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The cave bear fell for a long ways, his howls of anger soon turned to anguish as he neared the pool below. There was a huge splash and then a thrashing noise and silence. The tunnel ahead of Miles sloped upwards at an easy angle.

It was rough with broken stones and pock marks on the walls. Some of these were quite large and if he searched them with his torch he might find odd bits of usefull things, like uncut gems and bits of parchment with strange scribbles on it. Some ancient language or other. He may recognise a few words here and there as if it was a code of some kind using different languages. As he moves closer to the next bend he may notice a flicker of mana available to him. Perhaps enough to launch a small frostbolt...

In the pathway ahead, a light seems to gleam a fiery orange red and the smell of sulfur is stronger here. The distinct sound of something slithering towards him is heard. Even before he reaches the bend a gout of flame is flashed down the tunnel towards him, if he is not fast on his feet it will fry him. A snarl reaches his ears and a fire salamander moves closer to him. It is about six feet long and very fast, not only fire but fangs dripping a lethal poison. It obviously is hungry and thinks he looks delicious!
Finally, Erani composed herself and noticed the orc. Ordinarily, she would have shot him a venomous look but, now she was in too much of a giggly mood to do so. She opted, instead, to pretend he wasn’t there. Getting that familiar itch, she reached into the collar of her dress and pulled out a cigarette, then ambled over to one of the candles to light it. Taking a long drag and releasing a puff of smoke, she said to her brother, “I’m going to go check that chest for anything of use. Maybe,” she smirked, “we can find you some robes too.”
“That would be good,” Ascul agreed, warily looking toward the human who had just groped him. “I’ll wait here.”
Erani nodded. “You do that. Keep the ‘family jewels’ safe from thieving hands while I’m gone, eh?”
“Erani,” Ascul growled.
“Alright, alright, I’m done! Wait here,” and with that, Erani trotted toward the chest the girls were rummaging through.
She watched the pervy-girl leave with a makeshift torch in hand to explore the alcoves of the cavern and crouched down in front of the chest by the younger looking human.
“Do not mind me, child. Just looking forr something forr poor old brother to coverr himself vith,” she said casually while she inspected a finely adorned robe and twisted it looking it over from front to back.
This should do, she thought.
“Ascul,” she called back in her native tongue, “You’re in luck!” Erani tossed the robe to her brother who caught it and inspected it. Unsatisfied, he tore a small hole in the back for his tail to fit through, then promptly threw it on. It was a little tight around the waist, and the sleeves were a bit short on him but it served its purpose, and that was all he cared about. Erani considered the chest as well. The wood looked like it could be useful. She took a board of splintered wood and pried it off the hinges it was still nailed to, then tore some fabric off one of the remaining dresses and began to craft a torch for herself.
Xion was about to run off when suddenly a small knife slide into her alcove. Picking it up she realized it was just a simple skinning knife.

“Well, even if I can’t skin anything it would be good to have a weapon.” she mumbled to herself and with that slid the dagger under her belt.

With a strong back kick from her legs Xion pounded off to where her sister’s wail came from. She found Sylvona whimpering in an alcove much like her own and at first Xion breathed a sigh of relief, but as she drew closer she saw why her sister was so distraught.

For a second her features darkened but then her lips turned upward into feral smirk that exposed her rather large fangs. “Now, Syl is this really something to freak out about? You look fine, you’ll be alright…” she said trying to comfort her sister as she reached out her hand to grasp the underside of Sylvona’s muzzle drawing her face up towards her own. Their eyes locked for a minute until Syl said, “X-Xion?”

“Yes, Syl. Now we've got to get moving do you think you can move?”

“I-I don’t think so….”

Xion gave an exasperated groan, “We don’t have time for this…” she muttered as she picked up Syl suddenly and headed off towards the circle of candles.

As they drew closer Xion could make out indistinct figures surrounding the alter of candles and at first she dipped down into a more threatening pose but upon closer inspection she realized they were alliance members; three Draenei and one Human girl by the looks of it.

