Which Pandaren Spirit should I choose?

Pet Battles
Just finished the spirit tamers, any suggestions on which one is the best? I like to use my Fel Flame, Onyxian Whelpling, and am about to hit 25 on my Fluxfire. The Earth has some nice stuns, any suggestions? Thanks.
You might want to pick earth.
After completing you'll unlock the dailies and each bag has a chance to drop the related pet to the tamer fought.
Most people find the 'earth' tamer the hardest when they only have a few Lv 25 pets and the wrong kinds of pets to beat him easily.
But you can try checking your AH to see what the drop rate is for each one on your server/CRZ, I know on my server I got 4 airs,2 earths,a fire and no water (doing them everyday for close to a month), the AH is plastered (dozens) with both airs and earths while water and fire hardly ever show up (one or the other every other day for 10k ish,sometimes lower).
It seems every server (CRZ) has a different tamer/s that drop the pet way way way more than the others.
They're all kinda meh to be honest. I read that the Fire one has potential on a Conflag team, although I don't know how true that is because I don't run Conflag myself. I just went for the one that I thought looked the coolest >_> since I don't plan on using any for battling anyway.
Get earth, hardest fight to do with 2 pets if you want the exp later.
Earth is actually one of the easiest because it is so predictable. A fast rabbit will take almost no damage at all from the earth elemental (plus never get stunned) and actually take 0 damage for the rat so can start that phase of the fight at 1hp and it still would not matter, they would win. Use a flayer for the ooze (or any high beast dmg/survivability pet) and that is simple also.

None of the pets are particularly good. The fire can be used on a conflag team with success. The earth is alright but too slow to be great. The air is probably the worst (but cute) because it uses air moves which are strong against aquatic which is in turn strong against elemental. The water is probably the best looking but nothing special either.
pick whichever one you'd rather not have to fight for a chance at obtaining the pet.

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