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Hordeland Security is one of the older guilds in WoW, having been in existence since launch. We’ve been raiding competitively as a 25 man guild since BC and raided 40 man with other guilds in Vanilla. We pride ourselves for raiding on a casual time budget, but pushing into the semi-hardcore category of raiding. We’ve completed every normal mode tier while it was relevant content since WotLK, and pushed into heroic modes in each tier. We are all mature adults, having a median age of 35 - no one under 20. What sets us aside from other guilds is our work hard, play hard attitude – we all have families, jobs, and other obligations that take up our game time and we still manage to raid each week, filling in raid slots with our ever rotating bench. We are currently 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF.

Raiding schedule:
Thursday 6:00-8:15pm server
Sunday 6:00-8:15pm server

Loot System:
We run a DKP system that resets each raiding tier in 25 man content. While doing 10s we keep loot simple, with need before greed (MS>OS). Flasks and potions are provided via the guild bank. We also provide our raiders with an allotment of 3 gems a day and enchants at less than half the cost of the AH. Pandaren feasts are provided by one of our dedicated raiders for each attempt.

We've got 6-7 slots available and are looking for 1-2 healers, and 4-5 DPS, (ranged dps are preferred, but we will not turn down a solid applicant). Please make a forum account at hordelandsecurity.org or contact one of our officers in game (Saectrum, Acnele, Shaje, Ryndstrum) if you are interested!

Our first 25 man raid is scheduled Jan 3rd, 6:00PM server time. We currently have 6 slots open and would be willing to take people along for the ride!

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