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Guild Recruitment
Exodus of Shadow Council US (RP-PVE) is currently recruiting for 10 man raids.


1 STRONG DPS range preferred but a solid melee will do as well
1 Healer (Monk preferred but any strong healer will work)

We are always looking for exceptional players to improve our roster. If you are such a player, please apply regardless of posted class needs.


Exodus is a raiding guild located on the US realm Shadow Council. It was founded in February of 2006, and remains one of the oldest guilds on the server. Throughout 2006-2010 the guild focused primarily on highly competitive raiding, pursuing 25-man content with a demanding 5-night schedule. It has successfully earned a multitude of server firsts during this time, and consistently ranked among the world top in progression. Some the guild's more notable achievements included: Celestial Defender, Grand Crusader, and A Tribute to Insanity. As of 2012, the guild has adopted a less strenuous approach to the game, and currently focuses on 10-man content with a 3-night schedule (with one night potentially added during progression). We Took a break after WotLK and tried various different MMOs, we ultimately returned to WoW and cleared all of Cata in about two months of gaining 85.


At Exodus we pride ourselves for our friendly and social atmosphere, while maintaining a goal-oriented raiding environment. Once raid begins we expect raiders to be focused and prepared, this includes prepping for boss fights, minimizing absences/afks, and bringing plenty of consumables. We value skill, dedication, discipline, and shun immature asshattery and elitism. In an effort to maintain raid cohesion and keep turnover to a minimum, we are looking for mature long-term players.


To minimize loot bias, we utilize a god loot council system based on facts and numbers. All loot and attendance is publicly tracked on our custom-designed website, which enables us to compare player stats while looting. This allows more flexibility than traditional DKP systems, while maintaining the open and unbiased nature of checks and balances. Priority is naturally placed on serving guild progression, but a great effort is made to keep the system fair. Loot discussion, complaints, and questions are welcome and can be directed to a designated loot officer.


- Previous raiding experience.
- Theorycrafting experience.
- Stable schedule and ability to attend every raid day.
- Experience with addons such as Deadly Boss Mods (other class-specific addons may also be required).
- Mumble voice chat client installed.
- Stable internet connection and a reliable computer (regular lag, graphic issues, or crashing is not acceptable).
- Ability to handle constructive criticism and be a team player.


Exodus raids Mondays to Wednesdays (potentially adding one day during progression) between 8:00pm and 11:30pm Server Time (Mountain Time). Raiders are expected to attend every raid or post in the scheduling forum in advance of absences. At Exodus we understand real life happens, our philosophy has always been RL > WoW. We therefore do not have a defined attendance cut-off, so long as absences do not become chronic.


To apply visit our website at www.exodus-wow.com. For questions or concerns, please contact Cathulu (cathulu@exodus-wow.com) in game or by email. Or contact Akkei via in game.
I'd be incredibly interested if you wanted/needed a Ret and were possibly open to some paid transfer ideas. I'm currently Alliance and got burned badly on my last transfer -- I'm extremely raid experienced, and your schedule is amazing for me. Just $55 is alot to bank some uncertainty on with my last experience with this.

Add me on RealID if interested: tdbiggerstaff@gmail.com

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