Just out of curiosity, who lives in Florida? Wondering who else on Garona lives in the state. Clearwater (Tampa) here.
I do Deb does
I do. Panama City. Used to live in Tampa/Lakeland.
Melbourne (East Coast) here...
12/25/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Magesage
Melbourne (East Coast) here...

Hey I was just in Melbourne today.
Psh, Florida sucks. You guys haven't even legalized weed yet.

Colorado #1 biotches
More like you guys can't even count a ballot. Do you guys even know if Bush or Gore won your state in 2000 yet?

Hard for me to speak poorly of Florida though... b/c it does have Miami Beach. A couple of the most memorable nights of my life came there.

So who cares if you guys can't count, i still love ya.
Port Charlotte, Florida
legalize weed or gtfo
Do I count if I lived in Florida for most of my life? Orange Park, for the record.
I posted this because I was curious to see how many Floridians are on the same server. I also noticed there is a regular Orlando WoW Meet-Up once or twice a month. Wasn't sure if that was any good, so curious to know if anyone attends it/has attended it in the past.
I haven't heard anything about it, but my family travels down to Tampa every 3-4 months to visit the Shriners Hospital. I'd schedule a trip around the meeting, if you can post the info on it. My wife would LOVE for me to drag her to a WoW event, lol. My sons would get a kick out of it, though.
LOL yes, I am sure your wife would love that. haha

Here's their website... Not sure what the people are like. If you go, lemme know if you think it's worth driving out for. Would probably take me around an hour and a half to get there.

Clearwater here, btw I was researching that orland group and the reviews speak great things about them so I might give it a try.
PanamaCity Beach, Florida here !!
tampa i live like 20 min in port richey message me pls
Daytona Beach here
Me and Hubby live in Tampa :)
Hah wow, Santa Rosa Beach FL here! (between panama city beach and destin)

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