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Xion’s eyes startled open, the blue mist indicating her consciousness.

“Damn it!” she snarled to herself.

Soon she realized her body did not lay in the cool grass where she had last laid but a more freezing, even perhaps a little wet, rock surface that crackled as she shifted herself up on all fours. There was a dim light cast by numerous candles in the center of a large cavern in front of her so she could see she was positioned in some sort of crevice. The air was laden with the scent of mold and Xion’s highly sensitive nose cringed at its abhorred stench. Perking up her ears, she could hear distant voices, Perhaps they came from the other side of the cave?, she thought.

But that was not her concern at the moment, taking a deep whiff, nearly bursting out coughing because of the action; she could barely make out a distinct scent she knew very well. It was her sister’s perfume: a light scent of earth and flowers. A ferocious growl erupted from her throat, ricocheting off the caverns walls and ceiling and moving through whatever tunnels and halls lay ahead. Whoever had dragged Sylvona here would pay dearly.


Sylvona slowly arose from her sleep at the sound of distant voices and the change of the earth beneath her body. She immediately shot up into a sitting position. Looking around se could barely see only a dim flickering, orange light creating blurred images of shapes surrounding her.

“Where am I?” she whispered frantically.

She felt herself to see if she was undamaged and she was, but something felt off. She felt as though she was much larger than she was before. She could tell her dress had been ripped revealing her lower legs and the collar had been stretched. Feeling along the bottom of her legs, My legs feel a bit….furry., she thought.

Suddenly her body began to shake as she brought her hands up to her face. One of her claws caught her cheek and as she moved along her muzzle her long fangs nearly pierced her finger.

“NO~!” she screamed, the howl reaching her sister’s ears and any others within the cavern. She immediately began to mumble some incoherent spell over and over again as she tightened around herself unable to contemplate her situation any more.

The alcove that Carinoth had decided to inspect held little to see as the flickering candle lit it up. There appeared to be a handle of something wedged in some rocks at the back. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be a mace of fairly good quality, the flanges were not sharp but rather blunt. A good weapon for bashing in a head or breaking a limb. It was wooden handled with a head of a silvery color. Around the shaft a bright red strip of cloth was wound in a decorative pattern.

Also in the cracks of the floor there appeared to be a tome of some kind. It was written in Common. Perhaps one of the Alliance could translate? A symbol of the Church of the Light was inscribed on the cover.
Miles whistled cheerfully as he sorted through the contents of the wrecked chest with a neat efficiency. The dress with the healing potion and glass shards was wrapped around the glass and set in a small hole in the ground, the cloak and other items of clothing were folded and put in their places on the ground around Varen. The sewing kit was set next to the dress -it looked like a style that had been popular among Stormwind nobility several years back- as was the mirror. Miles carefully examined the dagger and decided to stick with his policy of keeping backups for everything where applicable, looping it and the sheath on his sword belt opposite the longsword.

That done, Varen picked up four of the health potions and three mana potions: carrying any more would simply be impractical for him. He walked away from the broken chest and all the items he had not picked up: he had no real interest in the clothing or sewing kit, and he didn't wish any of the others (except for the orc) any harm. He wasn't particularly interested in spending too much effort getting them out alive, mind you, but he did not plan on actively killing any of them unless they tried to kill him first. He picked up his improvised femur-torch and started walking into the tunnel out, hoping to see a way to get out of this misbegotten hole in the ground.
Aevus started at the sound of a great crash somewhere in the cave. He turned to the two women. “If you’ll both excuse me for a moment, I’d like to know what on Azeroth just happened.”

Caution ever his ally, Aevus crept along the shoreline towards the source of the noise. When he got close enough, he saw a human male walking away from broken chest, its hinges destroyed. Perhaps that was what the noise had been? At closer inspection, it was clear that something had broken inside the trunk; glass glistened in the dim light, long with some obscure liquid. It likely wasn’t water, because whoever had left them down here would know that they had plenty of that. So was it a potion?

