Duality 13/13H Recruiting for ToT !!!

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Hi Zul'jin !

Duality is a high-end PvE 25 man raiding guild. We formed as a 10 man guild in October 20th, 2010. We transitioned into a casual 25 man guild at the start of Dragon Soul and at the conclusion of that tier made the switch to raid four nights a week to push progression.

Our goal for Throne of Thunder is to secure a top five ranking on five nights a week and establish ourselves as one of the premier guilds in the country.

Mists of Pandaria:
• Throne of Thunder Progression: 13/13H

• Terrace of the Endless Spring: US 6th Heroic Sha of Fear (Five nights a week)
• Heart of Fear: US 9th Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer (Four nights a week)
• Mogu'shan Vaults: US 10th Heroic Will of the Emperor (Four nights a week)

• Dragon Soul (Tier 13): US 56th Heroic Madness of Deathwing (Three nights a week)


Our raid times are: 7:30 to 12:00 AM EST, Sunday through Thursday.

Most players take vacations or days off from work / school when new content is available. We raid five nights a week with early starts and late night pushes.

Current Recruitment Needs:

If your class isn't listed but you feel that you can compete we encourage you to apply anyways as long as you can show proof that you are the type of player that we are looking for. Logs are required in order to app.

Tanks: Prot Pally

Ranged: Warlocks / Mages / Ele Shaman / Spriests

Melee: Enhance / DK's


Raiding is mandatory! All members are expected to raid on a consistent basis. PTR Testing and Beta testing are also mandatory for the sake of progression. Having alt(s) is encouraged, we tend to stack and min-max our lineup based on the encounter. Players are rotated; we try to keep favoritism low and offer everyone a shot. However, we won't trade raid strength for fair rotation on a difficult progress mode fight - stronger players will be preferred. We use loot council for loot distribution. The guild also covers repair costs, funds gems and enchants and some consumables for members.

The Recruit:

A potential recruit has to be punctual and independent enough to have a very high raid attendance. The recruit has to be competitive and always trying to improve his game. We are looking for players who want to deliver flawless performance.

Guild Atmosphere/Expectations:

We take raiding very seriously, but we do have a very calm and composed raiding atmosphere. There is no raging or screaming in our guild. We expect everyone to play at a high level and keep up with relevant class changes during live and PTR equally.

If interested, or if you have questions, please contact:
Main: Nostradamuz @ Zul'jin
Real Id: wowemail0307@gmail.com

Main: Hightìmes (alt+0236) @ Zul'jin
Real Id: justingillo@gmail.com

Main: Brunixx @ Zul'jin
Real Id: Brunixrogue@gmail.com

or Apply at our website:
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Grats duality btww, gj on facerollin TM out of this realm, very appreciated.
free bump, xmas gift from NA to duality!
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free bump, xmas gift from NA to duality!

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Grats duality btww, gj on facerollin TM out of this realm, very appreciated.

Gratz NA btww, gj on being amusingly bitter over nothing, very appreciated.



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