[A] The Iocane Resistance, Recruiting Raiders

Shattered Hand
Hello all,
<The Iocane Resistance> is now looking to recruit raiders for its core 10m group. Raiding times are still flexible based on the needs of the group, and we are a very friendly and helpful guild aside from just raiding.

We are currently recruiting all roles and classes.

Loot System:
Master Loot, with Need before Greed rolling

Our only requirements are Ventrilo, and a good attitude! You are also expected to be willing to enchant your gear, and gem it as well. Once you are in the guild, your gear will be inspected, and as soon as you have adequate gear, you will be considered for a spot in the group!

If you are looking for more information, you can reply to this post, or whisper/send an in-game mail to Gerrardcap, our GM, Ginbei, our raiding officer, or myself :)
Would you be interested in a joint guild 10 or 25 man run with DOTB? We have many classes and specs who are highly interested in raiding. We are 4/6 MSV 10.
We've actually had some contact with you already as a guild, and we found that our available raid times and yours did not mesh well, as we are mostly available starting at 9 pm or later. Thank you for the offer, we will keep it in mind if our available times change :)

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