Aevus crept closer; human or not, this man was clearly a threat, what with his imposing stature, sheathed weapon and the mysterious object at his hip. To blindly trust this man would be foolish. So Aevus only went as close as was necessary to see the contents of the chest. Inside were many articles of clothing, along with-

“Mana potions…” He muttered. Even if magic was unusable down here, the extra mana would surely be useful as he got higher up. Now he just needed to get them. Either he attempted to knock him out with his rock or staff, or he risked greeting him openly. What to do…

He had revealed himself to the two women because for one they were injured, plus they didn’t seem like any potential threat. This man seemed entirely healthy, and was most definitely a threat. He probably wouldn’t like Aevus’ plundering of his hard earned loot either.

…but with that thing making a ruckus somewhere nearby, was it really prudent to start a fight? Plus, he would have many of the others after him if he attacked someone who’d shown him no aggression. Maybe he could just ask?
“Excuse me, but I believe you are making off with some valuable items,” Aevus called out, ignoring his doubts that this was a good idea. “I think that, should we wish to survive, we should work together, don’t you?”
The passageway leading out of the cavern was pitch dark until Miles approached it with the torch. As he neared it he could see a distinct drop off into a very deep hole. The flickering torch seemed to also light up a ledge on the far side of the hole and a faint appearance of a further passage that seemed to curve to the left. The hole was approximately six feet across. Perhaps a bit far to jump if a person were heavily burdened. The edges of the hole were flush with the wall, there was no way to go around it.

It might be possible for someone with a very tall athletic build to jump across it. The possibility of finding more loot in this cavern was still there. There is wood and metal banding someone could maybe construct a bridge of sorts. There might even be more chests around to pilfer for wood and materials like...rope.

The sound coming from the passageway was getting closer and it growled very deep and menacing as it seemed to sense the intruders. It maybe right around that bend in the passageway, waiting.
Carinoth set the candle down next to him in order to examine his findings. "A book and a mace....Oh joy." He picked up the book and scowled at its cover. "Church of the Holy Light.....bah. Piece of garbage is what it should be. But this mace though...." He griped both of his hands on the maces handle and pulled with all of his might. He managed to pull out fairly easily enough then started doing a few practice swings to get a feel for it. "Yes....this will do until I find a decent staff." He searched around the rocks and found a holder for the mace and put it around his waist then placed the mace in its holder. He looked back at the book and groaned. "Oh, fine. Somebody else might have use of it anyway." He crouched back down and picked up the book and started skimming through it as he walked back to the slab. "The Light deserves worship, for it is blah,blah,blah. A bunch of words written by stupid old men." Carinoth said as he sat back down on the slab then tossed it behind him. "Any of you can have it if you wish. I do not care. The Light abandoned me years ago."
The seemingly calm disposition of everybody in the cave was a bit unsettling to Sefarra. Even with the loud roar, and the rumbling of something rather seemingly large moving in their direction, most seemed to preoccupied to even notice or care.

Not exactly like they can do anything about it, anymore than you can. She reminded herself. She needed something to help get her around. The candle she held wasn't going to last forever, and the Light forbid it ever accidentally blow out...she had no way to relight the damn thing!

She jumped as a sudden 'CRACK' sounded from over by the pool. There lay the chest, shattered on the ground, quickly pilfered into as the human jumped down to the broken box. If that's in here, there has got to be more...' The huntress thought to herself. She glanced over as Erani and Ascul stumbled in her direction. More least she wasn't the only one of her kind thrown in this forsaken pit.

She thought about giggling upon her gaze meeting Ascul's lack of clothing, but the sight quickly reminded her that her own attire wasn't exactly presentable either. Instead her cheeks blushed, turning her already dark cheeks a deeper hue of purple.
"No. Nobody here does." She replied stoutly in her native tongue to Erani as the draenei pushed past her brother.

