they were left with nothing more than faint scars.

To the back of the ledge a tunnel dipped down to a small chamber. In the center of the chamber was a glowing circle of swirling purple and blue energy. Into each mind she gave instructions. "Step into the circle and be transported outside. You will be on a windy and snowcovered pathway. It will take you about an hour to get below to the treeline. Most of the snow should be melting by the time you reach the trees. Footing will be treacherous, water on ice in places. There is a cabin within the trees, hidden from sight. There may be a guide, but do not count on it.

The trolls have scouts out and about, and there are always yeti. Stay together and you should have no problems. The cabin is magically hidden by the old human living there. She will not harm you, but do not underestimate her. She is resourceful."

Yentylla had a special message for Miles. "The grove is protected, but if the cat is around he will show you the way, but he is unreliable. Look for the signs of magic. You and a few others can read the arcane well enough to spot odd shimmers among the trees. There are two more of your group already in the Valley, watch for them. I do not know if they made it yet to Gretchen's cabin, but they may have seen it from where they came out over to the east side of the valley."
The fireballs had stopped but Alviira was staring in confusion at the form of Draelin. His term of affection sounded almost..sincere. She tilted her head a moment to regard him with a quizzical expression.

Then things started happening and she was forced to react. Sending arcane at the slimes seems to have irritated them, though the frost at least slowed them down. Water seemed to work the best and she sent her water elemental at them. Sweeping them off the floor and into the lava pits where they sizzled and disappated. Draelin had gotten the door open and she dashed inside to see a wondrous amount of potions and even a few empty bags. Scooping up as much of it as would fit in the sacks Zpan showed her, Alviira nodded to Draelin. "Thank you, my dear. I believe we are all grateful for your deft fingers today. I see you found a vest for protection."

The clothing inside the chest looked like it might fit some of the others, but she thought maybe the mail armor was better for the hunter. Under one of the bags she found a set of shuriken. "Draelin? Do you want these dear? I think you might be able to throw them much better than I. And here is a set of leather you need them?" her eyes took in his handsome form and a smile tickled her lips.

What was it about the elf that caught her attention? Was it the devilish look in his eye? Or the fact he was treating her as something he thought worth protecting? It was quite endearing and she thought she might like it. If he proved to be trustable.

The bags filled and items distributed among them they dashed off to the rope. As soon as one got to the top the rope came back down and another person went up. Glancing at Alder she gave him a raised brow, did he think he was in charge or something? No matter, his idea of getting them out of here as quickly as possible was good. The bag she carried was filled with enchanting materials and healing and mana potions packed between layers of cloth to prevent accidental breakage.

The rope was holding up well and she noticed a loop to put her foot in. Wrapping her hand around a few times and sticking her foot in the loop she tugged as she had seen the others do. Within a few moments she was on top staring at the spider and nearly losing her balance. The message came from somewhere she surmised...and the spider seemed to be friendly enough,though rather large. It was the wave of healing that caught her off guard and settled in her mind the spider was a friend. "My thanks to you...I hope we are able to finish off the Baron and leave you to the peace of this place."

The ruckus from below caused her to glance down and gasp in surprise. Draelin was in danger of being attacked by some ghouls heading towards him. She yelled loudly and shot off a few arcane bolts at the ghouls, knocking them back. "Draelin!! Behind you!! Get to the rope and quickly!!" she fired off more arcane covering the rest of them as they stood below waiting their turn to come up.
Aellarian turned to look at Alvira, the smile touching his lips at her compliments. He only nodded, tugging the leather vest down more until it sat comfortably on him. He turned away, looking towards the others, hoping that by some chance the volley of fireballs had wiped some of them out. Unfortunately, it was not to be. He scowled, searching with fel green eyes for a way out for him and Alviira. It would do no good to be trapped here once the slime got closer.

Draelin, do you want these?

The Blood Elf turned to look towards Vi, eyes lowering towards the shuriken. His eyes lit up in delight as he quickly approached and took them from her. "Ah yes, these could definitely come in handy..these too." He took the boots from her, kicking his worn shoes off and quickly stepping into them. "Why thank you, love." He spoke it again, it just flowed so smoothly off his tongue.

He stood beneath her, as she climbed up the rope, making sure if she did fall that he was there to catch her. "Be careful, Miss Silverhawk." He warned before she was too far to hear him unless he yelled.

