[A] <Totally Rad Guild> Recruiting 13/13H

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Heroic Wind lord has fallen, bump!
Now recruiting a skilled tank (warrior preferred, druid would be considered) for our heroic 10-man roster!

We had a great run in T14, and are firing on all cylinders thanks to a few skilled raiders we picked up after our transfer!

Looking to push T15 content hard and have a great time doing it!
In need of a great prot warrior who isnt new to dps either, would consider bear but would have to be a very very exceptional app. contact us if you think this is you!
Updated, we are looking for a skilled ranged DPS!
Still in search of the right person, come talk to us!
stillll looking
bump for heroic Tortos down!
still in search of that ranged dps!
bumping for more apps Range DPS and Healer Needed
bump for monday raid
Still need looking for some killer ranged DPS!
Starting work on the next heroic boss! number 7 on the server and moving up! get in while you can!
still looking for the right person to fill our ranged dps spot!
Ranged dps, we need you.

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