[H]Kalashnikova 5/12 Recruiting CORE for 25M

Kalashnikova is currently recruiting dedicated raiders to join our CORE 25m raiding group. We encourage people who are reliable and able to make schedule to sign up.

Please contact: Puremagic (dez#1935), Muse (muse#1315), Wraythz (Buggsy#1503) and Malakai (Lithacellina#1893).

Applications available on http://kalashnikova.enjin.com/forum

Raid Times :
Wednesday - 700pm - 1000pm ST
Thursday - 700pm - 1000pm ST
Sunday - 700pm - 1000pm ST

Currently Looking For:
Range DPS & HEALS pref. Monk/Druid/Shaman
It would be keen because I like early nights but 6pm start, for any 9-5 (ST time) person is cutting it pretty close, especially if they have to endure traffic for an hour and some. Anyway good luck.
I'm hoping that those days aren't on high peak traffic, considering on a friday its peak traffic the whole day. I'm flexible to make minor changes to raiding times if it occurs.
Would you say no to a paladin that has just hit 90?
Attendance and performance not an issue, previously a hardcore player, not willing to put the extra raiding hours in required to be viable for server firsts.
I've just bought a new account, levelling not an issue, playing any spec is fine, also willing to change class/spec to your preference ready for the new year.

Let me know, cheers.
Happy to give you a shot! Please add my btag sayla#1732, so I can contact you in-game.
I'd like to join i've just started gearing for raiding yesterday i can get fully geared by friday
Im really interested in starting to raid seriously again, i have the next year free (not as fun as it sounds). So punctuality wont be a problem. I added you on Bnet, hopefully we can chat.
I'll be online all tonight and tomorrow, hopefully get in contact with you two.
punctuality lol wat
12/26/2012 01:40 AMPosted by Fake
punctuality lol wat

yeah that means log on before the raid starts
Greetings, any spots for rogue?
Yes! In need of rogues! please add sayla#1732!
LF DPS (pref. Mages/ Monks/ Feral Druid)
In need of skilled dps to make core.
Ele Shaman
Feral Druid
WW Monk

Please message Valo in-game or add sayla#1732 via battle tag.
Looking for reliable HEALERS to make core.
pref. Monk/Druid/Shaman
Bolstering Ranks for 5.2 Progression, bump!
Hey valo me and my fiancé are looking for a core spot, but we can only make the thurs/sun raids as we have work wed nights. Ill add your btag when I get home and we can have a talk.

Wiling to transfer and faction change.

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