She trotted off towards one of the alcoves, stopping just before entering, and looking up at one of the recesses carved into the cave about ten feet above her. Good spot to hide, if anything' She placed the candle on the ground before sizing up the jump. Placing a hoof on a crevice in the wall, she pushed hard, launching herself up towards the recess. With a grunt, she caught the very edge with her hands. She hung there for a second, furthering her grip. With a quick motion, she hefted her self up, hooves clacking loudly against the stone wall as she scrambled to find a foot hold. Almost slipping off, she finally got a hold in the wall with her hoof and pushed herself the rest of the way up. It was dark in the cavern, but that didn't stop her from feeling about.
“Excuse me, but I believe you are making off with some valuable items,” Miles heard someone calling as he walked away. “I think that, should we wish to survive, we should work together, don’t you?”

Miles briefly paused, then resumed walking.

“Speak for yourself.” he called out over his shoulder. “I left a mana potion and three health potions, not to mention the clothing and such and sundry.” He paused at the ledge and glanced down, drawing back almost as fast as he looked: Varen had never been overly fond of heights. He tossed the torch over to the other side, illuminating the ledge just across a short jump. Leery of the growling noise coming from the passage, Varen drew his longsword and spent a couple of seconds nerving himself up to make the jump: the prospect of falling to his death was more acute to him than the possibility of being dismembered by some cave beast.

The actual jump was fairly uneventful. Varen easily made the leap, even with the added weight of his recently acquired gear, and landed nimbly on the other side. He quickly picked up the torch, keeping his eyes on the passageway, and started moving forward to see what lurked around the corner.
The recess that Sefarra managed to climb into was already inhabited. As she gained purchase on the edge and climbed in a low growl came from the back of the alcove. It was very dark, but enough light filtered in she may make out a shape of even darker hue huddled in the shadows. It was about the size and shape of a large panther, blue eyes glowed in peering at her and as it opened its mouth to hiss at her long fangs appeared in its jaws.

It made no move towards her, but a long tail swished behind it and stirred some dust. Along the uneven walls of the alcove were some piles of bones and some shreds of cloth that appeared to be wrapped around something long and curved in a wavy fashion. There was also a small chest, about two feet long and a foot deep and wide.

The cat seemed to be guarding the chest, but he was not being overly aggressive, more defensive and warning her not to come closer. He growled and hissed mainly at her and waited to see what she would do.
Aevus scowled at the offhanded response, always hating when he was dismissed as not worth someone's time. He didn't dwell on it, though, and began searching through the chest. True to the man's word, there were four potions, though disappointingly only one that was mana related. The clothing had a few potential uses, so Aevus made sure to grab some.

He delicately placed the crystal vials into his left pocket, and the pieces of cloth into his right one. Forgetting his acquaintances in the alcove, Aevus found an edge of the cavern and began walking along it, hoping to find a way out. He traced his fingers along the stone wall, stopping whenever he stumbled on a hole or alcove. After a few minutes of doing this, his fingers left the stone wall, which fell back in the form of some sort of alcove. It was too dark to tell.

Whatever it was, Aevus was set on searching it for some sort of useful item. It was clear now that something was preying on them, and he would prefer to let the others deal with it while he hid away in here, especially the orc, who he had yet to encounter personally. He just hoped this place didn't contain anything more dangerous than what he had already encountered.
It was very dark inside the alcove that Aevus found, but if he had a candle he might have seen the slime on the floor. As it was, he would be stepping in it and sliding a bit. Thankfully it was not acidic or it would be eating at his feet, or whatever he had on his feet.

The alcove was very deep and sloped downward, if he was not careful he may slide completely into a darker portion. No telling what was in there. But since he was already stepping in...he might be able to grab the edge of the wall to stop himself from sliding.
The sight of the beast stopped the huntress in her tracks, tettering on the edge of the recess. She stared at the animal as gleams of light flickered off the panther's slick fur.

She glanced about the hole, catching sight of the strange, curved object. A bow? It had been eons since she'd used one...not since she'd lived on Draenor. Still, she was sure it wouldn't be difficult to get the feel for it back.

"Shhh...." She hissed towards the cat, slowly lowering herself to a crouch, eyes locking with the beasts. She had never tried to communicate with a cat before. Only once, actually had she truely tamed a wild beast. Red had been raised at her side since he was a mere pup. She strained to remember how to keep a non-threatening pose.

