Best Shaman professions.

Hi im starting a new shaman on a new server, i have 0 gold and wandering which profession worth it for a shaman.

It's going to be tough with no gold, leatherworking is good because you will be able to make a few pieces of gear and get a nice bracers enchant. Without any gold, youd have to pick up skinning with it.
mine/herb + skinning and level with those. Sell everything you farm including the greens/cloth/whatever else. My 52 warlock is at 2k gold and not even really trying to make cash. If you play the AH you can make more.

After you hit 90 you can drop mine/herb and farm/buy leather for LW.

The question of which profession goes well with each class is rather pointless outside of crafting gear for "free". Pretty much each crafting profession will give you the same stats in different ways (LW- bracer enchant, enchanting- rings, tailoring- cloak enchant etc) so there isn't that much difference outside of crafting that gear, or making one aspect of the AH easier for you (IE: alchemists don't buy potions, LWs/tailors can make threads/kits for legs, inscriptions can make shoulder enchants)
Also LW is super cheap for enchants, don't have to dump sha crystals on bracers

Best is Black smithing.
herb and inscription is what i have, i can use lifeblood in any situation for any spec, enhance for more hits, ele for faster cast same with resto. haste is a decent stat not too much on enhancement but caster friendly. if your a die hard enhancement player go LW/skin for more crit and bracer enchant is sweet
I deleted my lvl 29 shaman and made this one a few minutes ago. Would tailoring/enchanting be good since I will be elemental?
Thank you !
For raid purposes. And me being a cheap skate.

Elixir Master Alchemist (2 hour flask duration), and Engineering!

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