Major Nanners and other Hozen Rares

Bug Report
Okay, I see several threads saying "Major Nanners is bugged" but none really pointing to what's causing it, so this is why I'm posting.

About 50% of the time I find him, he is bugged. Now, originally I thought this was just due to people pulling him to Valley of the Four Winds to bypass having to phase him, and somewhere in that process they get him stuck.

However, while fighting Scritch in Kun-Lai, where there is a really tight terrain, I had him evade out and reset (fortunately not completely bugging out) while using Going Bananas. Blizzard, you guys are the developers, and by no means am I telling you how to fix your game, but I like to offer solutions when I complain about a problem, so...

1. Remove Major Nanners from phasing, obviously you can't ban every single player who uses "clever use of game mechanics" to pull him out of phase, and let's be honest, taking the Hozen out of phase isn't going to really mess with a newcomer to the zone that much, especially if they aren't Level 90 yet.

2. Going Bananas needs to be looked at. This ability is pretty unstable in terms of bugging out a mob. I've seen it reset encounters, bug out mobs completely, and really mess up their path, when they land inside a steep hill and bounce all over the place trying to run back to you. I suggest making it target a player and giving them a couple seconds to jump out. Because honestly, right now the ability makes very little sense to begin with.

Thank you for your time,
A concerned Death Knight
December 10 hotfixes said rare hozen are less likely to evade. This 'less likely' was not enough. Adding my bit to this thread to indicate that several of the rare hozen have been stuck in evade for almost a day on my server (Dec 16-17), each with the same amount of partial health (to themselves, not with each other) so its easy to see that they've just been stuck there. Some of them have lovely loots in their pockets that I would like very much, please fix, or at least please make them despawn after evading for 10 minutes so that they can respawn with a new chance to maybe not get stuck again.
Indeed, this is still a big issue, while killing Major Nanners this evening he managed to evade bug on my three times during his leap around ability, and he started from his spawn point. They need to do more adjustments to this as it is still a major problem, particularly on realms where rare spawns are competitive and an evade bug can mean your tag is stolen.
At least 5 days stuck on Azuremyst.
It may not be the same stuck, but I´ve been passing by regularly for the last few days, and always found him this way.
It´s the last one I need for my achiev.
Ability is a design failure. Remove don't keep trying to fix. Bliz you just weren't capable of making this ability like you thought. Look in the mirror, take a deep breath and admit you failed and your abilities just didn't hack it. Buck up, suck it up, get it gone.
Going Bananas worked fine until Patch 5.1. So it's an ability they can fix, they just haven't been able to completely figure out how it got broken in the first place.

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