Slowly, she turned, to face the panther, and relaxed her body, bringing herself to a kneel. "Easy...calm..." She breathed in a near silent whisper. Her hand slowly reached forward, her open palm towards the creature. She paused with her hand out-stretched, waiting to see how the beast reacted.
Aevus only got a few steps before he began to lose his purchase on the stone floor. He frantically searched for something to grab onto, but nothing could be seen in the darkness. He thrust the staff into a wall in an attempt to slow himself, but only succeeded in losing his balance. His heels slid out from under him and he landed on his rear, continuing to slide feet first on the slime. He lost grip on his staff, and was unable to see where it went.

He picked up speed, sliding into the depths of the cave. In an attempt to slow himself, he flipped over and used his fingers to try and find a ledge or a crack to grip. Try as he might, there was no slowing himself, and he only managed to cut his fingers on rocks. His foot got caught on a jutting boulder, and his cry of pain drowned out the sickening crack that came from it. Finally, the floor seemed to even out, allowing him to splay his limbs and slow down.

When he came to a stop, he assessed the damage. His robes and leather shoes were covered in the slime, on both the back and front, his hands were bleeding freely, and worse, his ankle was painfully throbbing.

In spite of the pain, Aevus kept a cool head. He stuck a hand in his pocket and pulled out one of the potions, pulling out the stopper and taking an experimental sip. The familiar taste of a healing potion filled his mouth, and he gratefully gulped down the rest. His cuts quickly began to close, and the pain in his ankle faded to something more tolerable. Next, he took out a piece of clothing and ripped of a piece off, using it to wipe the blood from his hand. After heaving a sigh of exhaustion, Aevus tried to make out anything in the darkness. He started when something ran into him, and was pleased to see that his staff had followed him down the slide. His rock was nowhere to be seen, but at least he had something.

With a grunt of pain and effort, he rose to his feet, leaning heavily on the staff. With a limping stride, he moved forward apprehensively, wondering what may be inside.
Varen warily walked around the corner....

Coming face to face with a glaring, red-eyed cave bear. A truly massive creature that was quite clearly not happy with the human's intrusion on its domicile. Varen dropped the torch and obsidium rod and reached across his body with his left hand, drawing the dagger and flipping it into a reverse grip so that the blade was parallel to his arm.

“Why is it that people always think bears are cute?” he muttered with a sense of outrage. “They're not. Bears are half a ton of ravenous claws, teeth, and muscle. Okay, advantage, maneuverability; at least this is a fairly expansive tunnel. Disadvantage, raw strength, reach, and endurance. This is not going to end well.” His brief moment of strategizing came to an end as the cave bear roared and charged into the circle of flickering light, apparently overcoming its fear of fire for the moment. Varen dodged out of the way and struck with his longsword, carving a bloody furrow down the bear's side. The bear roared in pain and lashed out with a paw the size of a dinner plate. Miles leaped on top of it and catapulted on top of the bear, stabbing down with his dagger and hoping to get a blow in on its spine. The cave bear bucked beneath him, throwing him off and into a wall.

The battlemage oophed and slid down the wall, getting his feet beneath him just in time for the cave bear to come charging in again. Miles simply dodged to the side again, this time without attempting a strike on the bear. The massive creature slammed into the wall, causing it to tremble and small streams of loose dust to fall from the ceiling. The ursine beast staggered and rose to its two feet, roaring with rage. Varen darted in and tried slashing across the exposed stomach, but the bear brought its paw down and clubbed the human away and into another wall. The cave bear dropped to all fours and started walking closer, in no particular hurry to eat its dinner.

Varen gasped with pain, using the wall to support him. By the flickering light, he looked down and saw that the bear's massive claws had slashed open his ribcage: if he got the time to heal, those would be some truly impressive scars. Varen quickly unstoppered one of his health potions and quaffed it with a single gulp. The magical concoction rapidly went to work repairing the damage, closing up much of the bloody gapes. Miles looked around to see what sort of weapons he could use: not very much, really.

