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While some changes develop within the guild and some of us are having to be away for the summer, recruitment is currently closed until noted otherwise.

The Eversong Offensive is a level 25 med/heavy RP guild.

We are a mercenary organization of blood elf soldiers from various backgrounds and professions dedicated to Quel’thalas. Originally a branch of the Farstriders, the Eversong Offensive has evolved into a more diverse group with members ranging from multiple skill sets. Its purpose is to confront foreign threats head on, and working with the Horde wherever the need may be.

The Eversong Offensive was founded by Aelisia Blacksun, just before the blood elves allied themselves with the Horde. It was first assigned the task of aiding and protecting the blood elf people in their pilgrimage to Outland. However, after the events leading up to Kael’thas' betrayal and Aelisia’s death, the ESO was dissolved.

It was not until the Cataclysm, and the return of Aelisia’s brother, Klien Blacksun, that the ESO made its return. Under Klien’s leadership, the new ESO gave up its traditional ranger restricted recruiting and opened up to a broader line of skills to better its ability to combat the Twilight’s Hammer after the devastation of the Cataclysm.

Now the ESO has begun its move into Pandaria, and Klien has enlisted the aid of Asharri Lakefire to help lead its expanding operations. Currently, the ESO is looking for more soldiers, magi, and explorers to bolster its forces and help advance against the many enemies of the Horde and Quel'thalas.

OOC Overview:
The ESO has been an on-and-off project of Klien's for a couple of years, and with the help of Asharri, the guild's latest incarnation will be a much more permanent group. We are looking to add more people to our growing, tight-knit guild and hope that they will join us in our well-thought out guild events and more!

We are an RP guild for blood elf players who follow traditional blood elf lore. That being said, we are open to anyone interested in joining, but they must show a level of maturity and coherence of blood elf and other in-game lore.

Aside from RP, we also engage in other aspects of the game, such as Dungeons, PvP, and perhaps, raiding. These are all secondary however, and we would be more than happy to accompany those interested in these kind of things as well.

What we offer:

*Friendly and welcoming guild atmosphere.
*Frequent guild events.
*Well thought out/fun missions. (DMed combat is incorporated into most of our missions.)
*Guild webpage for all of your IC and OOC needs out-of-game.
*Seven bank tabs/repair.

Requirements & Restrictions:

    *Your character should be at least level 10.
    *Death Knights are not encouraged to apply at this time.

Leadership/Who to contact:

    Guild Master: Klien
    Co-GM: Asharri
    Officers: Aadeen and Nimraama

Guild webpage:

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We are still looking for others to fit into our units. Medics, First Assault and Defense, Intelligence, and more!
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Hey Everyone! Feel free to check out our guild page! ESO.shivtr.com!

Pandaria storyline event getting ready to kick off for our higher levels, as well as some fun events for our low level members. Come and be a part of the fun!
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(( Seems like a great endeavor! Certainly deserves some bumping. Hoping to cross paths in-game for some delicious Blood Elf RP! ))
Thank you kindly for the bump. By all means, feel free to engage with us should you see us out and about! The more delicious Blood Elf RP the better. *noms*
Bumping with some storyline comic strips our awesome GM has worked hard to make to coincide with our RP events.

The Fading Sun Pt I: First Steps

The Fading Sun Pt II: The Jade Forest
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