Powerful eyebrow...
dat bump
could someone please contact me in game :)

Have just come back from a break from wow (due to irl things)

Am looking to catch up in progression with a strong team.

Dont take my current achieves as a guide to my skill. please contact me in game guys :)
Officer contact info is in the OP. If you have any queries you can contact one of us via battle-tag.
Need a Healer plz.
Bump for Delver of the Vaults -- still need a healer.
Healer please before Disc nerf!
Bump for 8/16 H and new recruitment needs!
Bumping with lurrrrv
There's maintainance today. QQ
Bump for almost killing Vizier
Good ol Miasm
Going to the danger zone
I dreamed a dream.
Bump for tanks.

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