Destruction 8/16H LF Hpal

Destruction is a core raiding guild, we are currently situated on the alliance side of Aman'thul. We're a guild focused on progressing through content at a competitive level. Our goals are to clear each tier of content in a top realm rank and a competitive world ranking. We are still "new" as we have only been raiding as a team since late Dragon Soul tier.

We are more then just pixels in the game, a lot of our players know each other outside of raiding and the game. We also do more then just raid, we also run alt teams, RBG teams and such other event.

Current Team Progression:
Tier 11: 13/13H
Tier 12 7/7H
Tier 13: 8/8H
Tier 14: 6/6H 2/6H 4/4N (Realm First: Will of Emperor)

Current Raid Times:
Wednesday: 7:45-11pm AEST
Thursday: 7:45-11pm AEST
Friday: 7:45-11pm AEST
We also occasionally run a little over time and run extra days assuming our raiders are up to it. Usually this is during raid releases and near kills.

We are currently looking for:
Paladin (Holy/Prot)
Warrior (Prot/DPS)
Shaman (Ele/Resto/Enhance)
Any other skilled applicants

We are looking for players whom are competent in multiple spec's, learn mechanics at an efficient rate and can handle constructive criticism. Everyone makes mistakes, we are just looking for the people whom learn from them.

All we ask is almost 100% raid attendance, we understand that life comes first. You are full prepared for raid with Flasks, Potions, 300 stat Food and have done any research required for progression fights.

We supply full guild repairs, crafted gear (Upon deserving it), a friendly environment and entertainment outside of raids.

You can contact our guild by either replying to this thread, adding my, Or whispering Fate, Caramelslice or Annihilator in-game on Aman'thul. =) Hope to hear from you soon
I'm actually interested to know if any of you are interested in going for Challenge Mode Gold achieves and are in need of a healer (Disc Priest).

There's limited interest in my guild for CM right now so I'm now looking into other avenues for it. :)
Our Challenge Mode team is pretty much organised, however other people in our team might be interested. I will be looking to do some of the Challenge modes that i missed out on, add my Real-ID or just as a friend.

As for Raid Team we are primarily after a Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin, however we are trialing a Priest atm, if he doesn't fit our needs i will give you a whisper.

Can you also play shadow?
Oh. I wasn't applying for a raid spot actually. Yeah, my post is kinda off topic so sorry about that. >.<

I was just interested in doing some CMs and I looked through the available forums that could have threads related to it (Aman'thul and D,R,&S). I just wondered if anyone from your guild was interested.

It's okay though cause one of the threads I replied in on another forum got me interested Cross-Realm folks for CMs so I will just work with them for now. Thank you anyway. :)
Destruction is also looking for a Tank with DPS offspec! Preferably a Warrior.
Bump for H Blade on our first night in the new year
Bump for Heroic Wind Lord =)
I wanna see logs.
Then i might consider.

Want to see more than 2/6 hm.
Then we might consider.
I wanna see logs.
Then i might consider.

Want to see more than 2/6 hm.
Then we might consider.

Want to see good players.
Then i might consider.
Sequence, your 2/16 heroic . We are 8/16 heroic , I somehow fail to see how we are worse than you.

Please explain your logic.
He aint worth the effort, just report him so his crap gets deleted out of the thread.
01/07/2013 04:20 AMPosted by Ptea
He aint worth the effort, just report him so his crap gets deleted out of the thread.

Hi Ptea c: I hear a lot of good things about you but have not had the pleasure of conversing with you (to my knowledge).
ok so im a pally ofc (holy). not that geared but i always bring freshundies to my raids just incase u know we get that 1% wipe. but im really good beat most on the server. not many can keep up not saying names. (cough adriael). but u need me guys i dont need u give me a dam trial! lol

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