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Moon Guard
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We are no strangers to tyranny. For centuries we served under the iron fist of the Mogu. They built an empire based on fear and forged by the blood of my people. By the strength of our backs, we built the Serpent’s Spine to hide our coward overlords from the threats of the youngol and mantid. It would take many thousands of years before we finally learned of our own true strength and fought back. We paid for our freedom with many lives but the sacrifices of those – the first monks- will never be forgotten. Finally, we could leave without shackles on our wrists or whips to our back. We were free.

The Douku Shao’din was one of many to rise after the conflict. We were born from the flames of war and made to protect Pandaria and her people. Our previous masters had made us into battle hardened warriors; we took it upon ourselves to act as the ‘Shield of Pandaria.’ Over time we learned to become more than just fighters; we grew to take on philosophers, spiritualists, and common laborers.

Even centuries later, war never left our shores. The weapons of our enemies continued to clash against our shields, yet we stood and faced these threats head on. Each generation, thousands of Pandaren were killed defending the wall –we- built. Each brick was paid for in blood, but we served without question; we fought to keep our home safe. For thousands of years we maintained order and kept tyrants from rising to power again, but we were not prepared for what landed on the beaches of the Jade Forest.

The drums of war echoed through our lands and we found ourselves in the middle of a conflict which infected the very souls of those involved. Harmony was undone and our land erupted into chaos; the Sha which our ancestors imprisoned in the land broke free of their chains and all enemies of the Pandaren saw their opportunity to strike.

Soon after, all bonds of fellowship we had were broken. The once unified Pandaren people started to choose sides and even our clan, the Douku Shao’din was split in two. Under Lidun Douku we became the Shieldpaw Shao’din and sided with the Horde: for better or worse. Since then, the mantle of the Shao’din has passed down to the Windspire family, and eventually found its way to me.

I am Azuru Windspire, and I speak for the Shieldpaw Shao’din as Shodo-pan. We are the Shield of Pandaria; it is our duty to keep our homeland safe from any threat. I fought beyond the wall and know the true horrors that this war has brought to Pandaria, and I will fight to keep her and her people safe. We may fight with the Horde and with their allies, but I ask you:

Is one tyrant really better than the other?...

Guild Name: The Shieldpaw Shao’din
Level and Faction: Level 25 Horde
Guild Master: Azuru
Guild Officers: Qiwen, Enlai, Deshi, Mizuku
RP: Heavy
PvP: Medium – Heavy
PvE: Casual
Website: Shieldpaw.proboards.com

Table of Contents:
Guild Concept – Post 2
History of the Shieldpaw – Post 2
Ranks and the Caste System – Post 3
PvP vs PvE – Post 3
IC Requirements and Expectations – Post 4
Still interested? Here’s how to apply… - Post 4

The Shieldpaw has been in development since the release of the original trailer at Blizzcon in an effort to bring serious, quality Pandarent RP to Moon Guard. The officers and I put in a large amount of effort into researching Pandaren lore so that we could make this guild a reality.

The primary goal of the Shieldpaw is to get away from the idea that Pandaren are a joke race. While we may enjoy spending a night at a brewery, having a few drinks, our main focus is and always will be the defense of Pandaria. Our characters and concepts will reflect the war in Pandaria and the darkness it’s brought; we are not a source of comic relief.

History of the Shieldpaw

After the fall of the Mogu Empire, one of the many clans which rose from the ashes was the Douku Shao’din. For centuries the mantle of Shodo-pan was passed down the line of the Douku family. Having grown out of the ashes of revolution, the Shao’din started as a military force for the purpose of keeping Pandaria safe. Over time, however, the Douku housed four distinct sects: the Air Caste – the military, the Water Caste – the spiritualists, the Fire Caste – the philosophers, scholars, and diplomats, and the Earth Caste – the farmers, brewers and general laborers.

In recent years, the Douku Shao’din was run by two Douku brothers. When the Alliance and Horde landed in Pandaria, the two brothers watched the conflict, but desired to maintain neutrality. That soon changed when representatives from both sides wished to meet with them to gain favor. For days, each faction brought offerings with the hope that the Shao’din would back them in the war, and eventually the once united Douku Shao’din split.

One brother saw the honor and spirituality of the Horde admirably. He met with many Shaman and Warriors, and found respect for the Trolls and Tauren. After many long talks with Horde emissaries, he knew which side he wished to join.

The other brother, saw the Alliance’s justice and morals to be far superior to the Hordes. He met with Human, Dwarf, and Night Elf ambassadors, and learned of their history. Taking in only their side of the story, he decided the place for his people was under a banner of blue.

In what the history scrolls call ‘The Day Brothers Split,’ the two Douku brothers gathered their loyal bannermen, retainers, and soldiers and left for their respective factions. Some decided to remain neutral, and become unaffiliated with the clans altogether. Families were split apart, cousins would eventually fight each other, but the loyalty they felt towards their respective Shodo-panwas not something easily thrown away.

Lidun Douku, the brother who sided with the Horde, rebranded the Shao’din as the ‘Shieldpaw,’ for we would be the Shield of Pandaria. Many months passed before Lidun found himself troubled by this decision. His mind constantly trailed upon the past, and he found himself no longer worthy of leading his people. He met with his Shao’din one last time on Turtle Beach, the same place where Liu Lang once started his journey on the back of a great turtle. Lidun left the Shao’din that night to travel the world in a light not painted by red or blue. His last act was passing down leadership of the Shieldpaw to its former Warlord: Zhang Windspire.