From behind him, he turned to see ghouls closing in. His fingers went to he dagger at his side, clutching it tightly as he lowered himself to ready for combat. Alvira's voice came down to him and he looked up, reaching to grab the rope and started to quickly climb. As he ascended, he would throw down some of the shuriken that she gave him, doing not much damage to the undead but at least it was something.
Carinoth turned to Zpan. "Nearly, oh hey look the door is open." He turned back to his uncle. "UNCLE!" Lineron turned to Carinoth with a ghoul struggling in his arms.
"WHAT!?" He snapped the ghoul's neck. "Im kind of busy right now." Carinoth pointed towards the now open door.
"The door is open. I will cover while you get some supplies." Lineron smiled at his nephew then patted him on the back.

"Good, thank you my boy." Lineron walked through the door and looked around the little cave. 'Not a lot of plate in here. And still no two-handed weapon.....meh, some armor is better then nothing.' Lineron shrugged then grabbed a pair of plate gauntlets. "Fancy, it shall do for now. I love punching things anyway." Lineron strapped the gauntlets on to his arms and did a few test swings with his mace to see if they feel right. "Ah, yes. These shall do just fine for me."

He smiled then picked up a mana and a health potion. He looked around a bit more and saw a little container. He opened and saw it was full of dust more then likely used for enchanting. 'Carinoth would love this.' He smiled then picked it up and pocketed it inside his coat pocket. He poked his head out of the door and smiled at his nephew, who was shooting a beam of shadow energy at a ghoul. "Hey." Carinoth turned to his uncle with a raised eyebrow. "Happy Winter's Veil." He threw the mana potion at him and Carinoth barely managed to catch it. "Mana potion, your probably low on mana. Drink up, mate. Oh, and when you get up there I will have another present for you." He smiled insanely at him again then started climbing up the rope. When he reached the top he immediately felt a wave of healing come over him. "And its not causing to my skin to boil. I could get used to this." When it subsided he politely bowed before the spider women. "I thank you my lady. But yes, I agree with my companion here. We must know where that Scourge wretch's phylactery."

Carinoth immediately gulped down the mana potion his uncle had given him. He had been running low on mana and was nearly about to fall over from exhaustion. "Finally....was starting to see spots in my vision...." Carinoth shot another bolt of shadow energy at a ghoul and it screamed in agony then curled up into a ball of fear. "Still pathetic, though a lot of them. I suggest we get the fel out of here while we still can." A ghoul managed to dodge another one of his shadow bolts and slashed his claw across Carinoth's arm. "FEL DAMN IT!" Carinoth's eyes glowed purple with rage. He swiped the ghoul away with his staff then raised his palm to face it. "Death" He said in a deeper tone of voice.

The ghoul immediately screamed then gripped his head in agony. It then evaporated into the air, still screaming. "Just as pla- OW!" Carinoth gripped his chest in pain then looked at the rope. "Oh joy, pain. I have always hated pain. UNCLE!" Lineron peeked out towards his nephew. "You don't happen to have a health potion?" Lineron smiled evilly at his nephew. "What?" Lineron's smile grew even wider. He extended his arm and a clawed hand of unholy energy came from it and grabbed Carinoth around his waist then pulled him up. When Carinoth reached the top he fell flat on his face then stood up on one of his knee's. "Did you HAVE to do that!?" He glared at his uncle who was smiling down at him.
"I did not want to waist the health potion I grabbed. You should be feeling better by now." Carinoth blinked in confusion then noticed that his chest had healed up.
"Thank you.....uncle." Carinoth stood up and brushed himself off.
"By the way, here you go." He pulled out the small container from his pocket and tossed it at his nephew. "Its full of enchanting dust. Go crazy." Carinoth groaned then turned around and looked at the spider women.
"Oh joy, a nerubian." Lineron glared at his nephew. "What?" Lineron face palmed.
"Please just go a piss off the spider women who is probably more powerful then all of us combined." Carinoth rolled his eyes then started tapping his foot, waiting for everyone to show up.
Erani was the next to pull herself up which only proved more difficult with her half-healed shoulder. Once she had managed to find stable ground she summoned her Gift and began healing herself as best as she could. Though she was a warrior, not a healer. In truth she had no idea what she was doing, This enhanced version of her Gift of Naaru only made the simple spell seem all the more complicated. She found herself unable to stay focused as well as a trained priest or mage would and ended up expending more energy on controlling the spell than actually healing.
Out of frustration, she canceled the spell and abruptly exclaimed, “Augh! Light damn it! Should have become a paladin! Father alvays said I vould do vell to pursue a career as a paladin, but did I listen? ‘Noooo’ I said. ‘these books are too hard’ I said! Vell look at vhere it’s gotten jou, Erani! Now jour arm is going to rrot and fall off! AUGH! Me and my stupid naïve mind! I could kick myself!”

