Looking for a female friend!

Hi Ravenholdt!!

My husband and I play the game together, I would like to find a female friend that would like to play with us.. to do dungeons and whatever else! We enjoy doing the old world raids and seeing new content as well. Please send me a tell in game if you wanna talk! Thanks,
Also forgot to mention that we are willing to restart new characters and help with RaF!


Okay... I guess I'll be the one to talk about the elephant in the room. I suspect that people are a little unsure of a) whether the female friend needs to be a female toon or person, and b) why?

I think you can understand why actual female gamers (or any gamer I suppose) might be a little unsure about revealing themselves, particularly to strangers -- even ones as ostensibly as nice as you seem to be.
I remember a while back while on working my AH toon in SMC; a Fem BE pally, being asked if I would like to visit this toons motel room. I was new on RH at the time and responded in the typical non-RP or even ERP player response; "...get the hell away from me..."

This person continued to ask if I am a female, to which I replied that I am a male. He response bothered me when he said; "...I dont care if your male or female, just come back to my room..."

It was at this time I made my way out of SM and transfered my toon to UC. I found it safer in UC than I did in SMC. I have sinced moved all my bank toons to Cow Town in Ogr.

With that said, people play this game in manners that not even the developers could have forseen.
*Inappropriate attempt at humor*
Now, now... it is entirely possible that the request is entirely innocent. Female players (to generalize -- I know, bad me) are perceived to be more polite, less boisterous, less competitive (no epeens), etc.

So, whether it's a nudge-nudge, wink-wink kind of request or a totally innocent one, I'd just like it stated so that everyone isn't just assuming and ignoring it.

Edit: by the way, while I'm tempted to try to help out the OP, it's only fair to note that I've been in danger of losing my Girl Card for decades.
*Part Dos*
Lol, my husband did warn me of the types of replies I would get on here. If you are a female gamer you would understand. I play a little more than my husband and would like to have someone to talk to that understands me, and may have things in common with me!

Thank you to the ones who aren't being silly with silly replies, I appreciate it! *smiles*

PS. If we were swingers we would not need to do it through in game, it's obviously too hard!! *grin*
No offense intended...just random thoughts from one who is not medicated currently...then again, I have not eaten the wifes cooking in several days so I am doing quite well.
No offense taken Bobcat :)

I'm not easily offended. Just wanted to meet more female gamers to level with and do dungeons and scenarios and whatnot. BUT I see that the forums are not the place to do that anymore.. not like the old days :)
My suggestion is to join one of the guilds Alliance side.
Nothing like a monage.

Ménage, a beautiful word for a beautiful act.

Not to be confused with a montage.

Don't forget monad, a computational unit in functional programming.
Voulez-vous cous chez avec-moi, Clyde?
@OP: Good luck with that. I am curious though, what's up with your guild? What kind of guild is it? OOC information you give me will be used for the purposes of potentential future guild interaction between The Night's Veil and Silver Twilight.
I was really tempted the last time we were recruiting to shout-out to other female gamers. I was worried it would draw the wrong kind of response and I didn;t want to cut us off from good male gamers as well. It disappoints me that there are so few female gamers who are talented and committed who also haven't been polarized into unfortunate far-ends of the weird spectrum of enculturated gender behavior (personal gain by playing up being female, trying to out-do the guys with grossness or epeen, etc). I've known some skillful female gamers, even on this server, so I am not saying at all that we do not exist or even are entirely uncommon; it's simply nice to have a balance. And yet, making a point of including it as an ideal element to recruitment seems to have such negative repercussions.

The generalizations that go with gender both in and out of game are deeply disappointing. Female gamers can totally be the grossest trade troll out there or have untenable epeen issues. Male gamers can be fantastically polite and generous. Everyone is capable of behavior of all sorts, and I am distrustful of the idea that there is a motivating element or influencing factor of gender behind the best or worst of gaming behavior or specifics of talent or habit.

So what's the real deal with wanting more female gamers? Personally, I don't know if I can even answer because it's so darn esoteric. Something like gender is inevitably factored into group dynamic and individual interactions, and unlike race or age or orientation or political stance or social class, is much harder to disguise. It's just nice to not be the only female in Mumble at raid time, regardless of being treated as a peer and team member and equal. I love my guild, and I love my people, as people. I wouldn't trade a one of them on the basis of gender. But I was thrilled when a recent dps addition was female and cool as hell. I love her to pieces, and that's purely on the strength of her own personality and how much fun she is to raid with and hang out with, but she does provide that specific sense of silent solidarity of not being a freakshow rarity just for being a skilled and dedicated female gamer.

Good luck, Aliysa; the world would be much improved by more people aware enough and brave enough to ask for what they want.
Hello, Aliysa,

I'm aware this post is from late December. Are you still interested in connecting/rerolling?

My husband and I are running a small family-friendly guild Horde side Ravenholdt. There is another couple that we've known in game for a while and a friend from college.

We are working on bolstering our numbers as we are interested in raiding and just enjoying the game as a guild. We enjoy the company of like-minded folks and would do our best to help with rerolls.

If interested, contact KIMJI Horde side to talk a bit more.
Late with my response as well, but I wanted to point out a livejournal community that may be appropriate for these type of requests:


I don't have any first-hand experiences with it (obviously), but I heard a lot of good things.

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