LUIGI IS NOT A COWARD ((Possible Spoilers))

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Recently it seems that Luigi has been branded as some kind of chicken. But he has done some brave things

Luigi's mansion: nuff said

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: Luigi risked his life by entering a monster filled ruin to recover a cure for his sick brother. later in the same game Luigi posed as Peach in a plan to recover both the ACTUAL Princess and a powerful artafact the bad guys took.

So as you can see Luigi is a brave dude not a coward.
I don't think you should label him as brave simply because of a few brave things he did. Most of the time he's a coward, but he will do brave things like the ones you said if Mario can't do it for one reason or another.
Luigi has always been my favorite character in the Mario bros. universe. Even when the only difference was the colour green. (My favorite colour) I don't see him as a coward... just as slightly overly careful when he doesn't need to be.

Luigi is best brother though.

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