<Plan B> 2/12 HM ToT 10-Man LF Healer

Area 52
Recruiting: Mistweaver Monk or Restoration Druid with strong DPS off-spec. For 2-heal fights, you will most likely be DPSing. 500+ ilevel and previous hard mode raiding experience preferred.

Raid Schedule: Thurs/Sun/Mon 8-11 PM server (EST)

About Plan B

The intent of Plan B is to create an atmosphere free of the general asshattery that seems to be so prevalent on World of Warcraft and the internet in general these days. The ability to simply change names and/or transfer servers has taken all accountability out of people's actions.

Either people forget that there's a real person behind the characters we play, or they simply don't care. Others might put up with it because the individual is a good raider or a good PvPer, and they're more worried about progression and the next tier of loot than decency and civility.

Not in Plan B.

We have three tenets:

1.Have integrity.
2.Treat others with respect.
3.Have fun.

Most of our members are older. However, we also have some younger, college age members as well. As long as you're mature and don't devolve into an internet bully while you hide safely behind your computer screen, we'd be happy to have you.

Website: http://www.planbguild.com

Iophiel (Rainne#1828)
Joseph (Joey#1961)
ßo (IkesFolly#1173)
Zaphappy (David#1746)
I have a Bear on A52 add NickVerga#1416 i have Cata prenerf XP and 7/16 T14
We recently lost our brewmaster to real life issues. Our current tank is a bear, so we'd prefer another brewmaster or a protection warrior, paladin, or blood DK.
Bump for 9/12. Dark Animus down.
YAY... Dark ani is down!!!

Want a plate to come tank with me!!!!
i can tank if needed
Looking for around 500+ ilevel. Hoping to start pushing heroics within the next week or two.
i can get to 500ilvl
Bump. Looking for a prot warrior or blood DK.
503 prot paladin contemplating moving to area 52 after Monday. If interested hit me up at DeathByDuty #1595
Unfortunately, we already have two paladins in our raid, and a third would put half of our raid on one token. Prot Warrior or Blood DK is definitely preferable, although an outstanding Brewmaster would work as well.
Still looking for that prot war?! 514 here with 514 dps set as well. currently 11/12 exp and i have watched fights via fatboss for some heroic stuff. I have some previous heroic exp. (ds, started tanking in cata). I will log out in my tank set and i have lots of world of logs where I am dps and tank.
I gave the guild leaders a heads-up about your post in case they haven't seen it yet. We'll be raiding ToT tonight 8-11 server with attempts and hopefully a kill on Heroic Ji-Kun. Once he is down, Heroic Iron Quon is next on the menu.

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