[A]The Blades of Greymane, Reformation.

Moon Guard
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The northern lands of Azeroth once housed the greatest cities of Humanity in the world. Lordaeron, the most stalwart bastion of humanity during the second war, has fallen. Stromgarde, The once great military nation, origin of some of the finest warriors of history, is on the verge of collapse.

Despite all of the turmoil, Gilneas remains a final defiant stand against the Forsaken war machine. Though we may have walled off from the world in the past twenty years fate has rejoined our people again to stand against this new Horde and to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

We stand a united kingdom, many of us afflicted with these new bestial forms. However, we will use these to our advantage. Where fire and steel fail, tooth and claw shall rise to reinforce them.

Our absence has not ushered in weakness. We've lost many great heroes, and many more will be lost if we do not act.

A speech by one of these heroes still rings true.

We will fight them in the fields until the last trench collapses and the last cannon is silenced.

We will fight them on the streets until the last shot is fired, and when there is no more ammunition, we'll crush their skulls with the stones that pave our city.

We will fight them in the alleys until our knuckles are skinned and bloodied, and our rapiers lay on the ground, shattered.

And if we find ourselves surrounded and disarmed, wounded and without hope; we will lift our heads in defiance and spit in their faces. But we will never surrender!

The Blades of Greymane have risen up once again, This reborn order shall avenge those lost to the Horde war machine! We will show them the hell they brought upon themselves the day they set foot in our land.

The call goes out now to all those willing and able to serve under the banner of Gilneas. No matter what race or origin, Gilnean, Dwarf, Draenei any walk of life, the call goes out for your aid to join The Blades and stand against these foes.

If Gilneas falls, it won't be long until the Horde set their sight on the south. We will not falter, we will not surrender, we will be victorious.

For Gilneas and the Alliance!
The Blades of Greymane are a Gilnean re-establishment guild (Level 25) with an emphasis on lore, military, and story based roleplay. The Blades stem from a military regiment of the same name that was made mostly defunct following the invasion of Gilneas by the Forsaken. Left as the only member remaining, Berenal has taken it upon himself to rebuild the order to represent Gilneas on the alliance fronts as a unified fighting force.

To meet this end, the Blades, while remaining primarily Gilnean at heart, have opened their doors to non-Gilneans willing to carry the banner of Gilneas and the Blades to rebuild and fight for the Alliance in the nation's name.

On an out of character level, the Blades were founded early Cataclysm and have kept to our roots of mature and respectable RP since its inception. Putting our foundations first, the Blades stayed mostly silent until near the end of the expansion, coming forward into the server light in a greater way once we'd secured a loyal base of officers and members.

Since our return to the server's view, the Blades have been an active participant in many server wide events, as well as collaborating alongside various other guilds in order to bring about some larger cooperative events and share the fun.

We've been able to maintain a very laid back OOC attitude, partaking in frequent joking and silliness OOCly, while keeping a serious IC attitude when it comes down to our roleplay.


We expect from our members the following:
-Moderate grasp of the concept of RP.
-Activity. (If you join then never show up again for about a month or two without telling anyone you're going away or something, Don't expect to be in guild still.)
-The ability to take a joke when given.
-No drama allowed. (We have a zero tolerance policy on drama, The occasional disagreements occur, but when it starts to get racial/sexist expect a demotion or G-kick.)
-Respect for not only officers but fellow members of all ranks both IC and OOC. While storywise we know some folks might not get along, don't carry this into OOC. Keep IC to IC and OOC to OOC.

Character Requirements:
Race Requirement:
As stated previously, due to the roughshod condition of Gilneas and a desire to bring Gilneas further into the Alliance fold, the Blades have opened their doors to non-Gilneans that are willing to carry the banner of Gilneas and the Alliance.

Level Requirement:
Level 20 required. Death knights are a level 65 requirement. I rarely make exceptions.

How to Join

In order to join the Blades you must go through a two step process.

First you must apply here at:

From there you'll go through a short application process that will help us get a better grasp of you and your character. Assuming all goes well, you will be contacted as soon as possible once your app has been approved in game for an IC interview.

