Tier 2 Paladin Set is killing me

For those who have the set, how long did it take you to farm the entire set? Excluding the gloves, which probably has a 0.1% drop rate (sarcasm), how long did it take for you to get the Shoulders and the Helm?

A little part of my interest in this game, and a part of my soul has been dying every week I've seen a Shaman, Warrior, or Mage class set drop from Blackwing Lair except for mine. In those eight weeks I've farmed, I swear, I've seen every single Tier 2 piece drop except the Paladin class specific pieces.

12% isn't such a small drop rate, but it's really irritating because it belongs to such a massive loot table. You would think that since Classic Raids are usually 40 man, you'd see twice the amount of loot drop in comparison to a 10 man raid. Guess that's a silly misconception.

Now, I'd suggest increasing the drop rate, but everyone will just say "Quit crying, you'll get it eventually."

I won't be playing this game forever, Blizzard. I really won't.


* Edited to correct drop rate *
I got the shoulders on the first or second Chromaggus kill. I get gloves constantly. I've gotten multiple copies of the helm, chest, and shoulders. Never gotten the legs (since I don't bother with MC), bracers, or boots.
Keten, were you soloing it or running it with a friend?

I wonder if I ran this with multiple Paladins, the loot tables would think "Oh, moar paladins, lets drop moar paladin loot!"
Did it with a druid friend in Cataclysm, been doing it alone since they changed Razorgore to be easy to solo.

WoW's loot system isn't that smart, even if it might feel like it sometimes. ;P
Did it with a druid friend in Cataclysm, been doing it alone since they changed Razorgore to be easy to solo.

WoW's loot system isn't that smart, even if it might feel like it sometimes. ;P

Haha it really isn't >.< I run it with a Mage and she's been getting all her gewt Magey lewts, because, every week, there's at least 1 Mage drop.

Perhaps the Light has forsaken me. Figures, no one likes Scarlet Crusaders :(
I'd just go with the recolor set, IMO. Easier to get and you can be purple!

I got the whole set in uh... I think three runs. >.>

Luck is a cruel mistress.
Haven't gotten the bracers or helm. Been running it basically every week since the solo patch came out. Started going after Ony 10 man for a second weekly chance at the helm.

Bracers dropped for me, but still no helm. Also missing the feet still.
The stupid legs won't drop for me stupid rag. Got lucky with all the other pieces.
I got most of the set in the the first 2-3 runs. The gloves though, still don't have those yet.
Of the pieces I actually want, I'm missing the bracers and chest; had helm off Ony at 80 and have had the skirt drop numerous times, but have since ditched both as I neither like nor have room to store them. Been "farming" the set (i.e., if it drops while farming pets to AH for cash, yay) since they made BWL easily soloable. Been lagging too badly since reset to make the attempt yet this week, though.
6 or 7 years
Got everything fairly fast minus the gloves.
Completed the set in 6 runs. Gloves had the lowest droprate, from my experience. A druid buddy I was running with got his completed T2 in 2 runs. Gotta love rng.
took me about 8 runs to get the full set.
idunno, 9? alot of my bwl clears are from after pets.
Took me years to get the full set on my first human Paladin, and on my Blood Elf roughly a quarter of that time. RNG is painful, I know, but you'll get it. Just keep pushin'.
8 nef kills and you're whining about loot? I understand the frustration but that really isn't that much.
Are you running Onyxia for the level 80 version of the helm?
I've been running BWL/MC for about 4-5 weeks and I have everything but the legs. As far as transmog collecting goes, it's not terribly bad.

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