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The Fading Sun - Chapter Two: Part Three
(Tuesday, Feb 12th)

Arriving in Domination Point, the ESO was ordered to watch over the outskirts of the bases northern side. They assembled upon a small patch of sand separated from the mainland by a thin channel of ocean water.

Klien explained to them he did not expect it to be a very exciting assignment, as not many Alliance had been spotted in the region north of the base. Still, they should be alert and check out along the beach for any unusual signs or activity.

They discovered tracks in the sand, and judging by the tide they had not been there for long. There were not enough to represent a sizable Alliance force, and were most likely from the lands locals. Still, curiosity got the better of them, and they decided they would track the prints down.

Oddly enough though, the tracks ended abruptly with no sign who had made them. They had no idea they were walking into a trap until it was two late. Along the tree line that lead into the forest human rifleman fired upon them.

As they moved to counter, more humans glad in armor and swords attack them form the opposite side, emerging from the rocks! They were forced to defend themselves. Though these soldiers were exceptionally skilled, the ESO was able to overwhelm them with their superior numbers.

One Rifleman had been horrible injured by Solanarian's arcane magic, and after his allies had all fell, he attempted to crawl away. He was stopped and though he was soon to die form his injuries he spoke of the ESO, recognizing them.

With his dying breath, the Riflemen had activated a hidden bomb on his body, that exploded, catching the ESO off guard! Many of them were severely injured in an attempt to defend their allies. Because of this, they were able to gather their wounded and retreat back to Domination Point.

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    The Red Knight
    The Fading Sun - Chapter Two: Part Four
    (Tuesday, Feb 14th)

    Having recovered from it's losses, the ESO meets at Domination Point once again to plot it's counter attack. Discovering that the Alliance force that had attacked them along the beach was a small unit of Stromgarde soldiers, Klien warned the ESO that they would not be an easy target.

    Leading the ESO int othe tick of Krasarang, they waited for a small unit of mounted Stromgarde Knights moving through the forests as sighted earlier by Horde scouts. The ESO was on the offensive this time, springing their trap when the moment was right.

    They got the upper hand on the Knights, but the mounted warriors were incredibly skilled, and were more then a handful for the ESO. However, after one by one dismounting the Knights they were able to work together and over power their enemies.

    With the last of the Knights fallen, the ESO gathered to recover, but before they could retreat, dozens of Alliance soldiers emerged form the shadows of the forests, surrounding them on all sides. They had no chance of surviving a force so large!

    The Alliance commander stepped forward, addressing the ESO himself. He was clad in red armor, and haad clearly seen it's fair share of battle in the past. However, Klien stepped forward and spoke to the man as if he knew him.

    After a strange exchange between human and elf, the commander who was revealed to be Lacan Kasim, a powerful Runeknight and Alliance hero, allowed the ESO to go free. After all, they had just slain a group of knights that had gone AWOL, who Lacan and his sizable force were tracking.

    There was more to it then that though. Lacan and Klien clearly knew each other, and whatever their relationship was, it was the only reason the ESO was spared that night. Lacna promised their next meeting would not be so friendly, however.

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    Brothers No More
    The Fading Sun - Chapter Three: Part Five
    (Tuesday, Feb 19th)

    Determined to face off against the Stromgarde Knights lead by Lacan, Klien gathered the ESO to strike out against their operations in Krasarang. Knowing they would not stand a chance in a direct assault on the Knights, Klien decided to play it smart.

    Lacan had two lieutenants, both exceptional leaders in their own rights that commanded his offensive and defensive forces respectfully. Both were reported to be in a rare moment of vulnerability.

    Kirhan, a dwarven paladin, was the leader of Lacan's defensive strategies. His blessings could protect his allies from harm, and his advance knowledge of warfare made taking him out a necessity if they wish to attack the Knights with any form of success.

    Novarial was the leader of Lacan's offensive team. A night elf and former sentinel, Novarial was skilled in marksmanship and stealth. Her genius level tactical mind was second only to Lacan himself. There was no doubt that defending against the combined efforts of Lacan and Novarial at once would be a difficult feat.

    The ESO chose it best to take down Kirhab, thinking that crippling the Knight's defensive edge would make attacking them directly far easier. And so after a brief exchange in Krasarang the ESO quickly headed west.

    On the shores just bordering the Krasarang Wilds in the Dread Wastes, Kirhab and a small unit of Knights were gathered and preparing to leave by small boats to assault the blind side of Domination Point's western edge. Fortunately Klien foresaw this tactic.

    Before Klien was able to give out his orders, Asharri, Ziicka and Raelen moved in, forcing the ESO to take action. They assaulted the Knights, with Aaden rushing ahead straight for Kirhab before his Knights could be engaged. He was nearly killed by the Knights and Kirhab himself as a result.

    Despite the sloppy tactics, the ESO was able to defeat the Knights without casualty, though some were injured, Aaden suffering the most. Klien rushed in ahead of them to stop their mindless assault after Kulthanos and Solanarian severely injured Kirhab.

    Klien spoke to Kirhab briefly, the two clearly knowing each other. Their exchange was questionable, Klien seeking to know why Lacan had returned to battle, and Kirhab making reference to a coming "shadow in the dark".

    Beaten and outnumbered, the dwarf's life was spared. Klien seemed confident the ESO would need not worry about Kirhab in the coming battles against the Knights. But the ESO was clearly putt off by Klien's decision, growing tired of the secrets he seemed to be keeping. They wanted answers and Klien was running out of excuses.

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    Combat/Defensive Strategies
    February 25th

    Asharri Lakefire and Aaden Sunswift arranged for the members of the Eversong Offensive to meet with them at the Farstrider Retreat. After explaining the purposes of the exercises, it was mentioned that supply pick-ups would accompany them; taking on a bigger role in the structure as the ESO continues to grow in number and take on more critical missions.

    Directed to take on a partner for purposes of development and working together as one, Eversong Offensive members underwent a friendly test of their combative and defensive skills. From there, the victors of each test were presented with the opportunity to choose just who they would be partnered up with.

    With the Lead Medic, Aaden, standing watch - any injuries that were endured were treated promptly.

    At the conclusion of the exercise, teams of two were formed and everyone was instructed to see Aaden Sunswift in the near future for emergency medical treatment instruction. The main purpose of this is to ensure that all members are familiar with basic medical knowledge when on out on the field.

    A supply run is set to occur later on in the week to better prepare the Eversong Offensive for future tasks. This will also test how well they can work together as they accumulate these supplies and escort them back to headquarters.


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    Nice transmog'! All the gilded ostentatiousness I have come to expect from a blood elf. =3

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    If you got it, flaunt it.

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