A 8/16H 10m <Hella Cute> LF Healer/DPS

Hella Cute (HC for short) is a level 25, 8/16HM (16/16HM exp) Tier 14 10 man progression guild on the Kil’jaeden (PST) PvP server. Everything done within the guild is to help better both the individual and community by providing tools that will help better the players around us in addition to participating in a community that enjoys the same thing -- playing games.

Our leadership consists of people with experience raiding in top 15 US 25 man guilds (Huge in Japan). Our current goal is to compete at a high level on a more relaxed raiding schedule in the upcoming tier. We are looking to solidify several raid groups. However, we are aware that real life takes precedence over a game; but we require at least 90% attendance or at least a notice in advance that there are certain times that you are unable to raid (i.e. post on forums).

We seek players that are able to play the wide spectrum of classes as well as the specs competently and are flexible to pushing over specified raid times on occasion as well as switching toons for better raid composition. We require at least adequate raiding experience because there aren’t enough strollers to carry people.

Raids Times:
Group 1: T/Th/Su 6:00-10ish PST
Group 2: TBA

Looking for:

-One non-conq healer
-One dps of any class, but preferably Balance druid, or WW monk

We handle loot by means of a loot council comprised of two or more officers. Loot is distributed based on the needs of the raid, performance, and dedication.

In addition, we aren’t a guild that logs on once just to raid. Outside of raid times, we participate in a variety of activities ranging from pvp, alt raids, and ah camping!

If you require additional information, contact one of the officers below:
Officers: Eatmysheep (s2RaVe#1483), Masey (Masey#1626), Daenérys/Frëya (Cheesecake#1588), Bërlin/Anjuna (Berlin#1896)

If none of those are available feel free to visit our website below:
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Toss an app on our website. hellacutekj.com
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