Out of Date Prot Guide, please delete <3

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Weapon - Do-tharak, the Swordbreaker
Shield - Greatshield of the Gloaming

How did I forget that and how did you not catch that >_>

Weapon - Do-tharak, the Swordbreaker
Shield - Greatshield of the Gloaming

How did I forget that and how did you not catch that >_>


Eh, mainly because lazy.

I'll add it as well.
I'd wait until somebody with a bit more experience in 25's talks (so don't take my words as gospel here), but it won't really change except that you'll be wanting to augment your stamina levels as much as possible to survive the hits; instead of just throwing mastery in sockets you'll probably be doing so with stamina gems instead, also being mindful of socket bonuses (if they're good for you, take them using hybrids).

You're not really doing anything different per se, it's just that your stamina floor (requirement) is just that much higher than a tank in a 10man group. Or at least that's how I've been thinking of it anyway.

If any 25man Warriors are reading, would love to see other opinions so we can get this guy some proper advice if I'm wrong :D

Thanks Lomaine. That's pretty much what I was thinking. Just making sure I wasn't missing something. Appreciate it.
Successful parries boost the damage of your next Revenge with Hold the Line, Critical Blocks from Mastery increase your damage done through Enrage, and Hit/Exp help you land your rage generators, so there's some great synergy between our tanking stats and our DPS. The rest is just getting that ilevel up for more Strength and executing your priority abilities.

I have Reck/Skull Banner/Bloodbath/Synapse Springs (Engineering)/Berserker Rage macro'd into one "DPS Cooldown" button, which helps you use everything that's up when you can to help kill things faster, both solo and in groups. Your Berserker Rage is every 30 secs, Bloodbath is every minute, and Reck/Banner are 3 minutes, but this helps line everything up so that you're always remembering to use BR when BB is up, and that you're not missing Reck/Banner when they finally come off. Also, BB is tied to damage from specials, so it's a good idea to time it to fit a couple S-Bl/SS hits in (with Heavy Reprecussions), and if you're in a situation where survivability isn't threatened, maybe even throwing in a 30-rage Heroic Strike (or some freebies if you use Incite).


Heavy 'percussions/Htl/UR

Spam block and make sure to have a fresh block going into bloodbath
I was gone for 18 months, recently returned, read this guide and started running heroics and LFR. All I can say is thanks a bunch! This info totally rocks, and you've made it easy to ketchup again.

BTW - I am impressed at how much damage a prot tank can do in MoP - though I imagine it doesn't measure up to DPS classes in normal and heroics (as LFR dps are generally... lazy?).
It doesn't measure up to DPS in general, Vengeance isn't meant to (always) make tanks DPS machines.

There's only some fights, like Wind Lord or whatever, where you get massive amounts of Vengeance and you will actually top DPS no matter what. But yeah, generally even decent DPS will beat you by a fair bit.
Where the Normal BiS items drop

Helm - Twin Consorts or Lei Shen
Neck - Trash or Twin Consorts
Shoulders - Iron Qon
Back - Horridon
Chest - Megeara
Bracers - Durumu or Jin'rokh
Hands - Durumu
Belt - Shado-Pan Assault Rep or Trash
Pants - Lei Shen
Boots - Crafted
Rings - Shado-Pan Assault Rep and Durumu
Weapon - Shared Boss Loot
Shield - Primordius

went ahead and listed where the Normal BiS items drop for quick reference
I cannot say thank you enough for this guide! After DPSing for years I got back into tanking and this is the best/only reference I keep coming back to. I thought I read it carefully, but every time I come back to check something, I find some bit that I missed or understand better now. Lowmaine, you're awesome for putting this together and needless to say, I totally armory stalk you.
Thanks for the kind words! Just hoping this giant wall of text thread helps people instead of confusing them, that's all I hope people get out of this >_>;

Heroic BiS list done; trinket section will get done later.

But for now I'm going to actually fulfill a biological requirement and go to sleep.
TF trash neck probably beats H twins.

cbf to math H TF
TF trash neck probably beats H twins.

cbf to math H TF

Can trash neck actually drop as a Heroic roll? I haven't seen anything that says it can >_>;
No only reg TF.

The HTF was referring to twins neck because X times .4 is hard
No only reg TF.

The HTF was referring to twins neck because X times .4 is hard

Thought so; yeah normal TF trash neck would probably win out, but eeeeehhhhh fixin' it later.

Also Thranimal I'll do the trinket section when I'm not like, so tired I'm basically drunk.
thats really tired o.O
I have a 483 helm currently for tanking Faceguard of Resounding Rings

I acquired Indomitable Primal Diamond last week.

I have Crown of the Golden Golem currently for DPS.

Should I replace Faceguard of Resounding Rings with Crown of the Golden Golem and place Indomitable Primal Diamond in the DPS helm? Or stick to what I got for tanking?

NOTE: I do not have any matching pieces to the Tier Helm so set bonuses is not an issue.

Sorry if you saw a thread on this :\ didnt see the sticky till after I posted. Some help would be appreciated though! This has really got me stuck lol
if you can afford to spend another 4k (it's 5 primal diamonds to get another one, 800 per primal on my server) then I don't see why not. While it's definitely not optimal for us, a tank helm does drop from Horridon so you could try waiting. While it will help with survivability it won't be the difference between killing a boss or wiping.
I was using the heroic feng helm for 2 weeks for the meta.

(Keep in mind I now have a backup helm and 90% of the time I use the DPS meta)

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