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The ESO is getting ready to begin Chapter 2 of our storyline events for February! Check us out.

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Still needing to seek you guys out for some RP! <3
Feel free to contact me in game if you're interested in learning about our PUBLIC EVENTS
! These events are open to all players, regardless if they are guild members or not.
I shall!

Currently I tend to try and level until my nose bleeds. I'm a terrible quester. >.< I will be a bit more persistent once I am 90.
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Water Under the Bridge
The Fading Sun - Chapter Two: Part One
(Tuesday, Feb 4th)

After the events in Kun-Lai, the ESO returned to Silvermoon to find it in an uproar! The Sunreavers had been thrown out of Dalaran, attacked by the Kirin Tor and the Silver Covenant. Yet, they were worried that Magistrix Reluma would have them disciplined for disobeying her, and by extension Silvermoon's direct orders.

They were somewhat relieved to discover Reluma had been reported missing the night before. After leading the Bloodhawk Expedition into Descolace. The ESO was off the hook, it seemed. For now.

Regardless, Klien called the ESO together to discuss the future of their unit. With Silvermoon mobilizing under Lor'themar, they would find the weeks ahead of them tougher then ever before.

He informed them that they would be returning to Pandaria, acting as a token force at Domination Point to appease the Warchief while Lor'themar set his sights elsewhere to combat the mogu and forces of Dalaran.

Klien wanted to make sure everyone stayed sharp, and so ordered them to meet with him in a few days to patrol the territories bordering the lands of the amani trolls in the ghostlands.
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The Fading Sun - Chapter Two: Part Two
(Tuesday, Feb 6th)

Meeting with the ESO at the Farstrider Retreat in Eversong Woods, Klien lead them south into the seemingly perpetual darkness of the Ghostlands. They swiftly traveled along the outskirts of small amani settlements until they grew exceptionally close to the gates of Zul'aman.

There they found their prey, a small amani hunting party that had been hunting more then wildlife lately. Boldly they wore the trophies on their racks, the severed heads of fallen blood elves.

Klien ordered the attack, and the ESO moved in with swiftly to strike down the trolls. However, Klien was disappointing in some of the displays he saw. Several of them went wild, desperately aiming for a killing blow right off the bat! Other left their allies undefended, unprotected and outnumbered.

Once every last troll was slain, Klien ordered the retreat. The ESO was quick to leave the scene, leaving the bodies as a warning to the lingering amani. They would return to the Farstrider Retreat in Eversong Woods shortly after.

Klien displayed his disappointing in his own, rather harsh way, scolding the guilty and demanding they work harder to act as a team. They would need to if they were to survive against the battle hardened soldiers of the Alliance in the Krasarang Wilds.

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