“I can stand now, Xion.” Syl’s voice whispered in Xion’s ear.

Letting down her sister she gauged the four others she could see in the room. None of them seemed to be extremely threatening but that was no reason to let down her guard.

Syl once she was on her feet moved to the closest person, that being the male Draenei, and trying her best to give a friendly smile said, “Why, hello there! Would you by any chance know what’s going on here?”
Aevus’ situation with his ankle was hardly improved by the darkness of the cave; every time he stumbled over a rut or hole in the ground, his ankle would begin to throb with renewed zeal- a healing potion could only do so much, and the only things that could mend breaks were magic and time, of which he had neither.

He stumbled again, but heard something moving on the ground this time. He kneeled and picked up the object, a femur. Disappointed for only a moment, Aevus continued searching along the ground with his hands. He discovered more bones, some rags, and most intriguingly, some flint and steel. He allowed his mind to wander for a few moments, wondering how or why this was down here, but shortly got to work.

Setting down the flint and steel, he wrapped the rags around the femur in the form of a makeshift torch. After that, he worked away with the flint and steel, making several sparks but no fire. However, he refused to give up, and began striking furiously. The flint shattered into little shards, but a flame appeared on the rags, growing until it enveloped them entirely. He just hoped it would last long enough for him to get out of here.

He held up the torch and inspected the small cavern. There were several useful items all over the room, including, to his joy, another staff. Compared to his, this one looked far more valuable; it was metallic, with a red gem at the end, and it was covered in webs of magic. He picked it up and held it in his right hand with the wooden staff in his left and tried again to channel magic, to no avail. His captors had taken no chances concerning magic.

Continuing his search, Aevus found a bag filled with rations, a skin for holding water, and a blanket. After securing the bag to his belt, he continued searching and found a curious dagger and a vial of poison, or so he assumed by the skull drawing on the bottle. He slipped the dangerous pair into his left pocket, moving the pieces of cloth out of it and into the new bag.

Some said it was astounding that, while his office was such a disaster, he kept most of his possessions so organized. This was because he had underestimated the terrible consequences of letting paperwork messily build up, and never found enough time to organize before he brought a new batch in. So now he made sure to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible, and while he poked at the heaping disaster of his office every so often, he knew his attempts were fruitless.

Under further inspection, he noticed that the mosses and mushrooms were likely edible, according to the snails. He took a few handfuls of both and wrapped them in a piece of cloth, replacing it all in the sack. With one last look, he turned and left, awkwardly trying to hold both staves at once. He soon developed a method to use them both as crutches, planting them in the most secure places he could find and using them to move forward on one foot.

Aevus began his slow ascent back up the path. The slippery upward walk was excruciating on his ankle, but he ignored the pain for now. He could worry about his physical state once he was on more even ground. Finally, after many close calls, he reached a point where there was a longer the risk of slipping. He emerged inside the main cavern, limping over to the shoreline and taking a moment to sit and rest.
Two more people walked in. Smoothing out the robes, his sister gave him, Ascul turned to the wolf-human who had addressed him. Now what were they called in common again? Worgens, he believed. Returning a soft smile, happy to see a friendly face, Ascul quickly tried to recall the words to respond. In broken common he responded, “Ve come here trrying to figure out ourselves. Nobody knows.” He knew that he had completely butchered that sentence but he had hoped he got his message across. Spending the past few years in Draenei colonies settled in outland, he didn’t speak common nearly as often as his sister did. His vocabulary was lacking, to say the least.
Erani, over hearing the conversation, lit off her newly created torch and chimed in. Briefly taking her cigarrette out of her mouth to speak, in a much smoother dialect she said, “Ve are just about to go searrch for exit. Perrhaps jou could join us? May help to travel in group.”
“Ve come here trrying to figure out ourselves. Nobody knows.” The male Draenei spoke in butchered common.

