Stormwind Cathedral Under New Management

Wyrmrest Accord
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So, Bloodsong Vanguard Went in, and took it over.

Check it out, if your alliance and your flagged, sorry :/

Lok'tar Ogar !

We heard yall dont like us in GS, so we took this instead :3
I really don't think you're gonna get enough Alliance to care and do anything about it. So, enjoy, I guess.
There seems to be a lot here already.
I'd like to speak to the manager, please.
Right here sir, how may i help you
I just went in to see a lot of dead Horde that haven't released and skeletons everywhere.

Something about it made me guffaw.
Touch Goldshire, the Alliance is like "ehhhhh".

Touch that Cathedral.... BOOOOOOOOY, you bet you'll be sayin' Lok'tar O'gar, particularly the GAR (death).
you guys came in as we started to leave, we held it for 2 hours, we got bored tbh.
Uhh we left, those bones are Alliance mate. Can't keep up with B.S.V. =D
you know Kanas. We held your precious cathedral for about two hours, and your oh so mighty Mage tower for 30 minutes
01/03/2013 10:36 PMPosted by Eg
Right here sir, how may i help you

Woo. More bro'gars.
I like falsified numbers as much as the next guy but....

My Bushmaster SMC Rezzing is too hot to handle.
A lot of the skeletons kind of seem to share the death pose of tauren males, orc males and blood elf males.

Not saying there aren't Alliance ones too, but.
01/03/2013 10:45 PMPosted by Aethun
Right here sir, how may i help you


Hello sir, would you like to rent a room? after the .... renovation we have alot of new rooms available
Took you guys a good 2 hours to push us out. We lost coordination for a whole 2 minutes, and it cost us.

Was good times, can't wait to kill some bads in a the next few days!

Man, ITs cause we finally died as well when you had the guts to come get us with three times as many people
Was it actually 2 hours? >.>

Tune in next time on Big Fish Little Pond Syndrome, otherwise known as WrA PvP

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