[A] <Out of the Darkness> is recruiting!

Earthen Ring
Out of the Darkness, a newly formed raiding guild, is in need of new members!
Right now, we need a new healer and either a new DPS (that can supply crit buff) or a new tank!

We are a casual group interested in making progression and seeing the content World of Warcraft has in store for us.

As of now, we're 6/6 in MsV, 2/6 in HoF and 1/4 in ToES.

Our raid schedule is as follows, server time (EST):
Friday: 8:00-11:00PM
Saturday: 8:00-11:00PM
Monday: 8:00-11:00PM

Specific needs include:
non-Retribution Paladin
non-Balance Druid
non-Windwalker Monk
Blood Deathknight
Or exeptional players of any other class/spec!

We run on a basic Main Spec over Offspec open roll loot ruleset, though we try to make sure loot is not all given to a single person.

If you'd like to apply, please send in an application at:
Giving this a friendly bump.

Also, you're 6/6 now. Fix it.
change that monday and im down to tag along
take away monday n im free
Updated with specific recruiting needs.
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