“Ve are just about to go searrch for exit. Perrhaps jou could join us? May help to travel in group.” The female Draenei near what seemed to be a broken chest chimed in, she spoke much more clearly then the male.

Syl turned towards the female, “That would be most agreeable, my name is Sylvona Barker and this is my sister Xion.” She said motioning to her sister behind her. Xion nodded her head to the two who had spoken and then made her way to the chest. Grabbing one of the robes she sized it up and then threw it at her sister.

“You’ll need to be a bit more presentable if we’re going to travel in a group.” Xion grunted.

Syl a bit surprised look down to see that her dress had stretched out a bit more than she had thought previously, and showed a great deal more chest. Syl could feel her cheeks grow hot as she slipped on the new robe, which was a bit tighter than her previous garb but covered most of her.

“So…where are we headed then?” Syl asked finally.
Maj touched the fine embroidery on the blue and gold robe, marveling over the skill of the tailor as the others bustled around her while Zpan continued searching the alcoves. Hearing the Draenei's comment about finding an exit, the young Novice looked up and spoke up timidly. “I-if we're going searching, we'll n-need to gather something for provisions – drinking water, food...w-who knows how long it'll take us to get out of here...or w-what might be lurking out there...”

Walking further into the alcove near the one the skinning knife had ended up in, Zpan scanned the floor for holes to avoid as well as possibly aggressive cave-dwelling animals. There had to be more they could use as weapons...and food. Definitely they'd need to gather food, who knew how long they were all out and how long it'd take to get out of this cave...
A low growl emitted deep from the panther's throat as the huntress's hand moved closer towards it. She fought the instinct to pull away... the creature was clearly agitated, and didn't seem to approve of her coming closer to whatever objects were here. 'Don't show it'll only encourage it.' Sefarra thought to herself.

The cat remained still, unmoving, it's growl turning more into a whine than anything else. Something didn't seem right about this. There was nothing to hold it back from pouncing and tearing her to bits...yet here it stood, crying a meloncholy sound as it watch her.

Suddenly it clicked... the bones, the bow...and the panther guarding them so closely. 'Not a wild...but tamed.' The draenei shuddered at the thought of what happened to the panther's former master. She relaxed, pulling her hand away from the panther. It wouldn't hurt her, she was sure.

Instead, she crawled over to where the bow lay half-buried in rocks, bones, and dust. She slid it out, the panther watching intently as she did so. The shaft felt smooth and polished in her hands. It was unstrung, clearly the hunter was resting here when whatever happened to him occurred. "This was his, wasn't it?" Sefarra asked quietly to the large cat. The beast cried in response, it's meowing stetching into a pitiful whine.

She scooted over to the beast, reaching out and touching the top of its head, running her hand down the spine of the animal. It purred under her touch. "I know how it feels." She whispered, not knowing if the beast could truely understand her or not. The cat growled, and batted his paw at her before moving to the side and lying down. His blue crystaline eyes stared up at the huntress.

She reached to the pile of rubbish where she found the bow. Where there was a bow, the string had to be nearby... moving more of the stones revealed the shafts of several arrows.... sixteen or so of them, bound loosely together by the bowstring. "Aha!" She said triumphantly. "This will do!" She quickly unwound the string, and attached it to one end of the bow. lodging the end of the bow into a crevice in the wall, she pushed on the shaft while pulling the string taunt. The bow was incredibly resistant, requiring her to stand and push near all her weight onto it to bend it enough for the string to reach.

Just then, the roar of the bear sounded as Miles rounded the corner facing it in his tunnel. The sound caught her unaware, and she near jumped out of her skin. Losing grip on the smooth bow she was bending, it bounced back to it's elongated form, jutting the end of it into her stomach. "Aahhoow!!" She wailed, doubling over as the bow clattered to ground at her feet.