“Alright, time for this battlemage to work smarter, not harder. Librarian, old friend, I'm about to do something that would make you envious. Can't wait to turn this story into free beer.” Miles hefted his longsword like a spear and threw it, scoring another gash down the cave bear's side: he needed to be as light as possible for what he was about to attempt. The human quickly switched hands, holding his dagger in a fencer's grip. The creature roared and rose to its two feet once again. In response, Miles darted forward and rolled in between the beast's legs, rising up and delivering a quick slash with the dagger. The strike was meant to infuriate more than damage, and it accomplished its aim quite well. The creature roared and spun around, striking out with another paw. This time, Varen was ready and he rolled backwards: it's easier to build up momentum from a stand if you roll first. Miles rose out of it and ran back in, letting himself slide under the bear's next strike and delivering another cut to its feet. After that, Miles broke for the leg in the tunnel with the enraged bear in hot pursuit.
Miles Varen stopped right on the edge of the pit as the bear came in behind him. The human turned around and tightened up, preparing to spring at just the right moment - there. The battlemage's wiry strength propelled him up and onto the bear's head, where he made another leap off of the bear. The beast's momentum carried it forward and off the edge of the pit, sending it plummeting into the depths of the chasm with a howl of ursine rage. Varen was hardly in the clear, however, as his own momentum left him sliding off and towards the pit. In desperation, he threw his dagger towards the wall and started scrabbling his hands, trying to grab onto anything to slow his momentum. With a jerk, he abruptly stopped, his feet and torso dangling out over the abyss.

“Well.” he gasped. “That was easy.” He forced himself up and over the edge, where he lay there panting for breath as the cave bear's enraged howl echoed up the chasm. After about half a minute of recovery, he started back towards his torch, picking up his longsword and dagger along the way. Varen sat down and propped himself against the wall, bandaged himself up, and broke out a ration bar: the thing was made of ground beans and cornmeal and hardly the most appetizing thing around, but it was high in nutrients.

After a few minutes of rest, Miles Varen picked up his torch and started down the tunnel again.
Aevus was very lucky the only inhabitants of the alcove were cave snails, and he landed in a pile of them. Also the cave had a lot of moss and mushrooms in it. Must be what the snails were living on, so it may be safe to say the mushrooms in here are edible and the moss might be good for something. The snails are about three inches long and have thin shells.

The walls are not as slimy as the floor and it is dry in places. since it is dark here you can only feel around on the floor. You find a pile of rags, and bones. A bag with some much needed supplies. a flint and steel for fire starting. Some bandages and a slim dagger that looks very wicked, and a vial of poison. Which you know because it has a skull on the label. Further searching and you find a staff buried in the moss. Long and metallic, it has a red gem on the end.
The sound of the trunk falling had Zpan whirling, her teeth bared in a feral snarl. The mercenary watched the older human mage approach the busted open trunk thoughtfully – there might be something useful there...

And then the pair of Draenei came into her sight. A wicked leer spread across her face and Maj blinked in surprise at the sheer fact that her older sister seemed to vanish and reappear beside the towering Draenei male.

“Ohho! Now this is a rare sight. I do have to admit, given the unflattering nickname of space goats your kind has, one has to wonder in what ways aside from horns and hooves you got it,” Zpan drawled, reaching in to hook Ascul's boxers with a forefinger with the intents on peeking into it. “Are you hu---”

Maj reacted swiftly, deliberately stomping down with her injured foot and yelping in pain, causing her sister to freeze midword.

“Owwie...” the young teen whimpered. “Zpan? Do you think there might be slippers or something in that trunk...?”

The mercenary fought between the urge to continue with her taunting of the Draenei male and helping her sister. As always, Maj won out. The younger girl always came first, above everything else.

Zpan tilted her head back and grinned at the male Draenei – a feral expression baring inhumanly sharp teeth combined with sparkling, demented green eyes – and purred. “We'll finish this talk later~”

Bouncing off with a hynea-like crazed cackle, Zpan dragged her sister over to the trunk to plunder the remaining contents. “Oh look, a sewing kit, Maj~ Wonder if there's any bags in there?”
Throm watches the events with a practiced eye, when no one takes the skinning knife he shrugs, twirling it he throws it as far as he can, listening to the gentle tinkle as it clatters off the rocks on the far side of the cave. Watching the Draenei he felt pity, the poor people were chased by demons then massacred by his people. Looking at them he laughs at the humans flirting. Shaking his head" Humans are strange...." he mutters to himself. Looking at the two, obviously a sister relationship between the two humans he sigh's. Getting clearly uncomfortable as the room fills up with more and more alliance.

