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I got a quest from the daily quests to go help Varian in a scenario but I don't know what they are?

I usually stick with questing and pet battles but I want to see the story. Are these safe to go to without being yelled at? I've never done any dungeons because I'm scared and I'm not a fast learner.

Do they have other people in them or is it just like questing? And, if so, are they stressful or anything? I thought that the beginning of it where you fight with the king was fun so I'm looking forward to it if I can! :x

Thank you :)
Instances are kind of the replacement for the old group quests. You just have to queue for it. Bring up the LFD panel and look under scenarios.

They're meant to be done in a group of three, any combination (though some may find it a bit harder than others, depending). So long as you think about things, you should be fine.

A Little Patience (the one you got a quest for) requires you and your two group-mates to help build up two defensive areas (bit random as to who). Kill anything you find in the swamp (just don't approach the temple yet) and you should find items that can help (though not always). Help defend the camps, then follow instructions further. Not too hard.
Super easy. It like an instanced chain quest with 3 DPS. And they are VERY quick.
Scenarios are three man (no specific roles, any three will do), short "mini-dungeons".
They do not drop any loot but if you queue randomly, you get a bag at the end. The bag contains gold and a chance at a piece of loot.

Also you want to queue specifically for the Arena scenario at least once.
It has a quest inside it that rewards a iLevel 450 weapon.
You can find a handy-dandy list of all the Scenarios here. =)
Its really fun OP, and I think eventually I will do more myself.

I did the horde version of what you're talking about, and made it through okay with just questing and pvp skills as a background. Awareness is your friend.

When I first got in there I said "Hey guys, sorry, but I've never done anything like this before, but I know my character abilities very well."

I was answered with

"Me either", and

"Its all good. This stuff is cake."

*edit: I was also asked "Can you tank?" I found that funny for some reason.
Crithto.. I killed you in Stormwind, you can't be alive...

Scenarios are basically a replacement for group quests. They're 3 man instanced and objective based. You can queue for them in the dungeon finder. The scenario you're referring to is called A Little Patience. They're all extremely easy and I think you should reconsider your stance on running dungeons and the like, MMOS are designed to be played with other people and it can be very fun.
Crithto.. I killed you in Stormwind, you can't be alive...


I keep a secret stash of Master Soulstones. ;)
Crithto.. I killed you in Stormwind, you can't be alive...


I keep a secret stash of Master Soulstones. ;)

I no longer feel bad about being an active participant in your demise. :)
Thank you for the help! I think I will try one this weekend after I finish the quests to make it easier to do the dailies! :)

It doesn't sound bad at all :D
Ryllae, I'll do dungeons with you, feel free to add me on real ID and I'll gladly run with you and help you learn them. real ID is and battletag is Zero#11177

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