We will arrange an IC interview where we will get a taste of your roleplaying skills. Once again, successful completion of the application does not mean you are ensured a place in the guild, should your character's goals not match up with the Blades' ICly, your character is unable to properly answer the questions provided, or if your roleplaying skills are subpar, you will be turned away.

If all goes well, your character will be inducted into the Blades and provided with some basic means of communication with the rest of the guild, as well as their uniform if any are available.

Guild events are often held multiple times across the week depending on the officer who plans them. Standard guild events are often found Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. These events are not always consistent and may alternate weeks, it is always a wise idea to make a habit of checking one's calendar, as event dates may be shifted should a real life issue arise.

Our event types range from the following:

D&D Events, we have multiple roll systems you can find posted up at our guild website. It is expected that people learn the roll systems so that when these events occur we can get started quickly. Most of our events are D&D, they often promote story and military movement for our guild's progression.

Recreational events, these occasionally pop up to give respite from the constant D&D. Whether it be a meeting on site or just off duty in Gregor's Crossing, they provide ways for the guild to meet up and role play together.

RP-PvP, as the name implies, PvP with a Horde guild based off the current storyline.

Attendance at events is looked at closely, to put it plainly, a private who attends each event and is active in the guild in other ways will rank up to corporal faster, as they have shown their worth. While a private who is semi-active in the guild but attends very few of our events will rank up much slower, as they have yet to prove themselves and their worth to the Blades.

ICly, the Blades maintain a strict military standard, disobeying an order from a superior can result in a demotion until the behavior is rectified. If severe enough, demotion is not always enough and expulsion from the Blades may be deemed necessary. We are an RP guild first and foremost, and as such, one must expect that while you may follow the rules OOCly, your character is expected to follow the rules ICly. There are no exceptions to this rule.

You can contact these officers for more information.

Berenal, Adrian, Dragonsblade, and Catil.


The Blades currently has several divisions based on your character's specialization.

The Infantry, led by Jayden Dragonsblade.

The Infantry is the bread and butter of the Blades, the frontlinesmen adorned in suits of Heavy Mithril armor and Gilnean colors, ready to sacrifice all in order to defend their country. Formerly headed by John "Reaper" McCallan, Major Jayden Dragonsblade was promoted to Blade Champion to fill the role left by Reaper following his capture.

The Shadows of Gilneas, led by Aeliren Chesterhill

Consisting of those who prefer agility over strength, the Shadows train in stealth techniques as well as scouting and various other useful techniques for when on and off of the field.

The Caster Corps, leaderless

Composed of the Blades' skilled spell casters, the Corps have had an unfortunate string of bad luck as of late. Commander Alfred Halforth retired after several years of dedicated service to the able hands of Blade Champion Aubrynn Scorchbolt. Unfortunately, Scorchbolt's promising leadership of the Corps was cut short by her death at the hands of vagabonds during one of the order's forays. The corps has been put into inactivity while the Blades decide on who is able to fill the position.

The Healer division is currently defunct, and healers are instead shuffled in with the various divisions to better learn how to treat the various members of the Blades.

Things to note:
-We DO offer non-combat roles, though they are limited and partaking in one may limit your ability to roleplay with the guild at certain events.
-There is a uniform policy, please try to get a hold of one once you join ASAP.



Heavy Mithril/Reaver set. There is no matching helmet to the set at the moment.


Scalemail (White quality vendor set)/Blackforge. Due to the rarity of the Blackforge shoulders, the set is permitted to be worn shoulderless or with fitting shoulders.


Nightscape/Discarded Swampstalker Isle of Thunder leather green set. While the Swampstalker set contains every single piece, it is level 90 and can fetch a decent price. The matching Nightscape gloves can be obtained at around level 60 from a quest in Outland, while the belt drops out of Dire Maul.


Robes of Arugal + Black mageweave shoulders. This is the second easiest to obtain set, we do not require you to wear any specific type of gloves or boots.


Each set is to be worn with a Gilneas tabard and preferably with the Guild shirts, or with a Stylish Black Shirt underneath.


You can find our guild website at

You can apply directly here at

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Whaaat? They're totally puppies!

Oh! You mean the worgen! /facepalm at self. I so didn't catch that reference. MY BAD!


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