Then she noticed the Lineron and Carinoth were within earshot of her little rant and blinked. “Eh… forrget vhat I just said, yeah?” Then she noticed the spider-lady and frowned. “She is not going to eat us, is she?”
Ascul climbed up shortly after his sister, having over heard her ranting from the rope, and said, “I did say, I needed morre time to heal jou, did I-…” He froze. “…who is-…”

Erani interrupted her brother. “I hope, jou do not plan to eat us, miss spider-lady. I do not taste very good and Ascul is mostly fat. Verry bad forr jour Arterries.”
Ascul gave Erani a hard look as he helped Maj up.
The young human blinked between the Draenei siblings once she was on stable footing again. “....He's not fat..” Turning to Ascul, she patted his arm reassuringly; the small simian on her shoulder leaned in and mimicked her motions, making soothing noises as he did so. “You're not fat. I am. I'm sorry you had to carry me.”

Zpan scrambled up to join them; the mercenary paused and eye the large spider warily. “I take it this is the source of the new voice that decided to intrude in my head?”

“...I guess so...” Maj said softly, shrugging faintly.
Carinoth and Lineron both turned to Erani as she ranted about how she should have been a light-wielder. it was actually fairly funny to listion, atleast for Lineron who was chuckling at her. While Carinoth was glaring at her with disapproval in his now purple glowing eyes. "My dear, trust me when I say this. Being a paladin is overrated. They usually expect you to be a zealot for the Holy Light and they get angry over the most innocent of things. Like killing small animals, if some random squirrel steals your bag of nuts then I think he deserves to become torn apart by a ghoul." He ended it smiling insanely at Erani. Carinoth face palmed himself then looked at the large spider. "You must be very powerful if you can speak into our minds. Are you Nerubian perhaps? I am too understand some of there empire did survive the Scourge."
The multifaceted eyes of the spider matron fixed on each one as they climbed to her lair. In their minds she focused tha answers. "You have no need to fear me. I have been here a very long time. I have magic beyond your ability to comprehend. The portal behind me will take you to the Valley, do not tarry. The Baron is waiting for you. He enjoys a good battle. Do be sure to give it your best."

The waves of healing hit each of them, there was no menace coming from the spider. In the tunnel behind her a soft glow came from the swirling teleporter. As they stepped into it the dizziness was brief and the cold wind would bite into them from the slopes of the mountain.

Down below the windswept slope a faint trail could be seen leading into a dense forest of tall pine trees. At the edge of the forest it did not look like there was anyway into it. A faint shimmer could be seen as something moved along the path towards them and stopped. A mournful yowl seemed to come from everywhere and echoed in the air.
Lineron tilted his head toward the portal and smiled. "Seems trustworthy enough, lets go." Carinoth face palmed himself this time then he looked at the spider women with pleading face.
"I give you my permission to kill him. The undead I hear are extremely crunchy. More so the older they are." Lineron slapped him upside the head then started dragging him towards the portal. "Oh come one. You told me to start being funny." Carinoth said in a amused voice and a slight smirk on his face.
"Shut up, and get through to portal." Lineron tossed Carinoth threw the portal then turned towards the group with a smile. "Death waits for no man! Well except for me. BAHAHAHA!" He turned back towards the portal and stepped through it. When he stepped into it he felt a sudden dizziness start to envelope him but it immediately dispersed when he appeared on a cold and snowy mountain with Carinoth shivering next to him. Carinoth moved his head slowly towards his uncle and scowled at him.
"I despise you, dear uncle. I fell face first into the snow after you threw me." Lineron smiled at his nephew then patted his back.

"Carinoth.....get over it. A little bit of snow never killed anyone." Lineron thought for a moment then frowned. "Oh yeah.....thats how some of the frosty's joined the Ebon Blade. In that case here." Lineron took off his trench coat then handed it too his nephew. "The cold won't affect me as much. Seeing as im already dead and all." Carinoth glared at his uncle then swiped the coat from him and slipped it on himself.
"I still despise you." Lineron smiled insanely at his nephew then patted his back again.

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