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Moon Guard
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02/04/2013 09:37 PMPosted by Qiwen
*Puts on Pooh Bear Red Shirt*

Can I have some honey...with ale?
Flopsie > you
This is called: An ode to flopsie.

Flopsie oh Flopsie, with teeth bathed in red.
You bite at our enemies, and make them all dead.

We fear you for sure, that much is well known
So please don't kill us, or feast on our bones.
I am sorry I ever convinced Moshi to roll a panda.

...really, I am. Sorry for the rest of you. Because now he's ours.

Like Azuru. And Qiwen. And Mizuku. And Deshi.

Seriously, with awesome people like that, how can you NOT want to come play with us?

Just sayin'.
I'm growing a beard....

Flopsie is like the new Mr.Bonkers...

Never say no to panda.
The Shieldpaw:

The drums of war thunder
And we heed it's call
For we are the Shieldpaw
And we protect all.

With strong blade and shield
And pots full of rice.
We fight for our people
And then play some dice.

We laugh live and love
but we all know the price.
We'll die for our people
And never think twice.

The Shieldpaw won't waver
for our resolve is strong.
We'll fight for our homeland
No matter how long.
'Zuru's back!
So's Qi!
I'm glad to see Flopsie didn't eat anyone while we were away.
Posting on an alt because I'm tired of talking to myself-myself. Now I'm talking to myself-not-myself.
02/10/2013 08:44 PMPosted by Qiwen
I'm glad to see Flopsie didn't eat anyone while we were away.

Flopsie is a good bunny!
I make sure to include Flopsie in all my RP.

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