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I know people have talked about this before.

We all know there's private servers, and they have a lot of people on them. They all play for free. None of the servers are like Blizzard made them, its impossible. A lot of people left after Vanilla, after The Burning Crusade, after WotLK and after Cata, either because they didnt find interest in WoW or they didnt like the way WoW was going.
I loved Cata, I did. I didnt play in WotLK, or anything before that. I wish I did, people talk about how TBC was the best, I'd love to be able to compare it.

Now, to get to the good part. Blizzard has the possibility to bring back players, to increase their subscribers. They don't have to have 50 servers for each expansion. They just need a few, unless they get a ton of people playing. I know it costs a lot just to run one realm, and it costs a lot to hire people to work on the extra content. Once they get more people paying to be on those servers, they shouldnt have a problem.

One of the problems people have with Blizzard and old content is them changing it. We all know Blizzard will change stuff. If they want to make it successful, they wont change Azeroth, they wont nerf raids, they wont make a warrior how it is now, and same for every other class. They should not make it easy like it is now. People would go back for a challenge. I want to go back, and see how hard Illidan was, how hard Kael'thas was. Its not fun soloing them every week.

Blizzard might as well make the bosses auto attack, if they arent current content, or part of the current expansion, there's virtually no reason for them to have special abilities. Don't tell me twinks need the bosses to be difficult. No. A 70 warrior in full 30 stam gems isn't making the fight anymore difficult. Getting a group of 70's, 60's, 80's, 85's in better gear than the best tier was during that time isn't going "back" and getting a feel for what it was like back in the day. I have no idea where I'm going with this, you should already get what I mean by this.

I'm lost in this wall of text I wrote. Ill add to this when I remember what I was going to say.
dead horse is dead
Story of each server:

Vanilla and TBC: People will flood them at the first days, and after two weeks they will be as empty as Dal when Cata came.
WotLK: Will be full of people trying to get the Quel'Delar and when everyone gets their own they'll leave.
Cata: Will be used just by the people who like T11, then empty.
No. Those servers won't be able to bring back the feel. It'd be a pointless waste of resources.
NO and you will never get that feeling back.

Theres no progression in going back. People won't grind 10 hours a day to not progress. Less than 10% of the population will ebe willing to grind frost resist/fire resist gear so they can gear up for naxx. Less than 5% of the population will actually see naxx.
Why do we even bother replying these threads?
12/25/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Chushawm
Why do we even bother replying these threads?

We're... lemmings?
The real problem is that they don't want to have to support these servers, and people who play an MMO don't want a completely static experience so these people would expect bug fixes, stability updates, possibly even content updates... and then Blizzard effectively is maintaining 5 different MMOs without much additional revenue. Complete waste of resources.
12/25/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Crepe
Why do we even bother replying these threads?

We're... lemmings?

That's an understandable statement.
It is better to go forward than to go backward.
12/25/2012 07:13 PMPosted by Choplifter
Of course your opinion is the right opinion and you know exactly what everyone wants?
Would you please quote where did I say that?
12/25/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Aztecshroom
dead horse is dead

That pile of red mush used to be a horse?!
Choplifter... except... there won't be a feeling of progression... it'll be a feeling of regression. You'll get a nostalgic feeling of satisfaction for a few weeks... then you'll start getting frustrated by bugs that haven't been fixed yet, by the fact that nothing will ever change, by the fact that the balance is really horrific and the game was boring for a lot of classes - like fundamentally boring, not boring due to playing it for 7 years.

In tier raiding, my guild's main tank would FREQUENTLY dualbox or triplebox healers while tanking when we had people not show up for raids. And his 'dualbox healers' did prettymuch every bit as good as the real healers just because healing was very simplistic in those days.

Remember you're asking for a server they set up and never touch. This means no bug fixes, no new content, no balance changes, no hotfixes. Nothing. Nobody wants to play an mmo like that. Look how pissed off people get when there isn't a new raid tier for a few MONTHS much less the 'forever' you're asking for.

And there were TONS of bugs in 1.12 and 2.4.3. TONS of them. You may not have personally experienced them, but they existed. And the balance was atrocious especially in 1.12. 2.4.3 was closer to balanced in pvp, but was still terrible in pve. In reality, right now is the closest wow has seen to pve balance.
Once the nostalgia wears off people will go back to the regular servers.
12/25/2012 07:26 PMPosted by Choplifter
Would you please quote where did I say that?

Read my post again and read the part I quoted where you declared, with absolute certainty, what 100% of the people on these servers would do.
So you are so butthurt about this topic that you decided that placing words in my mouth would help your argument?

Because I never said I was certain what would people do, I just stated my opinion about what I thought would happen.
12/25/2012 07:30 PMPosted by Stendarr
dead horse is dead

That pile of red mush used to be a horse?!

it's a luckydoo

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