Zhang’s first act as Shodo-pan was a call to arms for the Pandaren people. He created Mandate Huo-pan which dismantled the Fire Caste completely and made every Caste’s effort reflect the war effort in Pandaria. His second act was to call his brother, Azuru Windspire, home from west of the Serpent’s Spine to act as the new Warlord of the Shieldpaw.

The brothers worked together to form a plan where the Shieldpaw would march through all of Pandaria, offering assistance to all those who have been inconvenienced by the recent war. Weeks before the march, Azuru began to notice his brother becoming distant and quiet. It wasn’t until the Shao’din reached the Jade Forest that Zhang would be consumed by doubt manifested into Sha. At the Shine of Fellowship, the Shieldpaw worked together to fight off the waves of Sha and Azuru’s new weapon found its first blood: Zhang.

The Shieldpaw Shao’din now follows Azuru Windspire –brotherslayer.
Ranks and the Caste System

The ranks of the Shieldpaw are based on both a generic ranking system, and a slightly more complex Caste system. When you first join the guild you are placed as a newcomer. Each new face must read the guild rules within the first day or two or they will be placed as a ‘trail pending’ until they do.

As a newcomer you will be a part of the Earth Caste. Once a member shows interest in one of the three Castes they need only to speak to an officer to join it. We encourage each person to take a week to learn about each Caste before they make their decision but it is by no means a requirement. Once you join a Caste you will be promoted to initiate. From there, each Caste has their own system by which a person progresses through the guild.

So, what is a Caste? Each Caste is a sect of the guild which is unique and has their own way of doing things. They are not restricted by level, class, or any other means. Each member chooses the Caste that fits best with their character. The three Castes are:

The Earth Caste are the craftsmen and commonfolk of the Shieldpaw. Do you enjoy brewing, farming, blacksmithing, or any form of manual labor? If so you will find a home in the Earth Caste. Newcomers start here by default, until they find a caste that suits them, or they choose to become a full time member of the Earth Caste.

The Air Caste: is the militant arm of the Shieldpaw.They are the swords and shields of the Shao’din, ensuring the safety and security of Pandaria. If you know you way around a weapon better than you know your way around your house, the Air Caste has a place for you.

The Water Caste: is the intellectual side of the Shao’din. They are the philosophers, the spiritualists, and the healers. Through them we learn to control our emotions and find harmony within. If your idea of a good time is meditating at the Peak of Serenity and finding mental balance at one of the August Celestial temples, the Water Caste is your new home.

Each caste has their own system by which you will rank up in the guild. When you rank up in your Caste, it will be reflected in the guild as well. While each Caste may be unique in their own way, they are not meant to restrict your character by any means. Should you be a battle hardened warrior who wants to join the Air Caste, but still want to take part in brewing events with the Earth Caste, that is acceptable.

PvP vs PvE

At our core, we are an RP guild. We will not force anyone to partake in PvP or PvE if they do not wish. However, that does not mean we –as a guild – don’t do them.

We are an RP-PvP guild. We partake in RP-PvP events and encourage our members to get some PvP gear to make these events more fun. We actively run battlegrounds, and some members have shown interest in doing arenas in the past. If, in the future, we get enough people interested in doing RBGs, we will start doing those as well.

As for PvE, it’s something we don’t focus too much on. We currently do not have any raiding group but we have a former raid leader who is willing to lead one if we get the numbers for it. We still get together to do scenarios, heroics, and raid finder, though.

You do not need to be an expert at PvE or PvP to group with us. If you need any help we are always glad to lend a hand.
IC Requirements and Expectations

What are you guys accepting?

    From an IC standpoint, Pandaren will be the only race we accept. The Shao’din originates from Pandaria but in an effort to unite the Pandaren people, we are accepting those from the Wandering Isle as well. Every newcomer is sworn into the Shao’din during the joining process.

    We accept all classes that are available to Pandaren.

What are your requirements?
    Level 15+
    Grammatical and literacy skills

What do you expect from applicants?
    Basic grammar and spelling
    Basic knowledge in Pandaren and Warcraft lore
    Good attitude

Still interested? Here is how to apply…

The recruitment process is simple. To get started all you need to do is go to our website and submit an application.


Once you submit an application, our officer team will review it and post comments in the thread. Once it has two approvals, you will be given an IC interview by one of our officers or veteran members. It is your duty to contact us when you are ready for the interview.

Feel free to whisper us if you have any questions!
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Edit: I just realized there's no Fire Caste among your rankings. Was there just no way to fit it without being redundant?
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I just realized there's no Fire Caste among your rankings. Was there just no way to fit it without being redundant?

We got rid of the Fire Caste because we felt that splitting our members into four different Castes made each of them feel somewhat emptier than we wanted. We came to the conclusion that there wasn't a huge difference between the Fire and Water Castes and decided to merge the Fire Caste into the Water Caste.

So, yes, a part of it was redundancy, but our main goal was to try and fill out the Castes a bit more.
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Edit: I just realized there's no Fire Caste among your rankings. Was there just no way to fit it without being redundant?

It was my caste and I loved it. Haters made me get rid of it. But yeah, like Azuru said, it was better for the rest of the castes the way we eliminated it. Also went along well with our storyline.
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