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Wyrmrest Accord
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<Scythe of Sylvanas> is looking for more Forsaken to join our ranks.

Yes, the Scythe is still on Wyrmrest and is still actively representing the Horde's deader faction. We are a small but tight-knit social guild, focusing on lore-correct Forsaken roleplay.

Please check out our website, or feel free to whisper an officer for more information.
Officers: Hedva (who's alt is Lindey) and Ickthid (who also plays on Kulex)


The Scythe of Sylvanas is an established Forsaken only roleplaying guild that has been around for roughly five years. Our claim to fame is the emphasis we put on believable characters, social awareness, and the current story of the Warcraft universe. We accept all matter of Forsaken - civilians or freshly risen; so long as they do not openly approve of the Holy Light which abandoned them, or the Former Grand Apothecary Putress who betrayed them.

We believe in being all encompassing and letting everyone get a chance in the spotlight, and our in-game events and stories reflect that. Each player has a chance to participate and grow their character when we roleplay in a group.

Each and every member who joins gets a personal storyline and series of in-character quests they must do in order to advance in the guild. In-character questing and guild-wide plots are a constant with us. We're a very involved guild and try to be the best bunch of people pretending to be zombies on the internet we can be.

- We are a level 25 guild
- We accept Forsaken of all classes that are a minimum of level 20 (70 for Death Knights)
- We do not accept other races, even if they are death knights or are played with an undead concept
- All levels of roleplayers are welcome, including beginners
- Guild events are generally held on weekdays at 7 pm server time
- Besides our personal and guild roleplay, we do many things together: LFR, heroics, battlegrounds, old-school raids, dailies, etc.

More information is found at our website:

If you have any questions, email us at:
Scytheofsylvanas [at] gmail.com
Good to see you guys alive and ki... Good to see you guys!
Power to the... us!
I am very happy to see this thread again :)

Hedva is da bomb.
We also have smaller established groups within the guild ranks to promote RP between certain classes! We have The Minders, our mysterious Rogues only outfit, and the Gatecrashers, our hit squad of Warriors, Hunters, Monks, and Death Knights! Our yet to named caster group is currently in the works as well!
Undead of the world, Sylvanas wants you! Join the Scythe, see the world, and plot to kill everything in it! :3
This is an excellent bunch of ex-people. Come check us out.
*fist-bump for a dedicated and tightly-knit Guild*
Power to the Forsaken!
((*Slowly peers over the windowsill*

Bump for Good-and-Dead people!

*Slides back out of sight* ))
There is no finer group of deaders to associate with.
Dark Lady watch over you.
Bump for zombies!
01/03/2013 10:53 PMPosted by Hedva
We are a small but tight-knit social guild, focusing on lore-correct Forsaken roleplay.

This description is perfect and for any interested Forsaken who might not be so tight-knit, we have some doctors and fleshcrafters who can fix you right up.
*pulls out his bonesaw* We have a discount on limb reattachment on weekends.
And free flesh-eating diseases for all who apply today!

...you know, for release on your foes. Not for personal consumption.

Unless you're into that.
If I still had room to bring Salanadis back from the Twisting Nether, I would. Hopefully Mists sparked some big RP ideas with you guys like all the anti-/pro-Garrosh stuff going on lately.

Still, for what it's worth you've got my support! How do you feel about RPing with blood elves, with the intention of building stronger Silvermoon/Undercity relations? Actually, on that note, I wonder if the Dominance Offensive stuff has driven a wedge into their cooperation.
Us undead folks really know how to have a good time. After all, what's the worst thing that can happen?
01/09/2013 10:30 AMPosted by Urgarok
How do you feel about RPing with blood elves, with the intention of building stronger Silvermoon/Undercity relations?

The Scythe has a Blood Elf only sister guild, Selama Ashalanore. We have many plots in mind. Many more interesting ones involving the Kalimdor Mercenaries, as well.

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