Sighing to himself he attempts to climb into another alcove with the axe between his teeth he climbs quickly and with ease. Pulling himself into the alcove he looks around and holds his ax preparing for the worse.
The blood elf quickly left at the sight of Ascul, making Ascul flush a deep blue. Quite frankly, he hated his life right now too.
“No. Nobody here does,” the other Draenei replied to her question.
Erani frowned for a quick instant. Her relief to see other people had been short lived. The cold clutches of fear began to creep in but, as her years of warrior training had taught her, she quickly subdued and swallowed any doubts she had. When the Draenei left, Erani looked back to her brother and said, “There now, see? There’s no need to be embarrassed. There are others here that were caught in indecent attire as well.”
Ascul scowled at her, “You’re not helping, Erani.”
His sister shrugged. “Just be thankful you decided to sleep with your undergarments on last night.”
Ascul’s scowl deepened but he said nothing. He instead looked over the two girls and noticed one had an injury on her foot. His glare immediately softened and he began to pull on his mana reserves in preparation to heal her when….
“Uh, oh….”
Erani blinked at Ascul. “What do you mean ‘uh oh’?”
Ascul brought up his hand and attempted to cast a simple spell. …Nothing. “Erani, try to summon your gift of the Naaru.”
Erani arched an eyebrow at him but did as he asked. Going to do so it felt… it felt like leaning against a wall that wasn’t there and falling flat on your face. “I… What happened?”
“You can’t summon it either, can you?” said Ascul.
Erani shook her head, unnerved.
Before he could respond he noticed that one of the human girls had disappeared from the slab. Where did she…?
Both Ascul and Erani nearly jumped out of their skin when the human girl seemed to materialize behind him.
With a questionable grin on her face she said, “Now this is a rare sight. I do have to admit, given the unflattering nickname of space goats your kind has…”
Erani’s eyes widened as she watched the girl’s hand slowly wander toward the hem of her brother’s boxers.
“Are you hu-“
Ascul stiffend and stuttered, “I-I… uh… you… I…um” He was too stunned to react.
Ascul held his breath when the girl’s sister distracted her from her torment. The girl glanced between him and her sister, debating whether or not to continue torturing the Draenei. The girl looked to him and grinned, baring those abnormally sharp teeth at him.
“We'll finish this talk later,” she purred, then abruptly left him with a wicked laugh to join her sister.
Erani stared after her, mouth agape at what had just transpired. Ascul’s breathing had quickened and he was visibly pale. Erani wasn’t quite sure, but she thought she had just witnessed her brother get sexually assaulted by a human.
There was a short silence, then Erani abruptly burst into a fit of laughter. “Oh, Light! I can’t…” Erani gasped. “I can’t breathe!”
“Q-quiet, Erani!”
“I never thought, I would live to see the day! Oh, by the gods, the dwarves at home are gonna hear about this! HAHA!” Tears of laughter were beginning to run down her cheeks.
“That wasn’t funny, Erani!”
“The FEL is wasn’t.” Erani continued to laugh while her brother flushed an even deeper shade of blue.
The sound of the knife hitting the far wall – into an alcove not yet explored – caused Zpan to glance up from the trunk she was going through. True enough there were a couple small cloth satchels, which were good, but...

“I'm going to keep exploring the alcoves,” the mercenary paused and glanced up at the orc. “If you would, do the same up there – we need to find anything useful that can be used to boil some water in, make it safe for drinking.”

“And something to carry water in,” Maj added absently as she inspected a slipper that looked close to her size; it might be a bit on the big side, but she could wrap her feet up...

Zpan rose to her feet and using the femur bone and strips of cloth, made herself a torch for exploring. She strode into the alcove, pausing at its opening to scan warily for any lurking animals or obvious traps...

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