Undead Monk Transmogs

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Armory Octopusbread

mine looks good on undead
Nice, Nice, I lie what im seeing!
@Doublejab I Really like yours, the green is very nice!
Armory Octopusbread


Why hello there
Oh god it burns!
Not very original, but the new dailies have given me a huge dosage of faction pride :D
Boots still haven't dropped but mostly done
Very nice transmog coldfyst, everything looks bulk which i think looks very nice on a undead. 9/10 /clap plus the head is original when compared to most!
I'm in my heal set, it's kind of hodgepodge druid-looking stuff but I like my tank/dps set better =)
Undead monks look amazing with the Slayer not-token drops from BT :)
All of you need to check out Whatevr from Kil'Jaedan. Awesome transmog
Whatevr has a cool xmog =)
Believe I logged out in my healing one. I really don't like the druid sets too much but I like green for healing.

For DPS I use a combination of items with the Shado-pan replica helm. Things like the gloves and pants from TotC, Choking Hauberk, Mantle of Despair and boots from Heroic Halls of Reflection.
Nice tmog, looks good!

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