Monthly Moon Celebration

Wyrmrest Accord
Honored Ancestors, we ask for your blessing this night
That you may watch over our kin and guide their hand
Your wisdom and knowledge never leaving our minds
Your lessons and riddles keeping your bloodlines sharp
We give thanks to your ancient teachings
Watch over us

~ A Shadowhoof prayer to the ancestors

Great Earthmother, we ask that you bless this gathering
Your kindness keeps us safe from the evils of this world
Your son An'she keeps us warm with his laughter
Your daughter Mu'sha watches over us in the darkness
We give thanks for your gentle guidance
Watch over us

~ A Windsong blessing to the Earthmother


Look for us in Bloodhoof Village at 7pm Server time!

The tauren Celebrations on this server seem too few and far between. It is about time that the Shu'halo bring their traditions back into popular view. The Shadowhoof and Windsong Herd wish to invite any and all Tauren players to gather each new moon to revel and enjoy togetherness and strength in numbers.

We want to invite the new and old tauren players to participate in:

  • A large scale hunt (Based off the hunt of the White Stag)

  • Feasting and drinking

  • PvP dueling in the Ring of Honor

  • Singing and dancing shenanigans

Don't worry if you do not have a high leveled toon. This will be in Mulgore, in and around Bloodhoof Village. Keep in mind that this is a Shu'halo based event, though we welcome all non-tauren to come. You should try to show respect for the tribes gathered, and will be ICly challenged should you act too disrespectful. (Not to mention that these are pretty big cow people.) We don't mind conflict, but don't bring your OOC grudge matches here. Disputes between chieftains and tribe members will be conducted in the Ring of Honor, as this is mainly a peaceful meeting.

There will be a small invite list on our calendar, so if you need a reminder feel free to whisper either Azriell or Nightreed for an invite.

Meeting times for 2013:
January - 11th
February - 10th
March - 11th
April - 10th
May - 10th
June - 8th
July - 8th
August - 6th
September - 5th
October - 5th
November - 3rd
December - 3rd
The Matriarch took to the sky with her detail as the tribe managed to top the ridge separating Feralas from Mulgore. The mountain tauren were still getting used to coming down into the valley plains of the Horde Shu'halo. However, they never passed up a chance to join their sister tribes in a gathering.

Kurshaw gave a shout, and her tribe answered her in turn. They were all accounted for and ready to take part in the new moon feasting. It would be interesting who they would meet, and who would ask to make the trip back with the Shu'Halo of the Peaks.


First gathering of the year is just around the corner! Woohoo!
Stop making me miss being a tauren, you taurens!

(GL with your event, it sounds amazing!)
01/02/2013 09:17 AMPosted by Lilynaria
Stop making me miss being a tauren,
I will gladly offer you some Gnomejan Horse Drums to make your event more fun! Just DONT SHAKE THE DRUMS!!!
*Drags the thread up to the top, then dusts it off*
~pokes the thread~ It's tonight! Woo!
YAY! Tonight! Tonight! Come and gather as we enjoy hunting, reveling, and a jolly good time!
Git over here now!
Thanks a whole bunch to everyone who came out! It was boat loads of fun!

The hunt was a first for us, but believe you me it WILL NOT be the last! Probably one of the more fun things we have cooked up, you will be seeing it again!

Keep in mind that the dates above are not going to change and the time will always be at 7pm server. We will always host it in Bloodhoof village, because it is both the easiest and it allows for newbie tauren to join in the fun! Plan for what you can, we will see you again next month!
*Mauls the thread to the top*
Hey! Speaking of cooking something up, next time, can we cook Ado? I think it sounds like a decent plan! Someone lures him towards a pot with cookies and handful's of grass... Beef stew anyone?

x3 I ked! I'm super excited for the next Circle! I can't wait to see how it goes!

Bumps! I intend to come out more regularly, sadly the harsh mistress of power lvling has kept me chained up.
Ah hahah! Well, as far as cooking the Stag once we catch it... I doooon't think that would be very accepted as ways to honor the great spirit... >.> HOWEVER, we could hold a feast this next time and maybe serve food that REPRESENTS eating him.

Hmm... Actually... Hmm *Scribbles down more notes* :D Slowly we are fine tuning this event!

I will have to redo the OP to reflect the changing event!
No. No cooking the Great Stag, do not even think about cooking the Great Stag. I will hunt you down and cook you instead Azriell!
Back up top with you!

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