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I'm new to WoW but not this style of gameplay. I am currently looking for a guild or person who can help me or show me through the ropes a bit more then I know. Ive made it to lvl 20 but now I'm making a new monk since I got the add-ons. Respond if you have spare time and don't mind helping out a fellow player.
If you're looking for a guild it will be impossible to find that here. Try using the guild finder button in game.

If you have questions about anything though this is the perfect place for that.
Alright thanks, Think they will accept such a low level player? I also heard that guilds give Double XP is that true?2
Is a faction a realm?
12/13/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Furiousrage
Alright thanks, Think they will accept such a low level player? I also heard that guilds give Double XP is that true?2

Guilds have different standards depending on the guilds. There are a bunch of guilds that accept players of all levels.

Guilds don't give double XP but they give abilities called perks. You can find a list of them here.

A realm is the server you play on. Part of the reason why I said finding a guild here would be impossible is because this forum is made up of players from all different realms.

Factions are the 2 separate groups of races in the game that fight against each other, the horde and the alliance. Factions can sometimes also be another word for reputation groups, which are groups of NPCs that you work towards building reputation for rewards.
The best way to get pointers is to be part of a group, and the easiest way to be grouped is to use the dungeon finder that starts doing things at level 15. Know that /p is how you talk with your party. (The normal /s, your default mode of saying things, only goes so far.) Say that you're new at being a whatever class, and that you're open to pointers.

Sometimes you'll get grouped with jerks who'll either kick you from the group or just rush ahead and ignore you. I've had generally good experiences, though.
You might also want to check out the guild mentoring program - take a poke through and see if any of the information there could be helpful for you:
There's also a "Giving Back" sticky up above that you may want to check out. It has folks who've volunteered to assist newcomers but they probably won't be as "hands-on" as the mentoring guilds.

Recruiting other players is only allowed in this forum for SoR requests and then only in the appropriate sticky thread.
12/13/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Furiousrage
Think they will accept such a low level player?

There are guilds that describe themselves as a "leveling guild". Such guilds actually make it their primary function to recruit newbie players and show them the ropes.

Now, not all guilds that call themselves a "leveling guild" are this way, many are just recruiting random players to boost their numbers and then leaving everyone to their own devices. They may have originally been a "leveling guild", but sometimes when the guild roster gets too big, the officers of the guild kinda give up.

Knowing this info, it might mean that you cycle through a few different guilds before you find one that really "clicks" with you, so don't give up if the first one (or few) don't fit with what you're looking for.
I would like to adventure with you. Perhaps we can meet sometime soon.

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