[H]Kalashnikova 5/12 Recruiting CORE for 25M

y so bad for valooo
@nymiria; Waiting to hear from you :)
Still in need of Range Dps and heals pref Druid,Monk,Shaman for progression in 5.2! add lithacellina#1893 so we can talk if interested :) cheers

I'd love to fill a spot if possible. 473 iLVL. This char is fairly new, however I enjoy the process of getting better and believe I am more than competent at my class.

I raided a fair bit in WOTLK on a DK when ICC was the place to be. I also raided on a rogue in Vanilla and spent a huge amount of time getting BWL to farm status.

I added you using battle tag. I completely understand if there is not space, but would be great to chat about it.


Edit: Gems in profile are not correct.

I'm quite interested in having a chat if you guys still need an ele shaman. ilvl 490 with my PVE gear.

Hey Nutty/Freesoap if you guys are still interested in joining Kalashnikova , you guys can visit http://kalashnikova.enjin.com/recruitment and add Lithacellina#1893 or Buggsy#1503 for a quick chat :) Kind Regards Malakai
Bump Need healers and dps
Bump, need healers (pally/monk) and range dps (lock)
Bump, still looking for healers (monk/shaman) and rdps (lock)
Bump, still looking for healers (monk/shaman) and dps (lock/rogue)
Bump, need healers (monk/shaman) and a boomkin
Ahh pure is stuck in a management position again :P.
Bump, need healers (monk/shaman) and a boomkin
hey valo,i would really like to join the guild and raid team, im available all nights on my druid heals, only thing is that eh is a new 90 so i will nedd to gear up before i start raiding, his name is cowfail btw so pst me in game if thats ok. thanks, bye
Ninja !@#$s hahahahahahaah have fun

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