The nasty thing that was coming found somebody she was sure...a mere moment later the sound of Miles grunting and slamming into the wall confirmed it. "Damn!" She said, and went to work stringing the bow again. She wasn't sure if she'd have the strength to fire it after it was strung, but hell, if she could, it'd pack a punch. The bow strung, she moved to the chest. 'How the hell did he get this up here?' The box was metal, banded with steel and two hefty looking locks on either band. She tried pushing it, but it barely budged. 'You're not getting that open anytime soon.'

She glanced out of the alcove... No sign of the beast reaching here. Maybe whoever had wandered a bit far off into the tunnel. Still, she was sure from the sound of the fighting, it would make it's way over when it was done. Perhaps somebody else could open the chest. Something inside might help fight it. She glanced out of the recess, sizing up the options. Two humans, the two draenei..none of those even looked remotely helpful. Even the male had nothing but his boxers! The huntress still felt the blush burning her cheeks as she looked at him. Still, no help there. The orc had an axe, perhaps he was strong enough to break the locks or bands.

But an orc! The thought of asking him for help just ate at her ego. She thought about leaving it, but curiousity burned at her mind. "Hey orc!" She finally called, standing at the edge of the recess. Even moving into the light, her dark skin blended her into the darkness of the hole she was standing in, the bluish shine of her eyes giving her out.
Being the gentleman that he was, Ascul quickly averted his eyes as the worgen tossed on some more agreeable wear.
Finally dressed, Syl asked, “So…where are we headed then?”
Erani listened as the young girl spoke up, “I-if we're going searching, we'll n-need to gather something for provisions – drinking water, food...w-who knows how long it'll take us to get out of here...or w-what might be lurking out there...”
Erani turned toward the alcove the pervy-girl left to and lifted her torch to better get a look at it. “Let us see vhat is over here. Hopefully ve find more chests vith something of use.” And with that, the Draenei pressed forward, expecting the others to follow. Ascul was not surprised that his sister had forgotten her manners, and so took the liberty of introducing them both. “I am Ascul. That is little sister, Erani. Ve arre much happy to meet jou.”
Erani nodded as she walked, “Ah, yes. Verry happy. Perrhaps jou can help Ascul brush up his common vhile ve are herre, yes?”
Ascul rolled his eyes at his sister and began to follow her.
Miles walked past the small holes in the wall without really bothering to search them: the ones he had looked at either had precious stones or scrolls covered in languages that even he, with his well-learned academic mind, hadn't had the time to translate. On the plus side, after that short meal his ribcage was feeling much better and he was still riding the burst of energy from the health potion. In fact, it was only that burst of energy that gave him enough time to react to the flare of fire that scorched its way down the tunnel to splash on the wall just opposite the bend.

A fire salamander, lean, predatory, and low to the ground, was rapidly closing in on him. Its maw opened to release another gout of flame, and out of instinct Miles put up a frost shield. Much to his surprise, it actually did summon a small barrier of frost to his front that absorbed the stream of fire. Grinning at finally getting some of his magic back, Varen moved in on the attack.

You know what I love about fighting animals? he thought to himself. They're stupid and, because they're so stupid, predictable.

The salamander tried to strike at the battlemage, who didn't even attempt to dodge the quick little reptile. Instead, Varen simply stabbed forward almost equally as fast with his longsword. The sharp blade, driven by the momentum of the salamander's charge and Miles' strike, easily pierced the soft, fleshy roof of the creature's mouth. Varen pulsed a frost bolt along the blade as the predatory animal shrieked and writhed, trying to pull off of the impaling sword as droplets of venom flew about and spattered the tunnel walls. When the bolt of ice hit the salamander's mouth, a sharp hissing noise filled the air and a cloud of steam billowed out from the razor-toothed maw. The convulsions briefly grew more intense, then eventually slackened off and stopped. Miles ripped his sword out of the corpse and cleaned it off before sheathing it. The battlemage then placed his torch on the ground, drew his dagger, and started cutting up the salamander's corpse, seeing if there was anything that could be useful to him.
Throm looks to the Woman, and climbing with ease he looks to the woman" What do you need.....Draenei...". he seems to spit the word Draenei out of his mouth like it was a rotten peice of meat stuck in his teeth. Climbing up the wall and into the recess he glares at her, staring at the cat Throm for a moment consider's burying his ax in its head but decided against it. Looking around, he notice's the box in the far side of the room. With an assuming look he move's over to it and sigh's, Hr grabs one lock with a massive arm. And with a shout pulls. Gorwling as it barely budge's, he looks at his axe. With a swing he cuts a large indent into the top of the wood on the box.

