All I Want For Winter Veil is...

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Omg Robocat. That's so cool.
I'll give you Withers
One Dark Phoenix hatchling. Just in case it's a lowbie guild.
Frigid Frostling.

Also, somebody please give me a lump of coal! The greench seems to have a distinct lack of extra coal...You would think after killing him 7 times a day since the holiday started he could cough up one little lump of coal.

Since it's the giving season, if I actually do find a Lump of Coal, I'll send it your way via mailbox.
Rogue buffs ;(
Ghostly skull
I'll take: Ice Chip
I'll give: Lucky Quilen Cub
I'll take: Ice Chip
I'll give: Lucky Quilen Cub

Ill take: Celestial Dragon
Ill give: Soul of the Aspects
I'll give Grunty.
I'll take Cinder Kitten from you and give it to the person below.
@ Alacialuun Thank you, i will kindly accept your Cinder Kitten.
Have a Lil' Ragnaros!
12/22/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Zofis
Have a Lil' Ragnaros!


I already have Lil' Ragnaros, can I exchange him for something else?
Dark Whelpling is nice.

Grunty is even nicer. o:
Edit: wrong person.
So you can have Mini Thor, person below me. And a pet Li-Li. I like!
12/22/2012 04:57 PMPosted by Crithto
♫ two front teeth! ♫

SO does my 7 year old son.
krin tor familiar
PvP players on my server

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