Is anyone else having problems where you get a ton of sigil of powers yet you have barely any wisdom? Just wondering cause i have 40 powers and 6 wisdom just bad luck? lol
I'm kinda the same way, it's just the luck of the draw.
Power drop from MSV while Wisdom drop from HoF. MSV has been out longer so you have more of those. I think Terrace can drop either, but I don't really know. Only did Terrace 2 or 3 times in LFR before finishing that part of the quest.
I've seen both in Terrace. I believe it's 50/50 (or 15/15, rather).
It's random luck... I had 20-some sigils of Power and like, 2-3 Wisdom... got up to 24 power, then BOOM, BOOM, BOOM - Got my last 3 Wisdom sigils all at once from the first half of HOF, one off of every boss.... but before that, I went 6-8+ bosses in a row (easily) without a SINGLE wisdom drop.

It truly is the most RNG thing ever.
Yes the drops are separated and normal. MSV drops Sigils of Power, although random like other pieces of loot, however MSV only drops Power. If you want to find Wisdom, you should be doing HoF, due to the fact that it is the only Sigil they drop. You can also do Terrace, however the loot tables for Terrace drop both, so expect to get both from there. Hopes this helps. =)
I am sitting on 20 sigil of powers, and only 6 wisdoms, is there ANY chance the drop rates will be improved within the near future without having to wait on a major patch?
when i did it during 5.0 i had all my sigils gotten by the time 5.1 dropped that week, i think i had all the power sigils before wisdom and had to do just the last 2 raid's to get them.

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