[H] <It's on Cooldown> 7/13H ToT LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
It's On Cooldown is newly formed 10 man guild on Khaz'goroth consisting of long time players with an extensive raiding history. We only raid for 9 hours a week with a focus on completing content whilst it is current.

Current Progression

7/13H ToT

We are seeking to recruit for progression in to heroics.

Recruitment preferences

Mdps- DK, Rogue or Warrior

Healer- Pally, shaman or monk.

If ur class is not listed here please don't be discouraged from applying. We are always keen to make exceptions for exceptional players

Applications can be made at www.itsoncd.com, or by contacting an Officer in game.

Raid Times
Wed - 8:30-11:30pm
Thur - 8:30-11:30pm
Mon - 8:30-11:30pm

All times are based on Server Time +10 GMT (AEST). These times persist through DST.

What we Expect from our Raiders
1. Know your class! Research logs, forums, etc for continual improvement.
2. Know the encounter! Watch guide videos, kill videos, read strats.
3. Come prepared! Bring flasks and pots, feasts will be provided. 300 food is not expected but will be looked upon very favourably.
4. Communicate with the guild! If you will be AFK for a raid, post on the forums. We all have RL commitments that impact our raiding schedule from time to time.
5. Be accountable for your actions! If you make a mistake, speak up, acknowledge it and learn from it.
6. Viable offspec. Correct gems and enchants are a must along with an ability to play that offspec!
7. Sense of humour. We talk alot of !@#$. Be able to take a joke and reciprocate.

If you have any quetions about our guild or recruitment do not hesitate to contact an Officer in game - Bubblecannon, Wythr or Beatus or checkout our website - www.itsoncd.com
Rawr....... yeah okay nothing new to add. just bored
still looking for those elusive tanks

and bump for 5/6 hof
still after a tank to fill our last prog team spot
also chasing a couple of dps with that still evassive tank
still looking to recruit a tank and dps
Join us, nerdlings!
"nerdlings" lol. still looking for one nerdling tank to join our ranks for progression
tank and dps still required to fill out our team
WW/brm monk with Hpal friend LF core spot in a prog guild. 473 monk, 474 pal
currently LF 1 dps w/OS tank to join our prog team. prefer monk, warrior or druid(boomy)

any outstanding applications will be considered though
still looking to expand our roster

Current recruitment needs:-

1x tank. prefer warrior, monk or druid.
1x ranged dps. prefer warlock or boomy.
1x healer. prefer druid or monk.

exception applicants of any class will be considered.
/bump for queen kill
Bump for some old friends except Kartman.
/bump for tsulong and the cry baby elemental
/bump for sha dead
currently looking to recruit 1 heals and 2 dps for our roster
Hi Guys

I am looking for a raiding guild who can have a laugh and down content, I have been an officer in a few guilds over my Wow lifetime and am a responsible, mature adult with a passion for gaming.

Our server has died after MoP and there just is not enough players to run consistant raids, hence I am searching for a new home.

I am available most nights of the week & weekends as well, depending on what the wife has planned haha.

487 Guardian Tank, with 480 Resto OS
Willing to change servers/faction change to join a dedicated group of players.
Currently only 4/6 MSV but I have been playing/raiding for a long time, easily understand & pick up mechanics.
Alchemy Flask Master & Max Chef, I always turn up to raid preped and early.


I also have a Hunter alt ilvl 461 who im happy to play aswell, if thats needed.

If your interested let me know.
Hello friends,

My name is Jason. I am currently looking to join the ranks of a semi-serious to serious raiding guild. I have browsed over the guild forums and website and you guys will be a perfect fit for me. I see that the guild is currently in the market for a ranged DPS preferably a warlock. My main just so happens to be a Warlock. Here is a list of my stats. You can also check the link here, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/khazgoroth/Xanirulzeq/simple to view my profile.

Item Level: 483
Main Spec: Destruction
Secondary Spec: Affliction
Professions: Enchanting(610), Mining(600)
Secondary Professions: Fishing(600), Cooking(600), First Aid(600), Archaeology(what's this?)
Achievement Points: 6700

A little more about myself. I am a hardcore gamer. I LOVE this game and I play ALOT. I play 6-7 days a week for 6-8 hours a day. I am easy going, easy to get along with, I can handle a joke and I'm funny as well. I will definitely spice up guild chat a little bit and make you all laugh. But when push comes to shove and its time be serious and down some heroic mode raid bosses I'll be ready and more serious than anyone. I hate failure and strive for greatness, I only want to succeed, the guild to succeed and those around me to succeed as well. I learn fast and never make the same mistake twice. I've been casually raiding in WoW for a couple years now and now I want to make the next step to hardcore raider, the itch is burning inside me again. I used to play Everquest for a number of years, 8 to be exact. I was in three very elite guilds during my time in Everquest. and they are Paradigm, Blood of the Spider and Club Fu. So hardcore raiding is no stranger to me at all. I seriously hope the guild considers my application, I look forward to joining your ranks and sharing the World of Warcraft experience with this guild. I hope to hear from a guild officer soon.

Thank You,
Xanirulzeq the Seeker
Lvl 90 : ILvl 483 : Destruction Warlock
Khaz'goroth Server
AKA: Jason D Daley
bump for gara'jal Heroic dead

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