Grabbing it he pulls and the sound of wood splintering can be heard as he rips the metal on top off. Standing he brush's past the woman. And with a jump he is on the ground, absorbing the impact with his legs. Looking to his right he see's...a small empty vein of ore his eye's light up as he thinks there might be a hammer of sorts nearby. With a quick Pace Throm brush's the wall looking in small cracks and on the ground for a hammer or pick.
Once the somewhat unpleasant task of rendering the salamander corpse into its component pieces was accomplished, Varen began organizing the various bits with a soldier-like efficiency: in both his roles as Lord General Draker and Sergeant Alder, he was adamant about discipline and organization among his troops and shaped his own actions as such. The venom gland he removed and placed in the skull (the brain of the salamander having since been removed) to keep it from rolling around and possibly bursting, losing the useful toxin. The fairly intact skins he piled next to the skull: there were a couple of larger sections from the flanks and several more medium-sized ones, all of which had given Varen a healthy appreciation for the effectiveness of the salamanders' natural armor. The skeleton he left as it was, and the slabs of meat were piled next to the hides. Miles spent a bit more time cleaning off the hides and curing them as much as he could; several years spent soldiering had given him a generalist's skill in many things, from patching up his own gear to constructing rudimentary improvised weapons. Unfortunately, actually making his own armor and weaponry required him to sink more time than he was willing into learning it.

With that task done, Varen picked up his torch and jogged back to the sections of wall where he had seen the scrolls. He went through the crevices and holes of the tunnel with a metaphorical fine-toothed comb, carefully searching out and picking up as many of the archaic scrolls as he could. Once he had gathered an armful, Varen walked back to the salamander corpse, set down his torch against the wall, took up a comfortable seat on top of the pile of hides, and started intently reading the scrolls to see if he could manage a translation: the former noble had always had a keen interest in all matters intellectual, and his years spent as a Stormwind academic had only expanded his already vast store of knowledge. Occasionally, he looked up to see if anyone else was coming down the tunnel: he was sitting in the only way out of the cavern, which meant that anyone following him over the gap would have to pass by him, and he planned on making some of them an offer they couldn't refuse. Just to be sure, Varen kept his longsword and dagger close at hand, ensuring that he could reach them in an instant if he had to.
“M-my name's Maj. The other is my older s-sister, Zpan,” Maj introduced herself and her sister.

In the trunk Maj had found a pair of leather trousers that looked like they'd fit her sister along with a hair comb. Claiming those along with a cloak that looked big enough for her sister and her to sleep under, she stood up to follow the others. Folding up the cloak as she limped forward, she stuffed it and the hair comb into one of the satchels. Pausing behind the group, near where Aevus sat, she spoke up.

“U-ummm... D-does anyone have a dagger? I'd like to use it to make bandages out of my nightgown after I c-change...” she asked, fidgeting in embarrassment; how she hated drawing attention to herself – back at the Church, she was unnoticed, overlooked and she was used to that...

In the alcove Zpan was exploring she narrowed her eyes as she peered into the gloom past the light of her femur-torch. There had to be more around...if she had to, she'd make herself a sling. It'd been a long time since she used such a weapon, but if she had to....
“Nice to meet you too.” Syl replied to Ascul and laughed softly at Erani’s response. She and her sister followed the two as the group headed towards one of the crevices.

