[BUG] PvP Power broken for Monks/Healers

Bug Report
PvP power does absolutely nothing right now monks and potentially other healers. I tested it out using a trinket that only gave PvP power, on players (in combat) in a random battle ground.

1) Removing a 1223 PvP power trinket produced zero healing difference on my hot.
2) Removing my PvP staff (960 INT, 5500 SP, 4770 PvP Power) for a 1hander (1024 INT, 7007 SP) produced a healing GAIN.

Is this a bug with all healers? Is this a bug with monk healers some how being classified as "hybrid" and not benefiting from pvp power in healing? I'm thinking the latter. Also if you were wondering all healing was tested under the 30% healing debuff introduced in PvP.
Here's the Proof

1. PvP Staff, PvP Power Trinket, 16643 SP, 19.94% PvP Power, 4859 Hot Base - 3401 heal in PvP (30% reduction). Should be healing for 4079.


2. PvP Staff, No Trinket, 16643 SP, 17.63% PvP Power, 4859 Hot Base - 3401 heal in PvP (30% reduction). Should be healing for 4001.


3. PvE 1 Hander, No Trinket, 18242 SP, 8.63% PvP Power, 5061 Hot Base - 3543 heal in PvP (30% reduction). Should be healing for 3848

yep looks like we got bugged while they tried to take away pvp power- healing for hybrids. Sucks for monk heals who are already suffering for some bad decision made by blizzard.
Someone on AJ claimed it only effects certain heals, but I haven't gone back to check each and every heal. Either way we are bugged so hopefully this gets some attention and fixed.
Apparently their QA department knows about it, hopefully it gets fixed sooner than later!
Looks like it was fixed, all rejoice!
Woot yep hotfixed! ty blizz :)

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