[H] <It's on Cooldown> 7/13H ToT LFM

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Just chasing a healer to slot into our team. pref. druid or monk
still after a heals
currently looking to recruit.

1x Tank ( pally, druid, monk prefered)
1x dps (warlock prefered)
1x healer (druid or monk prefered)

as always exceptional applicants of any class will be considered
bump for H elegon. recruitment still open for the above roles
Current recruitment needs:

2x dps (hunter/dk/warlock prefered)

1x healer (monk or druid)

will always consider outstanding applicants of any class
Current Recruitment Needs:

1x Tank (non DK)

1x Healer (druid or monk)

will consider outstanding applicants of any class
/bump for H spirit kings deaded
Currently chasing 2 dps to fill out our roster

prefer warlock/rogue/warrior/hunter/monk

will consider outstanding applicants of any class
Bump for durumu dead.

And a one shot on primordius....... Cos he's a giant girl lizard.
༼͡° ͜ʖ ͡°༽ށ❤
Lol hai morde
Still recruiting for dps spots.

LF warrior/monk/warlock/rogue/hunter.

Will consider outstanding apps from any class
Bump for animus dead
tada.....dead Qon and the sexy !@#$% twins.

on to lei shen yay
Still looking to recruit 2 dps for our prog team.

prefered classes are ele shaman/warlock/hunter.

will consider exceptional applicants of any class.
Currently looking to recruit a geared and experienced tank to slot in to a core position in our raid group.

Prefer monk, warrior or DK

12/12 exp is ideal but close enough is good enough for the right applicant.

Where are all the good tanks hiding?
Still after a tank for our prog team
/bump for H jin'rohk deaded
Currently looking to recruit 1 rdps Mage or shaman to slot in to our raid team.

11/12+ N ToT experience preferred.

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