“U-ummm... D-does anyone have a dagger? I'd like to use it to make bandages out of my nightgown after I c-change...” the young human who had previously identified herself as Maj stumbled out, carelessly fidgeting.

Xion turned her icy gaze at the human her eyes narrowing as a low growl escaped her throat. She slowly slid the dagger out from her belt and lifted it blade first at the girl. She let it hang there for a second before she switched it over giving the hilt to Maj.

Sylvona noticing the action glared at her sister, Xion merely shrugged as she waited for the girl to take the knife.
Ascul and Erani watched as Xion handed the hilt of the knife to Maj. She certainly is a cranky one, Erani thought to herself. Ascul had been visibly uncomfortable around the death knight but he said nothing. It was probably the aura that was disturbing him. Erani, however, was used to the presence of death knights. She had fought alongside them in battle many times before and was very much used to their irritable nature.
“It is a pleasure to meet jou, Maj. I’d introduce your sister to Ascul but I feel she had already taken to introducing herself. I am pleased to know she has taken a liking to him.”
Ascul gave Erani an uneasy look. “Vill…Vill the humans join us?”
He was almost nonverbally pleading with Erani to say “no”. Clearly Zpan had made him quite nervous. Of course, Erani played oblivious to his discomfort and said, “But of courrse! How do the humans say… The more the merrier, yeah? That is, if they vould like to join us.” Erani gave Zpan a welcoming look. Ascul frowned and glanced at the girl who had just minutes ago nearly shoved her hand down his boxers, then looked back at Erani with a pleading look. Erani was ignoring him by then and he inwardly groaned.
When the Worgen Death Knight turned while growling at her, Maj tensed up immediately. As the knife slid out and came point first toward her, the young teen brought up the satchel containing the cloak as a makeshift shield. Green eyes were wary as she watched Xion flip the blade to present the hilt to her. Cautiously, she lowered the satchel and accepted it.

“...thank you,” the Novice murmured, inching towards the alcove Zpan was exiting. She glanced over to Erani. "My sister is....insane. I wouldn't take what she says or do too seriously. Unless she has explosives."

“Look what I found~” the merc crowed, holding up a short sword. She gestured with a thumb over her shoulder. “There's some more weapons back there, but my torch died before I could gather them up. Thought I saw a wooden buckler too.”

At Erani's invitation, the merc leered at the male Draenei, baring those sharp teeth again; her green eyes, which while the same color as Maj's were clearly more demented compared to the younger teen's timidness.

“Zpan...” Maj beckoned her sister over, wanting to avoid any more possible groping of Ascul's person and the two vanished into an another alcove; moments later the reemerged, Maj wearing the blue and gold robe and Zpan with the leather pants her sister had retrieved for her replacing the loose sleeping trousers.

With a show of skill, the petite Novice used the small skinning knife Xion had loaned her to swiftly rip thin white linen that had to have come from her night gown and the once long tunic Zpan wore – which was now shortened and wrapped around her, tied into a knot beneath her bosom – into neat, uniform strips for bandages. Lacking shoes, Zpan had wrapped her feet and hands with strips of fabric she had found lying about the cave for a measure of protection.

Draping them over her arm, Maj stepped forward on slipper-clad feet over to the Worgen Death Knight and offered the knife back to her hilt first. Her green eyes remained wary. “T-thank you.”
“T-thank you.” The young human said upon returning the dagger to Xion. The green eyes she wore were wary, perhaps even scared, a look Xion was quite use to seeing upon the faces of humans she passed.

“Keep it,” her lips drew up into a feral smirk, her fangs proudly displayed, “my claws are quite good, for you know, rending fle-”

Smack! Sylvona had quickly stepped over to the two and drawn her hand swiftly over Xion’s muzzle. Turning to the human girl, her best smile on, she said, “You’ll have to excuse my sister, her manners are very…feral.”

“I was merely teasing….” Xion mumbled from behind Syl.

“Behave yourself sister!” Syl growled.

