HE WON'T MISS IT Can't loot Weathered Journal

Bug Report
I am on the second part of the quest line did bugging out. Now on "He won't miss it. And I distracted him with the Yak wen to loot the weathered journal nothing. Turned off my addons abandoned quest picked back up still nothing. Then turned auto loot up. The window came up after the stealing channel/cast ended and the loot box was empty as if the journal wasn't there. I have searched and havn't found anything about this bug. Any help would be great also have a ticket in. I seen someone else here having the same problem. I am on MOONRUNNER-US ALLIENCE
I have now seen 3 more people having trouble with this quest on my realm. 1 did however just relog and it worked 3 others said that didn't work for them. Have a ticket in and will respond when I get a response
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