[A][RP-PvP] The Undercross Wants You!

Wyrmrest Accord
Bada-bing, bada-bump. A little love for a great guild, who needs more lowbie people to join and pvp with my druid. He'll heal you and crack really bad jokes while doing it, what's not to love?
Some of us just enjoy a good game of pvp, with out all the moaning and complaining. Sure, we may moan and complain about everything else, but not pvp! Don't matter if we're OP, Under P, or just plain Capital P, just want to have fun. Of course, as for me, I make it look pretty horrible out there, usually just running around aimlessly trying not to lose the game for everyone. But I still have lots of fun.

On a side note, I'm not sure if my local hardware store carries the paint color intrigued, would you settle for something else? I assure you I am a very good painter, just close your eyes and don't mind the occasional 'oops' you may hear.
12/28/2012 07:45 AMPosted by Barkatelune
Whoa.. An Alliance PvP guild on WRA that isn't lamenting the current state of PvP? Color me intrigued.

Damnedest thing, isn't it?
"Barkatelune," for the record, is one of the most clever worgen names I've seen.

And you, Talassaran.
You are the best Undercross cheerleader. <3
Bump from the resident physician and pocket-healer.
Just doing my part, boss, to inspire the troops and bring joy to the masses.

"Harken my soldiers, gather round and listen. For today we march to glory, today we march to find our destiny. So draw forth your blades, bows and magic spells, my brothers and sisters and stare defiantly out at the field of battle and let our enemy know. Know that although our mortal bodies may perish upon this field of strife, our souls shall forever live on in the hearts and minds of those we gladly take up arms to defend. For upon this day, we few, we brave warriors of the Undercross take our place in the halls of immortality, as we roar out our courage into the face of overwhelming odds and go gladly to the fate which is set before us. So now, now is the moment, now is the hour, take up the cry, take up the banner, and follow me! Follow me to everlasting victory in the name of the Collective! For honor, for glory, FOR THE UNDERCROSS... Sound the charge!"

Or something much more heroic and grammatically correct then that.
You have to love my bumps, my lovely elfy bumps.

Jaseun, mighty druid of the Collective, OK so I made that first part up, continues his trek for glory and honor on the battlefield in the name of the guild. But this battle has taken it's toll on his mortal elf flesh and new scars a plenty crisscross his once smooth features. Though the pain is great and the barbaric hordes of the...horde...are many, he will continue to hold the banner of this great group high and smile grimly in the face of what may come. But the tides could still be turned to his favor, if any brave adventurer would take up the call of freedom and join him in battle. Fighting at his side as a comrade in arms, whose name shall live in glory amongst the stars forever more and be sung about in the great ballads of heroic deeds.
Will it be you, brave soul reading this? Will you answer the call and take up arms in defense of this great cause? Will you be the one to finally get him to shut up and stop posting these random things in this thread? Apply now and find out, operators are standing by!

Groves is on housekeeping duty around the barracks.
!@#$'s sake, Jaseun, make your own bed.
But that's what you're here for! You didn't think I kept you around just for your looks did you?

But you see everyone the kind of respect I command in this guild? It brings a tear to my eye to know how loved I am. Wouldn't you like to be a part of such a happy family as well? Join now and you may never have to make a bed again in your life or even cook supper! Just don't ask what's in it, never ask what's in it...
01/01/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Jaseun
Join now and you may never have to make a bed again in your life or even cook supper! Just don't ask what's in it, never ask what's in it...

The runty woman grunts aloud and folds slender arms over her waist--not without thumbing her nose indignantly, however.
I shall gladly take one for the team and bear the brunt of your grumblings, so long as we get fed. Now then little firecracker, we've been out fighting them despicable horde all day, what's for supper?

We're still recruiting.
01/04/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Skoggus

Much blood has been spilled this night, all of it mine! The mighty Tanria, feared by our enemies and loved by us, and I have invaded the very seat of Orcish power and went kasplat all over their roads. Once again it was mostly me that went kasplat, but at least I make dying look very sexy. A few goblins have been kissed and orcs flirted with, a great victory for the Undercross Collective as usual.

Tallassaran, my friend, how may I get in on this goblin kissing, orc flirting, kasplat business, you may be asking yourself. Well the answer is quite simple! Just send the Boss lady a tell and grovel before her in homage and she shall send you a guild invite. You can also try flirting with her, but so far she appears immune to my dashing wit and rugged good looks, so you lesser beings will probably fare no better. Except for the mighty Stilwell, his charms seem so to be so great that even our awe-inspiring leader swoons for him.

If you would like to gush over Stilwell as well, or even just hear more about the Bosses love life, join us now! Remember, once you're part of the Collective, you're family.
*Ushers Talassaran back into the broom closet.*

Go on now, find your lucidity.
I lost that a while ago and it ain't coming back.

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