Throwing yet another “Let’s be friends” smile to the humans she dragged her sister farther into the crevice to look for weapons. After searching around in the dirt her claws hit something wooden, it was a long staff-basic with nothing inherently special about it.

This will do. she thought and after a bit more searching she came across a rudimentary sword which she handed to Xion. They then headed back out towards the group after Xion had promptly cooled down.
“Oh~ did jou hear that Ascul? A buckler! I vill be rright back. Oh, and I guess I should probably change too.” She hastily fished through the remaining clothes for some rough gray pants Erani was confident she could squeeze into and a brown tunic that was obviously tailored for a male and would probably be baggy on her. Luckily, as a Draenei, she had little need for shoes.
Ascul paled when the crazy human girl leered at him again. Why couldn’t he attract a nice Draenei girl? Or at least a normal human?!
Glancing at Zpan he let out a nervous chuckle and said, “I, uh… vill leave vith her.” He sidestepped around her and nearly tripped over himself running after his sister who had happily bounded off. “Erani, wait!” he called in Draenic, disappearing into the alcove.
Once they were deep enough into the alcove, Ascul addressed her. “Perhaps is would be best if we just traveled alone?”
Erani smirked and said, “Is it because the girl make you nervous? I think she is only playing with you.”
“Playing with me? Did you not see the demented look in her eyes?!”
“Hm, yes, but either way you’ll just have to get used to it because we are traveling with them whether you like it or not. Why don’t you try flirting with her back? It could be fun!”
Ascul’s eyes widened in horror as though she had just asked him to swallow a live rat.
Erani simply laughed at his expression and continued down the alcove. “It was only a suggestion.”
“A vile one.”
After a few minutes, Erani and Ascul returned. Ascul now bearing a simple wooden staff and carrying the torch he and his sister had left with and Erani dressed in her new-found garb which she tore a smale hole in the back of to accommodate her tail and wielding a heavy looking one-handed sword and the round wooden buckler Zpan had mentioned. Erani lifted the sword and swung it a few times to get a better feel for it. Satisfied, she looped it through an old leather belt she had she had found laying amongst the weaponry and took back the torch from Ascul. Erani looked over everyone to make sure they were prepared to move onward then took a drag from her cigarette before flicking it away and said, “Rright then. That’s enough stalling. Let us move on.” She started off in a brisk pace toward a random passage.
"What do you need.....Draenei..." Sefarra snarled at the orc as he spat the words at her. It was bad enough she was stooping as low as getting help from an orc. She stood tensely as the muscled monstrosity smashed the locks prior to tearing the lid clean off the box.

She was truely impressed by the orcs raw strength. She would have to watch him. Killing him now would be foolish. Not that she would be able to at this point anyway. He was solid muscle, and skin like stone... and she was a mere rifleman. And barely clothed There was no telling what lay ahead, and her gut told her he would be needed later on. "You'll need me later, Orc." she growled as he jumped down.

She fought the urge to shoot him in the back with her new-found weapon as he started off, clearly searching for something. After a moment of fighting with her instinct, she decided she'd probably miss anyway, having not fired one in several years. "Hmph." She turned back to the open chest and began rummaging through the contents. Pens, ink, vials, and the mortar/pestle she set off to the side. Whoever this hunter was apparently made inscriptions. 'maybe there's a useful scroll in here.'

She pulled the rest of the contents out, a knapsack, pans, a kettle, compass, and a box of...lock picks? She wasn't entirely sure. The strange tools were foreign to her. "Damn, no scrolls." She muttered. The compass definately would come in handy later. She shoved everything in various pockets within the knapsack and slung it over her shoulder. Maybe somebody here could make a scroll...provided they found some papyrus.

She jumped down from the recess and took stock of everyone else in the room. Most everyone seemed to be still searching about the cavern, save for the two draenei, who started off towards the tunnel. The huntress trotted off after them, followed closely by the Panther. "Either of you able to inscribe scrolls?" She asked, catching up to them.

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