Time to bring alts back into WoW

Okay, so it is obvious that something needs to be done about the deficit for fresh level 90's. Face it blizzard, for the PvP community, there isn't much you can do to prevent us from getting bored from time to time. We love arenas (obviously need balance and better MMR system) and I guess RBG's are okay, but after a while we need change. For PvE'ers, there is constantly fresh content for them to experience every few months, and hard modes to keep them immersed. For PvP'ers, all we really have are alts, that is, unless you are the .1% who play VERY competitively and can enjoy the R1 title rushes.

Right now, alts are out of the equation almost completely. I would love nothing more than the ability to level my rogue right now and start PvPing on him. Thing is, everyone this season has a 25k+ conq point advantage on me. No amount of skill nor grinding can change this for me. There are no alternative options. None. Zip. Squat. For this reason alone, I refuse to even play my alt. No one wants to be subjected to facing people decked out with current season gear PLUS the new gear upgrade system you just implemented.

I understand you want to wait this out and think of options, Blizzard, but you REALLY can't afford to wait much longer. I know many people, including myself at times, have considered unsubbing due to this reason.

One of my favorite parts of WoW, and RPG games in general, is that you can get a new taste of the game by re-rolling to get a different perspective and taste of the game. This expansion completely rules out that option for PvP'ers and something needs to happen quickly.
bumping then going to bed.
So much this...something needs to be done.

A good proposal was to make the cap seasonal and increase it each week by 1600.
12/16/2012 11:25 PMPosted by Vorfil
A suggestion i might add, make arena tournament realms act as the structured pvp realms, and are enabled for everyone. We would all start in max level gear/enchants, and blizz would be able to balance it around everyone having end tier gear.(with tier 2 weapons and such still requiring 2.2k, possibly 2k rating.)

I enjoy gearing up over time, just not the 28 weeks it takes right now.

Where do I get this 28 week number from you ask? Correct me if I'm wrong but, you need 23350 conq pts for a set set of armor plus 3500 for T1 weaps. Each upgrade costs 750 conq pts, at 2 upgrades per item. Before taking weapon costs into consideration, you are looking at 44350 conq pts to have a full set of upgraded armor.

Weapons cost 3500, plus 1500 to upgrade twice, 3000 if you DW leaving us at a grand total of 49350 or 50850 if you DW. This is not including the extra 3500 if you get T2 weaps.

At the base arena cap of 1800 pts /week, it will take 28 weeks to fully gear. That's 7 months! Doing RBGs and capping at 2200 pts /week it still takes 24 weeks, 6 months, to get fully geared.

If you were to have a 3000 pt cap /week it would take 17 weeks to fully gear, still over 4 months. Basically at this rate, no one is going to get fully geared and upgraded in a season.
I think the massive disparity between the amount of points a high rated team can rake in compared to a lower rated team. When a player has double the conquest cap of another player that gap will only get larger as the season continues. The people above you keep getting better gear faster than you are.

Lower the cost of gear and lower the conquest cap for everyone. While you're at it add in ways for later comers to make up conquest points they missed out on.
I would really, really, really like to see this happen. I want to be able to play alts too but at this point it's not even worth starting them up in arena until next season :(.
The reason things are so bad this season is because of rating deflation. It is so hard to get to a decent rating now because 2100-2200 is top 20 on many BGs.

So unlike in previous seasons your aveage/decent player could pull down 2300-2400pts a week cap they can't now.

If you are a monk and can't get into any RBGs, and no one wants to play with you in arena. You are stuck with 1800 cap do to no fault of your own.

So we have lower pts per week, with items costing the same, and on top of it now with the item upgrade feature we need even MORE pts.

The item upgrade feature being added this season has made the blue pvp set pretty much junk, and the increase in pvp power on weapons has made using heroic blues brutal.

This entire pvp season was poorly thought out, and all we can hope for is some major changes in 5.2 to set things right. The only positive thing is that in 5.2 if it works like the previous season, we will get a epic honor pvp set that is slightly better then malevolent for honor, along with t1 weapons for honor. That will make alt gearing 10x better, and will allow for more competitive play.

This season is pretty much dead, and 100% broken, just have to wait for 5.2.
12/17/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Primiez
This season is pretty much dead, and 100% broken,

When was the last one that wasn't?
12/17/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Gaiah
This season is pretty much dead, and 100% broken,

When was the last one that wasn't?

I agree but atleast the past seasons havent been as broken as this one :p

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