Not given next quest in pet battle chain

Pet Battles
I began the quest chain for the pet battle quests. I completed "Got One!" and was given the quest on the side of the screen but accidentally closed it. I have finished all the quests from Audrey Burnhep, but cannot continue with the chain because she will not give the other quest. No one can share it and I am unable to pick it up on any other character. How can I get this quest to battle the trainers?

The quest I was not given is "Julia, the Pet Tamer"
also ran into this issue did you ever find a fix for it ?
Go back to the last tamer you beat. They should have a quest for you.
I had a similar problem with the Pet Tamer in Desolace. After I beat her, not new quest was offered. I tried back a few days later with another character, still nothing.

I Talked to a GM about it, he did some digging and found three other reports. He said one thing they all had in common was the accounts didn't have Mists of Pandaria. he said it was definitely NOT intentional, but a bug. Hopefully it will get fixed. The more people report it the higher priority it will get.

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