[H] <Scythe of Sylvanas> recruiting Forsaken

Wyrmrest Accord
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Best not to ask what's in those cookies.
Not souls or...bugs or anything....DON'T JUDGE ME!
I won't judge you as long as you share.
*takes all the cookies and walks off muttering judgements*
You said you wouldn't judge :<

*vanishes into shadows with cookies*

Also we're still recruiting other corpses who have skill and style.
I heard there were cookies here, possibly made with bugs?
Possibly...and darkness. *offers cookie*
Still looking for more corpses to join our ranks.

Visit our website at http://scytheofsylvanas.net/ for more info.
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Remember, we're only surly, grumpy, and unfriendly IC...well, most of us, that is.
Beware the living!
*strolls on through*

We are seeking more amazing casters for Eadwig to poke at.
Open rebellion against ol' Garry? There are opportunities to be had in a world in chaos.
Come kill the Kor'kron who have tormented the undead for so long! :D
Where the Dark Lady stands, so do we.
As a past member in there as an undead mage by the name of Ezro, for any of you who can remember that name, I'll give a friendly bump to a great bunch of RPers. Keep it bad to the bone guys. <3

I remember you, Ezro.

Also, free bump to a great guild.

Good to see it's still around.
Unfortunately I don't k now either of you, but thanks for the bump.
*pokes the thread*

The Scythe is currently contemplating the Rebellion and doing pet battle tournaments for events!

We are still recruiting and information is on the website.
1. Visit our website
2. Submit an application
3. ????
4. Profit!
Beware the living.

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