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Wyrmrest Accord
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Evallei, there's something vaguely familiar about the way you look with that mask....
Have a bump from a different flavor of undead.
Evallei, there's something vaguely familiar about the way you look with that mask....

What are you trying imply? D:

Also bumping to remind folks about Damn 101 today at 4 ST! Come learn about shadowy arts and feel awesome :D
Something something something Dark Side.
A big welcome to the newest members of the Scythe of Sylvanas. We've still got room for more corpses, though.
I even dressed up for Noblegarden. Join and get complimentary bunny ears!
That...that...outfit! It's the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Bunny ears? Unacceptable!
That...that...outfit! It's the most hideous thing I've ever seen. Bunny ears? Unacceptable!

....I look adorable. Don't you deny it! *shakes scythe at Eyselite*
Giving you guys a friendly, neiborhood bump! As well as a link to this weekend's events ^~

Also, I would like to formally request the aid of all Deathguards and Deathstalkers, in finding two sin'dorei who have kidnapped a troll, believed to be hiding in Forsaken lands...

Placed discreetly upon the desk, was a hand written copy of two papers, each brief, written in concise orcish...

As per your request, I've set to ink the descriptions of those we week.
Kyderon Ashwing is tallish for a Sin'dorei, with long auburn hair and distinct black eyes. He is attractive as elves see such things, but you will notice an aura of aversion about him.
Akallabeth is also taller than most Blood Elves, and when seen last, had glossy black hair. It may have changed due to certain circumstances.
She is fond of revealing attire, and has permanently stained black lips.

The she-troll, Lynjiya, is small, a waifish girl of no more than sixteen seasons. She is pale of skin and eyes, and has striking silver-white hair. She is Drakkari, and will obviously seem in distress. She may be frail and seem drained of life....I cannot go into detail as to why, but her life is in grave danger. The forsaken mentioned I have not seen, but she is a warlock of some skill, Xinalas is her name.
I thank you for your aid.

The sender and recipient had been left blank, and likely for reason. "The Census," The chairwoman spoke, addressing the desk's attendant, "Will be conducting background checks... The Kor'kron, are asked, to remain out of this... They use our lands... To violate Horde laws, and endanger an innocent, youth... They will answer, to our punishments..." And with that, the woman turned, and went on her way.


Yes, this is a manhunt, though I ask it be kept on the more low key side.
*plagues the last few bunnies in Brill* There. Back to normal.
Missing - one disgusting oozeling. May have last been seen in the company of an elf wearing clothes and a hat. If found, return to Eyselite.
Nothing new to see here. Check out our website: scytheofsylvanas.net
Ughh.... it smells like d--


You rotters again. How do you keep getting to the first page? The first page is reserved for the loyal!
*grumps through the thread*

Join us and enjoy the multiple grumpy warlocks.
Don't forget the multiple troublesome rogues!
What's this I hear about the Horde giving us children next week? How generous. I've been in need of new test subjects. Does anyone know if there's a limit?
As a past member in there as an undead mage by the name of Ezro, for any of you who can remember that name, I'll give a friendly bump to a great bunch of RPers. Keep it bad to the bone guys. <3
We also have 'friendly' priests who will aid you when you need counsel about your rotted state of being. Also cookies.
*steals a cookie*

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