PVP now is just stun-stun-stun...dead

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honestly no one can justify the amount of CC in this game right now.
12/24/2012 10:00 AMPosted by Xpotiom
Monks stun next patch becomes undispellable..8 seconds? things will just get worse

You realize paralysis is not a stun, right?

You realize paralysis is not a stun, right?

And yet what is the difference of the effect of paralysis and stun?
Imagine that, a frost mage defending stuns and cc's ...
I know Blizz has been trying to achieve class balance via class "sameness" and every class has at least one stun now but pvp is almost unplayable now due to all the stuns! It stopped being fun a while ago now.

Would anyone else like to see stuns either reduced, removed, or give all classes more stun breaks?

So you encountered a War. Don't worry I think their getting a much needed nurf next patch. Rogues may be a bit of an issue though. What would be awesome is DR across all CC. Or the CC just lasts a lot shorter. GW2 does CC well. To bad the rest of the game is crap.

Shamans can freecast heals and dispel poisons while running the flag [quote]

weird cause I cant dispel poisons and im resto ;) lawl
...being cced 100+ times in a short bg is frickin annoying !
A rogue walks into a bar with a duck on his shoulder. The bartender says, "Hey man, why do you have a du<YOU CAN'T DO THAT WHILE STUNNED. YOU HAVE DIED.>

All rogue jokes have the same punchline. Tears.

I may or may not have pi$$ed myself laughing at this.
I don't think I've ever died while not cc'd. Ok maybe a few times but you get my point.
02/02/2013 06:44 PMPosted by Chunlí
I'm about to give up healing because EVERYBODY CC's me

It's getting pretty disheartening at this point. I'm not sure why they can't be more innovative than this; they have a lot of resources at their disposal.
The potential amount you can be CCd is the problem. If every type of CC was on the same DR or there was immunities instead of DR it would be as bad, even with the same amount of CC out there.

The problem is some people, like good healers, are already hard enough to kill with the way CC is in the game. So game designers are forced to make a decision when balancing the game. Do they let most survivable people be virtually unkillable, or do they balance for the highest level of play and let the everyone else deal with it. What I mean is, who would the game designers rather have !@#$%ing, the best players, or the lower end players?

I play MMOs mostly for PvP, but I have never gotten into it in wow, mostly because of the CC. Its about over the top for my taste and I dont really enjoy it, but that doesnt mean its bad or designed poorly.
PVP so broke right now too many Classes that are Way over powered have been since this

Xpac has come out.

Warriors, Dks, Mages blizz when you gonna fix your broken PVP.
who wants to play a pvp bg to be relentlessly cced over and over???and we pay for this nonsense. mass complaining about it blizzard, hope you fix it soon.
They should at least lower the CD on pvp trinket to 1min to compensate for the BS that is CC in this game.
pvp trinket is useless in bgs, second you use it , blink of the eye you are cced again.blizz has to tone down the ccs .

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